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May 7, 2016 12:41 PM ET

Archived: Isundu Talent Agency – #ITAGrowYourSeed: We want to be the fertiliser, water and the light that helps nurture and grow the talents of the disadvantaged majority youth of South Africa

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2016


As the founders of Isundu Talent Agency and filmmakers who are just sprouting into the industry it is an apparent fact that the industry is always looking for new/fresh black talents and artists. And as most black talents in Cape town live in Townships we aim to be situated in those very townships and to reach out to and groom the young black talent emerging there. Cape Town talents are ready to be discovered and be on big projects and we want to be the mediator between them and mainstream!


About This Project


This project is created to build a relationship with the targeted public to establish Isundu Talent Agency as a community based enterprise FOR the community. #ITA began reaching out to the underprivileged communities of the Mother City and made their name known by hosting several talent shows for different types of art categories.We are passionate about getting the youth work and out off the streets, and one of the steps we have began taking is giving these youths tools and methods of how to #grow their talents / gifts / seeds in order to build respectable careers out of them one day.

We want to give more than a home to people who are hungry for this, we want them to have full confidence in us to help provide the work they need in their respective crafts in the media and entertainment industry. WIth so many opportunities out there Isundu Talent Agency will be that helping hand to knock on the RIGHT doors that will elevate the lives and careers of a hungry black youth.

This is why we are naming this campaign #ITAGrowYourSeed. We want to be the fertiliser, water and the light that helps nurture and grow the talents of the disadvantaged majority youth of South Africa.



We were raised in Cape Town , we grew up in these townships and we know the life style. Many talented people end up giving up on being artists because it doesn’t pay the bills and they end up doing a 9-5 jobs. Isundu Talent Agency is here for them because we want to show them that it is possible to make it as an artist in Cape Town and across the globe, that one can focus on their craft and nurture it day by day. Even if one person makes it big from Isundu Talent Agency it will give hope to many who aspire to make it big in this industry. While our talent focus on their craft we focus on getting their craft out there and making sure that they get paid for it.

ITA Profile

#Isundu is the nguni name for Palm Tree. Like the Palm Tree Isundu Talent Agency is a representation of what may seem fragile and disregarded amongst other trees but in fact is the epitome of a victor and the one that laughs last after storms and hurricanes have passed.
We are a talent agency based in the township for the township youth nationally. As young black, gifted women we have dreams, and one of them is realising the dreams of the underprivileged youth of this country to the fullest potential.

Isundu Talent Agency is committed to working hard in scouting out talent that is based in the under privileged locations of Africa or better known as the townships.

Our aim is to aid the talented youth with the right tools and guidance to reach their highest potential in their respective careers as they grow stride by stride with the help of Isundu Talent Agency.

We plan to reach out to township youths locally(Western Cape) and eventually nationally and continentally successfully. Our passion is embedded in the African youth that we believe has so much to offer the world as a whole in the entertainment industry and of course economically widely.

We will be the medium for the young African man or woman and the job offerings/opportunities awaiting them out there.

Isundu Talent Agency advocates for the underdogs that are taken lightly, that has to push through stumbling blocks upon stumbling blocks but conquer victoriously in the end!

Plow. Grow. Flourish – Isundu Talent Agency – Tyala. Khula. Qhama

(Below are pictures from some of the Talent Shows we hosted in 2015 to promote #ITA)

Financial MileStones

What We Need To Start:
* Computer
* Office Stationery
* Office Furniture
* Wifi connection / Internet Source
* Printers/Fax/Scanner
* Camera
* Office Space
* Website
* Data Management Software
* Vehicle
Our #Milestones

1. First milestone is R50 000 to cover Office Space, Office Equipment and Data Management Software

2. The second milestone is R250 000 to cover a vehicle

ITA will need about R720 000 in total to raise the kind of money that will make our business #Grow and #Flourish.

The Team

Siyavuya Gqumehlo is a 22 year old filmmaker, writer, poet, actress and model born in the Eastern Cape now based in Cape Town; she has been studying Film and Video Technology at CPUT Cape Town campus now in her final year. Enjoys writing stories about her background, her people using different art forms such as poetry, music and short films.

She has written and directed several plays that have been performed in community centers and local churches in Cape Town that have received great reception from all audiences.

She is currently involved in a non-profit organization called Masifunde Mtshana, which works with the youth of South Africa, and promoting education and career choices to develop the future and destiny of this generation. She joined forces with fellow business partner Aziwe Rayi in talent agency called Isundu Talent Agency. —

Aziwe Rayi is a 22 year old singer, songwriter, actor, writer, film maker and a Xhosa girl who grew up in the friendly streets of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape province South Africa. In 2006 she relocated to Cape Town along with her family.

In 2011 and her last year of high school Aziwe started taking her singing talent a lot more seriously and started working with local music producers and entering singing competitions locally.

In 2013 she began her course in Film and Video Technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and became more exposed to the entertainment industry and started recording more with local house and hip hop producers. She also started getting better at her song writing and grew as a Soul artist.

In June 2015 She recorded her Afro Soul single Uthandolwethu and released her first music video of the song, which received some much positive reception. In July 2015 with her business partners Siyavuya Gqumehlo opened a talent agency business called Isundu Talent Agency that is based in the township for the gifted youth of the townships.

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