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May 9, 2016 11:02 AM ET

Archived: Danielle – Little Miss Baldie: I started my business right after my daughter Madison was diagnosed with Alopecia, providing support, encouragement and information to those who are bald by choice or circumstance

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2016


Little Miss Baldie.



Personal Story

In December 2013, 25 days away from her 4th birthday my daughter Madison was diagnosed with Alopecia.

As a family we strive NOT to cover up Madison’s Alopecia, but to be proactive advocates for her and this disorder. We instill in her the importance of peace and humility, cultural identification and the strength to accept the individual uniqueness in all of us. One of our greatest concerns is that we might not be able to shade her from the cruelty of this somewhat difficult world.

We encourage Madison to constantly recognize that her inner beauty is what makes her outwardly beautiful and that with or without her Crown/hat or scarf she is the epitome of beautiful. Through our website, book, social media page, apparel line and speaking engagements our aim to is to bring this information and encouragement to

Business Description

I decided to start this business in 2014 right after my 4 year was diagnosed with Alopecia. It was so difficult for me to find hats that fit her, good skin products and wigs for her age.

Once I started to find and make and put these resources together the business was born! The business provides support, encouragement and information to those who are bald by choice or circumstance.

Our customers are mainly children. Our signature tees like Little Miss Baldie, King Baldie and Baldie Love have been a huge success and are in high demand. Our book A Trip to the Crown Store, chronicles my daughters journey with alopecia thus far, while encouraging readers to love themselves.

This journey has touched so many so far and I am proud to say that our business has helped many claim the victory over their circumstance and learn to embrace and love their baldness.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan would really help to grow our business overall.

Thus far our website needs a to be enhanced an updated to do so it would cost about $650.

Self publishing the book My Trip to the Crown Store is a bit more expensive than I realized. Total cost thus far is over $2000; $500 for illustration; $125 for ISBN number; $500 for editing and layout; $1000 to print 100 books.

Our apparel line will cost us about $500 to develop the design, get the silk screens and press promotional shirts from each line.

Business cards, promotional items and signage will cost a little over $600

With three children this loan will help to make it possible for the business to get into full swing. As it stands I sometimes have to save up and or make sacrifices and take from our household expenses to cover things for the business. It hurts the business and our profits.

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