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May 9, 2016 1:00 PM ET

Archived: OnFarm is the first company to integrate field, cloud, and activity information into a single agriculture dashboard.

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2016

OnFarm Systems Inc.

Fresno, CA 93727, US
Web Service Software

OnFarm is the first company to integrate field, cloud, and activity information into a single agriculture dashboard. The OnFarm system enables the retrieval and integration of diverse data from multiple vendors. Data like soil moisture, weather, pesticide records, flow meter, temperature, activities, conversations, plans, imaging, and control. By unifying this data in a single available anywhere platform we increase the farmer’s productivity, lower their risks, and provide flexibility to select the technologies that are best for their operation.

Today, 75% of large US farms want and could use this type of integration software. We sell it on an per seat basis to growers either through our partners or direct. We’re also working on products that will be sold into different levels of larger companies for significant revenue.

OnFarm creates partnerships with leading agriculture vendors to include their branded data in our platform which increases their market opportunities.

Products / Services

Subscription Accounts

OnFarm is a subscription service that integrates the data growers need to make management decisions on a daily basis. The system (dashboard) provides decision and productivity tools, alerting, mapping/GIS, and agrononic information displayed in chart form. The system is capable of integrating information from numerous unrelated data sources and companies on an fully automated basis.

Enterprise Accounts

Currently in the planning phase, we will develop an enterprise application suitable for very large aggregated growing operations to monitor and manage their contracted growers. In this service large entities can model high performing growers, develop private growing models around their operation and then provide tools to lower performing growers, thus bringing up the average production of their operation.

Model Marketplace

We are in the planning stages of a model marketplace. When complete it will allow both private and public model creation and the publication of those models for subscription by OnFarm customers. Currently, many researchers (from individuals to universities) develop specialized models related to activities from nutrients through irrigation scheduling but there are no tools to deploy such models in a system that will help enforce the guidelines. Producers of models will be able to publish them in OnFarm, set a subscription price, and receive income from subscribed users. (Similar to app stores)

Data Analysis

We are currently working with SAP’s HANA division to develop this business case.

The first opportunity is to provide detailed correlation between yield and costs. This will allow customers to analyze how they can manage certain cost factors (such as water, fertilizers, pesticides) compared to expected yields for their region, soil types, and projected weather patterns. Additional patterns and predictability are expected to be discovered once all the data is collected and correlated.
To date, no entity has brought all this data together for analysis.

The second opportunity is to sell ana



Chief Executive Officer
Lance Donny

Lance brings nearly 20 years of business management, ag services management, and capital formation experience. Previously Lance worked in senior management in organizations ranging in size from VC backed startups to Fortune 500. He has a broad range of expertise including management, strategy, finance, and technology.

During his years Lance has worked with dozens of well-run, distressed, startup, and growing companies to assist in establishing strategic direction, market validation, business growth, corporate formation, execution planning, capital formation, sales and marketing, and problem resolution.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Lance Donny

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