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May 7, 2016 2:12 PM ET

THE FREE SENIOR ACADEMY OF THE PORTO WITHOUT PROFIT: This free teaching proposal is directed to the seniors on subjects such as technology, languages, music, creative writing and dance

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2016



This free teaching proposal is directed to the seniors on subjects such as technology, languages, music, creative writing and dance. It is based on an educational collaborative features where the teaching contents are adaptable to seniors.

The occupation, enrichment and qualification of the “time off ” of seniors are urgent and pertinent because in our social reality, the seniors have lots of difficulties to access to this “learning contents” due to lack of economic resources., social opportunities or motivation.

One approach to solve this real problem it is the availability of adaptable free courses based on a collaborative methodology and without cost for the senior.

                The idea for this project takes place from the fact that the promoter is teaching at the Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis – Porto, and he is very motivated to maintain his collaboration spirit and knowledge sharing, as evidenced by throughout life.

In the operationalization of this project, we expect to have partnerships with the Porto City Council and with the Brasilia Shopping Center. Thus and initially, it is estimated that 75 seniors per month can attend our free courses.

In the future, this project will be amplified for unemployed people and others interested in this teaching / learning methodology.


  1 – Goals

 – To help and to teach seniors in solving ” technologic problems ” that arise with the use of today’s mobile phones, the Internet and social networks;

– To encourage the lifelong learning process in technology, languages, music, creative writing and dance;


  2 – Teaching/learning methodology – Workshops topics

Workshop 1 – Configuration and optimization of mobile phones, internet and computers

Workshop 2 – Using and setup the Internet

Workshop 3 – How to be an online social network user

 Workshop 4 – Languages courses for seniors (English and Spanish)

Workshop 5 – Dream with a Creative Writing

Workshop 6 – Music for seniors – music theory and acoustic guitar

Workshop 7 – Introduction to the Afro Latin dances


 3 – Resources  

All students have a free access to:

– 1 tablet Pc per student and a free access to the collaborative learning platform :

– 1 Interactive Whiteboard;

– 1 guitar per student;


 4 – Opening times of the classes/workshops:


                  There will be daily modular workshops. The contents will be adapted to the seniors and they are based on their requests. Daily, any module can be done and that it is defined by the number of interested seniors and by their needs. The costs concerned to the rented space for the academy and the costs of the Internet connections will be given by  the promoter and by the project supporters.


5 – Promoter and collaborators

 5.1 – Promoter – Aquiles Boiça

The motivation for creating this project is concerned to the fact that the promoter has a very close professional and academic relationship with the free courses domains.  Aquiles Boiça is teaching at Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis – Porto and he is graduated in translation (English-Spanish) and in Information and Communication Technologies. He is a student of afro Latin dance and he plays the acoustic guitar also.

 It is this interdisciplinary approach that enables the desire to try to teach something and make a useful contribution for our seniors. Another important motivation is the fact of the promoter wants to maintain his spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the educational environment, as evidenced by him throughout the life.

 5.2 – Educational collaborator of the academy – Irina Ribeiro

The doctor in Languages and Literatures, “ a menina Irina” , knows everything about linguistics. She has such a beautiful voice and very skillful fingers in the art of guitar touch. However, its potential lies in the composition and musical interpretation of songs for children and for our seniors. In addition to these artistic gifts, she is an excellent dancer also.

 5.3 – Management collaborator in the academy – Roberto Oliveira


               The doctor, Roberto Oliveira, he is always trying to understand, to model and to predict the economic issues. He is a great dancer and he is always full of afro Latin style. Now, he is completely mastered in the English language pero habla muy bien el idoma de nuestros hermanos.


6 – Budget and deadlines

The period of the campaign will be during 45 days and the values are estimated at about 3970 euros (3770euros for the project + 200euros for PPL Commission) in order to start the free courses at Porto Senior Academy. In July 2016, we expect our academy located in Brasília Shopping Center (Boavista-Porto) will open the doors to the seniors. The money obtained in PPL CROWDFUNDING PORTUGAL will be used to buy:

– 1 Table Interactive whiteboard + 1 multimedia projector: Total = 1100 euros

– 4 Tablets PCs: Total = 400 euros

– Furniture: tables and chairs (350), shelves (150), sofas (2x 200): Total = 900 euros;

– 3 Guitars: Total 150 euros;



Contact Information:

Aquiles Manuel Crespo Boiça

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