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May 6, 2016 7:50 AM ET

Archived: Tylor – Savage Components LLC: A truck bed cover that is more than just a pretty accessory – it becomes a tool, a component of your truck

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2016


Savage Components LLC.


Personal Story

I am a young, determined guy that has always had the dream of owning my own business. This year I’ve gone for it, and I’m stubbornly determined to make it work, its a part of me (why the company has my name in it). I have lived all over the east coast working in the underground coal mines of Pennsylvania, in the valleys and hills of Alabama building high voltage power lines, and now in Florida as a Printer. I have a love for pickup trucks, and all the awesome things they can help you do. I’m from a middle class family, and I grew up surrounded by amazing people that have given me all the values and skills I need in life. I worked 2 jobs in high school to help my mom out with bills and graduated a year early, and haven’t had a single job yet where I haven’t been promoted up the ranks and held in high regards from fellow employees and bosses. So I’m very confident that my company will succeed, and if it does its the start of my future.

Business Description

Ive come up with a new and creative design(actually 3) for a truck bed cover, it combines the tradition bedcover concept while expanding it to a point where it becomes more then just a pretty accessory, it becomes a tool, a component of your truck. My goal with the design it to offer a cost effective, and incredibly useful component for a truck that enables you to haul more, carry more,save time and money.
My customer base is anyone with a truck because no matter what you do with your truck you will find our cover to be useful and a great addition to your truck. For small business owners it will provide a cost effective way for there business to look more professional and provide additional advertisement area, all while making there work easier.
My company will make in-house 85-90% of the covers and sell them either directly to customers or to select retailers. Our suppliers are all Florida based companies and or American companies located elsewhere in the continental U.S. So we will have a genuine American made product that helps our economy both locally and nationally.
My future goal for the company is to have expanded beyond the U.S. into the rest of N. America, S. America, Australia, and part of Africa And Europe. To expand our product lines into bumpers, steps and other accessories.Our biggest challenge in funding Everyone that has seen or been involved in the prototype process has loved the idea some have even put in pre-orders (currently have 11) But the fact that I am young with a limited credit history I cant get a traditional loan, the lenders have told me they would approve my loan application if I was only a little older, and had more of a credit history. I have invested a lot of my own money and hundreds of hours of time into it so far and all I need is the additional funding to fully launch ( for a facility,tools etc.) Ive got the skills and knowledge with the team of amazing people that love my idea, and loads of stubborn will to achieve my vision and goals.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We will use this loan to buy equipment and inventory.
LIncoln Electric MIG welders $1800.00
angle grinders $275.00
chop saw $250.00
hand tools $300.00 (wrenches, screwdrivers ,etc.)
manual forklift $800.00
laminating tools $300.00(squeegees, rollers, brushes, etc.)
automotive paint guns $200.00
sanders and buffers $300.00
air compressor $650.00
construction materials $1500.00 (to build a paint booth)
raw material inventory $2500 (metal) $1800(composites) enough to make 12-15 covers
If we can get this loan it will increase our revenue 100% since at the current time we cannot affordable manufacture our products.
If will give myself and my team the ability to have financial security and possibly the ever elusive American Dream, ending the paycheck to paycheck life style we all have come to live by.

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