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May 9, 2016 4:06 PM ET

Archived: QAIST Limited – Fighting back against cyber-threats: To promote a safer way of using the internet and provide high tech solutions at affordable prices to SME’s & home users

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2016

Fighting back against cyber-threats.

To promote a safer way of using the internet and provide high tech solutions at affordable prices to SME’s & home users.

We are a growing IT solutions company based in Telford, Shropshire, and passionate about IT security. (We need to give credit to one of our solutions vendor for letting us use one of their videos – our offices aren’t quite that BIG!)

This is where we do our creative work 🙂

We truly believe that every business deserves an Enterprise level solutions which souldn’t be only available to the larger blue-chip companies, but also available to home users and smaller sized businesses; the one-person set-ups & the SME’s (

Why are we doing this?

The number of new viruses, malware, ransomware and cyber-attacks are growing rapidly each day, and targetting businesses of all sizes; in particular the SME sector.

The SME market is growing, and as consumers, we want to make sure that our data that we inadvertently provide to businesses each day, such as our credit card information, is kept safe, managed and stored properly and not prone to cyber-attacks and ransonware.

The SME Market is GROWING:

  • Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2015 and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs).
  • Total employment in SMEs was 15.6 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK.
  • The combined annual turnover of SMEs was ÂŁ1.8 trillion, 47% of all private sector turnover in the UK.

Most SME business owners don’t think that they will be a target to be attacked, they may have an IT department or someone who manages their IT and think that they are safe, they are doing the right thing.

Sometimes this understand not to have IT security is down to a lack of naiveity, sometimes down to cost factors or simply ignorance. BUT its your data they are using, storing, holding; WE want to make sure it stays safe.

The Challenge

With ransomware becoming ever more popular with cyber-criminals, IT solutions need to be more intelligient and quicker to respond to potential threats before they even happen!

More than 317 million new pieces of malware — computer viruses or other malicious software — were created last year. That means nearly one million new threats were released each day.

We posted the following blogs this month on security threats alone:

Small and medium sized companies in the UK are putting a third (32%) of their revenue at risk because they are falling for some of the common misconceptions around cyber security, leaving them vulnerable to losing valuable data (your information) and suffering both financial and reputational damage.

Yet new research by the government’s Cyber Streetwise campaign shows that two thirds (66%) of SMEs don’t consider their business to be vulnerable, and just 16% say that improving their cyber security is a top priority for 2015.

UK businesses are battling a huge rise in cybercrime capable of bringing down entire companies, according to analysis by accountancy company PwC.

In a report that singled out the UK as a hotbed of economic crime, PwC said :

the threat of cyber offences was now a “board-level issue”, but warned that not enough companies were taking it seriously enough.

PwC also warned of a surge in the number of “silver fraudsters” – older staff who turn against their employer.

Approximately 55% of UK firms have fallen victim to economic crime in the past two years, according to the PwC global economic crime survey, compared with a global rate of 36%.

What are we providing?

To be able to provide (cost-effectively) IT security (that would usually only be used by large businesses) to a wide spectrum of SME businesses, we have developed a security hosting platform (see diagram below) which will bring down the operational running costs of having Enterprise-grade security.

This has taken us the best part of 18 months to develop with our in-house development team, and we have invested the best part of £50,000 to get us to the point at which the platform is ready for commercial use.

The platform essentially hosts three Enterprise-grade security products that have been developed over many many years by some well known IT security vendors:

  • Sophos
  • Rapid7
  • Secuna
  • Mako

The platform is a combination of both software and physical security hardware devices which help provide the TRUST element to our solution.

We are continually developing & testing our security platform to ensure that it incorporates all the latest technologies and updates from our security vendors, whilst making it as flexible as possible to ensure that it has a wider reach to many types of businesses and their budgetary requirements.

Using some clever technology, super-dope people and our experience, we are able to distribute the correct level of Enterprise-grade security for your business or homes. It’s like having your own little data-center keeping you protected, without the running costs or headaches!

How have you done this?

Our in-house development team work with security vendors to develop the solutions, making it more affordable to smaller businesses and allowing them to benefit from Enterprise level IT security solutions without the huge upfront or running costs. Think of it as a ‘pick n mix’, you select the features you need, when you need them, thereby keeping operating costs at an affordable level.

We specifically aim to support the ever-growing number of SME businesses in the UK with our products and solutions, and whilst the return on investment is smaller per business, the potential over the next 12-18 months is massive.

