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May 9, 2016 5:51 PM ET

Archived: Republica Teach Exchange Yangon – Free For All Education: School & Cultural Exchange for children & adults in Yangon Myanmar

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2016



(That was hello in Burmese)

Thank you for reading through our campaign, we hope it resonates with you.

Manan and I are starting a free for all school in Yangon, providing free education, food and accommodation to children and adults of Yangon and beyond.

Sounds big! Yes we will make it big.

And you can be a working participant, not only by merely donating a few squids of wonga (as the good Mr Sweeney would call it) but by showing up in Yangon and teaching, teaching what? The thing you know best, the thing you are passionate about, which gets you talkative, makes you argumentative and ultimately crossed if disagreed by somebody.

(No, we won’t teach football BC! But maybe organise a 3 on 3 with small goals in the road yes.)

Myanmar is quickly opening up to the world. As a foreigner, an outsider, a tourist, what impression do I want to make?

A good one.

Swallowing Olympic quantities of booze, making a fool of myself publicly while wearing my beer logoed vest showing sunburnt shoulders and calves isn’t what I’m thinking.

I would like to show these people our culture, our way of thinking, of seeing things, of understanding and interpreting, our way of relating to others and our basic common qualities. Not only show to them, connect with them. I would like the Burmen and women to be able to relate to the foreigner truly, to understand him and be understood.

This is the school’s main focus. Through English conversational classes we will discuss the themes of race, diversity, free opinion, abstract politics (yeah!), culture mixing and clashing, cultural stereotyping, football and why not: my favourite, religion!

Since we all travel around the world I truly believe we need a more down to earth exchange with local people. That would also work at home.. How are you mate?

“Everyone is welcome, everyone has something to teach.”

Manan, my brother in arms, is a writer, translator and charity worker based in Yangon, Myanmar. He has been keeping correspondence with charities and educational foundations around the world for the past 16 years, playing his part in raising Burmese’ awareness.
We met in Yangon last month and became instant friends. He had this idea of starting his own center for sometime but had difficulties raising the necessary funds. I decided to help him and become part of the project.

Manan’s multitude of contacts in and out of Yangon will enable us to reach needing students and make a change for the better in very little time, and wait til they try the egg pasta I’ll make for everyone, I foresee drastic a surge in literacy levels!
Now we have to raise enough money to rent a space, probably a large flat in downtown Yangon with a few rooms, get computers, internet, organize text books, chairs, tables and all the essentials. Chalkboards! Good old chalkboards.

“To equip people in Yangon with the tools to understand and interact with foreign cultures visiting their homeland.”

Any amount will help, no amount is too little, please donate and be a part of this. When you donate also send a good thought to us. Do that anyway.

“People who donate will receive special treatment when they finally come visit us. I would love to be able to offer plane tickets to whoever contributes but that just isn’t good management. We will provide food and bed while you stay though. You will experience Burmese culture first hand.”

This project is religion independent, everyone, from all backgrounds is welcome.

We thank you and wish you freedom & knowledge (possibly in the current life)


Free for all education, food and accommodation to children and adults of Yangon and beyond

Contact Information:

Federico Zinelli

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