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May 7, 2016 3:45 PM ET

Archived: Someone Somewhere | perdurable good(s): An outdoors brand that connects adventurers around the World with the 7 million Mexican artisans living in poverty conditions

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2016

Someone Somewhere | perdurable good(s)

An outdoors brand that connects adventurers around the World with the 7 million Mexican artisans living in poverty conditions.



About this project


There are more than 7 million Mexican artisans living in poverty conditions. At the same time, adventurers around the World are spending billions of dollars in fashion and gear.

What if we connected both worlds through a lifestyle brand?

Someone Somewhere was born.



4 years ago, we started working with 5 artisans from Naupan, in the state of Puebla. Petra, Cristina, Rosa, Juliana and Silvina. We started combining their traditional embroideries with our favorite shirts, and showing them to all our friends. And the journey began. Soon we realized that people actually liked the products, and that there were thousands, if not millions of artisans in the same situation as these 5 ladies. So we settled our goals high: we wanted to find a way to reach all of them.


We have already completed the first two steps of our plan to revolutionize the industry. You are part of the third one.


We currently work with 6 communites from Puebla, Oaxaca and Chiapas, the 3 poorest states in Mexico. They may also be the most culturaly rich, with thousands of traditions and artisanal techniques ready to be re-discovered.


Double Warp Loom | Chiapas | Caps

Hand Embroidery | Puebla | Tees and Shirts

Chicotillo Loom | Oaxaca | Bags


-If you want more than one perk, just pledge the total amount plus one shipping fee to your country. We will send you a mail afterwards to ask which ones you selected.

-When the campaign finishes, we will send you a poll asking for the sizes and colors of your perks, as well as your shipping address.













There are 10 million artisans in Mexico. That’s larger than the number of teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, architects, musicians and lawyers and more than 100 other professions in the country. Combined.

Most of them (67%) live in poverty or extreme poverty conditions, due to these 2 facts:

1) Their designs aren’t matching what the World actually wears

2) Their distribution schemes stop them from getting to 99% of their potential customers


At Someone Somewhere, we decided to attack this problem in a massive scale, through a lifestyle brand for the everyday adventurers. A brand that combines traditional handcrafts with contemporary products, allowing us to directly employ hundreds of artisans from all around Mexico.


Artisans that work with us increase their monthly income by up to 300%, raising themselves and their families above the poverty line.

They also receive courses in topics like entrepreneurship, design and personal finances, which allow them to become an integral part of their communities. We currently provide this courses in person to each artisan, but they work so well, that one of our Stretch Goals is to create an online platform so any artisan can access the content from wherever they are.


1) Our inside design team engages with artisan groups from all around the country, learning all they can about their techniques, production processes, symbolisms and traditional colors and patterns

2) They combine these techniques with products designed for people with active lifestyles, using top quality materials that can endure every condition, and that complement the traditional elements in each product.

3) Once the prototypes are finished, artisan groups start producing their handcrafts, using the design specifications previously set together with the design team. Each of this elements comes with a label with the name of the artisan involved in its creation.

4) After finishing the handmade parts, they are sent to small workshops all around Mexico. Each of these workshops is highly specialized in a particular line of products, and they are in charge of assembling them and prepare them for international distribution.

5) Products reach you through our online platforms and our retail partners

6) You start wearing them and living new stories, while telling the World about us.

7) Your purchase allows us to grow and reach new artisans in new communities.

Risks and challenges

We have already worked with all of the artisan communities and workshops, and are confident we will be able to deliver all the products on time. If anything outside of our control happens you will still receive your products, just a little bit later than expected.

Contact Information:

Ricardo Aréchiga

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