These businesses are a growing target for cyber-criminals, as expectation is that they will have little or no IT security in place due to their size and turnover. However, by being able to hack into their business, they are able to cause large financial damage (not only to the business but also their customers)

What does the platform actually do?

As you can see from the diagram above the platform is centered around TRUST. Without this, any security products are flawed. The platform consists of:


Brought to you by ‘QAIST Endpoint’

Define, set up and manage encryption for all devices and platforms from a unified and central management center, either supported by your in-house team or by our security engineers at our HQ.


Brought to you by ‘Sophos Safeguard’

Introduces the most complete data protection solution on the market today, protecting data on multiple devices and operating systems. Whether your data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or being collaborated upon via the cloud or other file sharing method, it is built to match your organisational workflow and processes without slowing down productivity.


Brought to you by ‘Sophos Central’

Sophos Central is a single-pane-of-glass interface that provides you with a simple way to manage security across Endpoint, Mobile, Web and more.


Brought to you by ‘InsightIDR – FIND THE ATTACKS YOU’RE MISSING’

InsightIDR gets you from compromise to containment — fast. InsightIDR cuts through the noise of millions of events to find the attacker; speeds investigations 10x with data correlation and the ability to search your endpoints and data in real-time; and ends data collection and management drudgery.

It allows you to detect and investigate security incidents faster. It identifies intruders that use stealthy attack methods, such as stolen credentials and lateral movement.

What else are we doing?

All of the above, aids in the protection of keeping homes and businesses secure, without the need for additional procurement of hardware. Its a cloud based solution that monitors your network 365/24/7.

There are times when you need some on-premise hardware to add that additional level of security. PCI DSS compliance is a key focus within our security portfolio, ensuring businesses that take card payments are transmitting that data securely to their credit card merchant and not just relying on their own secure Wifi/broadband router.

PCI DSS Level 1 certified network device

Businesses that accepts card payments (no matter their size!) must be PCI compliant in order to conduct business, to ensure that payment data is handled and transmitted securely. Part of the PCI DSS compliance is to also ensure that your networks that are used to transmit that data is kept secure and tested at all times.

Our PCI DSS Solutions will make networks (Ethernet/Wired, WiFi and 4G) PCI Compliant, coupled with our Managed Security Monitoring service, we will ensure that networks that you use to transmit and receive data is reliably secured, and that customers payment data is handled correctly.

The network device is the only one of its kind in the world, that has been certified as Level 1 compliant, giving businesses and their customers peace of mind.

This small device is no bigger than a typically sized home based router and can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure that customer data and business data is kept seperate and handled correctly.

Not forgetting our Home Customers

Our Endpoint Protection is ideal for home users . It caters for the majority of your devices; Windows, Macs, laptops, tablets, Androids and Linux, and one home account will keep up to 10 devices safe.

It protects every Mac and PC in your home from malicious software, inappropriate websites and viruses. It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals trust to protect their business systems. Best of all, you can manage security settings for the whole family from any browser.

Educate Educate Educate

Luckily no SATs tests! We believe that yes, having solutions is great to help be proactive about your security, but you need to understand the reasons why you need it.

We are looking to build an e-Learning platform specifically aimed at our younger users, publishing content, tips, advice and using them to educate their parents! We will launch the platform Q1 2017 in schools across the UK.

Our aim is to also educate parents and children alike in the importance of staying safe online & how their data can get into the hands of naughty people and the best ways to protect themselves.

How will the money be used?

We already supply a number of customers (both personal and business) on our security platform to help safeguard their businesses and homes. We are looking to utilise the money to:

  • Develop the platform further with our in-house development team working alongside our product vendors
  • Marketing and exhibitions to promote the platform further across the UK to businesses
  • Provide free assessments to small business owners of IT vulnreabilities they have within their own business
  • Improve our data-center infrastructure to provide lower costs for household customers to take advantage of our endpoint security products
  • Provide e-Learning platform (online video-guides, games, stories etc.) on staying safe online for parents and children
  • Providing schools with advice on best principles and providing expert advice to ICT teachers

In Summary

Cyber-threats will only get worse as we all get older, and its a case of being prepared and protected; being proactive in your response and making it harder each time a cyber-criminial attempts an attack.

We want to lower the costs of being able to have Enterprise level IT security not only for small businesses but also for home users.

Our IT security solutions, take each of these products and puts them into a solution that’s affordable and can be customised, managed and evolve for your business & home needs.

More information can be found on our website (https://www.qaist.co.uk) about our IT security and as well about us as a business.

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