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May 9, 2016 8:35 EST

Anti-Photoshop – Photoshop Verification Technologies & Services: The Anti-Photoshop algorithm is the first step towards giving consumers the truth

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2016



Photoshop Verification Technologies & Services.


The Anti-Photoshop is more than just an algorithm or online tool, it is the first step towards giving consumers the truth they deserve when they are purchasing a product online or using services such as hotel reservations and dating.

We want people who use photos to have the ability to know when a photo is being falsified. Our algorithm and user-friendly functions will pave the way for endless applications.

Falsified photos are misleading too many consumers and that is all about to change.


Hatarsi A. Guy – Founder & CEO

The management team is led by CEO Guy Hatarsi who founded the company. He previously co-founded & Vp Marketplace iRobinHood (2008), a revolutionary charitable Giving Marketplace connecting advertisers (+20,000) to a global community of devoted users (+5M.).

HarTech Technologies – Tech. Team

The algorithm is being developed by HarTech Technologies (subcontractor for this project). HarTech Technologies has years of experience in developing new technologies and providing turnkey solutions. HarTech Technologies is a certified supplier of the Israeli MOD and has ISO 9001 certification.

Customer acquisition – Go Viral Features or Growth Strategies

Connect to Instagram/Facebook: Keep an eye on your friends photos, we will notify you when a new photo is uploaded and failed the moment of true.


Hall of Fame / Shame: Ranking Celebs by the uses of Photoshop.


Retention strategy – Becoming the “Celebs Tracking Platform”, all the celebs photos from all the platforms, gathered in one place with a Photoshop score.

Our Thoughts

In our tech driven society we rely on photos to provide validity of online purchases, fill us with entertainment and allow us to gather information about a potential friend or date. Don’t let a photo shopped photo trick or fool you with false information. Everything in your life is uber efficient; viewing online photos should not be the exception.

We feel so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read our campaign and for those who are making an investment and joining our incredible team. We have spent the last few months working hard to bring our vision to life in this campaign and it was worth every minute thanks to all our generous supporters. Please know your efforts to spread the word, even the smallest, don’t go unnoticed. We will continue to keep you posted on the company progress.

“There are big things happening at “Anti-Photoshop Technologies” and even bigger things are still to come. It is time we bring this revolutionary technology to the market”.

–Guy Hatarsi, CEO & Founder



The use of the word Photoshop in the name “Anti-Photoshop” and otherwise in this product refers to the generic term of image manipulation through the use of software. The algorithm of the product scans the pixels of images without regard for which software or platform was used to manipulate the image.


Launching the Anti-Photoshop campaign

MARCH, 2016

Key team members are characterizing the system.


Founder & CEO started the project with a wide market research and by collecting the team members and subcontractors.


Anti-Photoshop movements and supporting models/companies emerges



Guy Hatarsi

Guy Hatarsi

Founder & CEO

Anti-Photoshop unique algorithm and online tools will give consumers the truth they deserve when they are buying, dating and browsing photos online.
Contact Information:

Guy Hatarsi

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