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May 8, 2016 3:49 PM ET

Archived: Micklegate Run Soap Box Challenge: 50 teams from all over Britain racing their hilarious homemade soapbox carts down York’s most historic street, Micklegate, known for its many pubs

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2016

Micklegate Run Soap Box Challenge.


The event will be held on August Bank Holiday, Sunday 28th August. There will be 50 teams from all over Britain racing their hilarious homemade soapbox carts down York’s most historic street, Micklegate, known for its many pubs. This steep cobbled street runs from the historic Micklegate Bar to the River Ouse. Famous for the drinking race The Micklegate Run, the street has become a little faded and is ready to return to its former glory. The race for the Winning Trophy of the famous Micklegate Run will create huge amount of passion and laughter.

The crowds, TV cameras, many bands, street food, children’s events and the hilarious Micklegate Run at the centre will make this a day to remember and help turn the recently faded grandeur of York’s Finest Street back into its former glory.

What we’ll do:

  • Run an event to help restore the fortunes of York’s Finest Street
  • Create an event that will become as iconic as some of the biggest Soap box events anywhere.
  • Help to encourage life into this wonderful street of Independent businesses.
  • Create a much loved event that will create that sense of community that is presently missing.

Why it’s a great idea:

This is a wonderful street. It is one of the finest historic streets in the country. But it is not what it was. It has faded and businesses are empty. The Micklegate Run puts the fun back into Micklegate.The famous drinking race up the street has given the street a bad reputation. However times have moved on and empty shops are more numerous than pubs these days. The aim is to take the negative and make it a positive . Micklegate run will make everyone smile and let them celebrate a brilliant fun day on this lovely street. The benefits will raise money for the street and to bring life back to this wonderful place.
The event offers not only the chance for laughter and fun its effects will be transformative. If people support this event then one of Britain’s finest streets may come back to life. Those brilliant businesses that are doing well despite the decline over the last 20 years will be transformed.
This event is a transformational opportunity that everyone will enjoy.


  • We have fantastic support and amazing enthusiasm which will move mountains.
  • We have good backers and dozens of companies, businesses. schools and individuals wanting to take part.
  • This is a wonderful idea and people are feeling inspired to take part. That will create interest and support.
  • We have the support of the local authority and many businesses.
  • We have interest from the media.
  • We have a brilliant team with lots of experience of community events like this.
  • We have strong leadership.

This event will be hilarious, fun, a great event for families, for companies and for charities to raise money. It will help to lift this lovely but faded historic street out of a bad prolonged period of neglect. It will remind people that Micklegate is a fun place that is brilliant for families as well as night time revellers. This will help Micklegate turn a corner as the carts will turn a corner as they hit the steep cobbled bend.
Micklegate needs to have fi=un for the full length of Micklegate. It was ala=ways known as York”s Finest Street. Om 27th August 2016 it ail certainly be York’s Finest Street again.
The brilliant Independent shops and businesses on Micklegate would love this event to be the huge success it deserves to be. With your support it could realise that goal. They need to have the support that you can offer. If you support this event you will revive a lovely street, help to bolster a community and give lots to charitable causes. Support the Micklegate Run.


Contact Information:

Johnny Hayes

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