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May 6, 2016 12:56 PM ET

Archived: Equity crowdfunding checklist – part 4

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2016

This is the continuation of our Equity crowdfunding checklist. Read part one, two, or three.

Portal page

What you should put on your equity crowdfunding page depends on the portal you choose to run your campaign on. Some portals will have requirements that have to be met, others will veto some of the items on this list. So read their document thoroughly and make sure you have a firm grasp of their rules, guidelines, and recommendations. They can vary significantly from one portal to the other.

Again, we are going to base our list on Crowdfunder.com’s, as they have a detailed and comprehensive list. As always, we are going to develop each topic further.


Most portals will require you to record a video, though some will restrict them. But having a video on your campaign page, your website, and Youtube is an important avenue to build trust and credibility. A short video presentation, 2-3 minutes long, where you explain your business, the market, and the results expected, is important.

Always look straight into the camera. It is an important way to create a connection with your potential investor and transmits trust. Speak firmly and slowly to communicate confidence.

Additional  images

The more you can disclose, the better. Post everything that is not sensitive to competition but can generate trust in your business venture.


Key performance indicators are mandatory if you want to attract serious investors. Think of people who will invest tens of thousands of dollars in your project. Before they open their wallet, they want to be sure you can give them a sound return.

Plan everything, and post in a professional manner.

Team and partners

Every investor who analyzes your business deeply wants to know who the key people in your organization are.

The key people in your company are not necessarily employees. You can and should list your strategic partners and advisors you will do business with. Be as descriptive as possible, and involve as many good people and companies as possible.

Testimonials and press coverage

This is all about credibility. Cite every major news outlet that has published a story about you, and try to get testimonials from important people in your niche.

The testimonials need not only be from widely known people, rather focus on real people. Your investors will search for them, and, if they can find a good website or LinkedIn profile, that will build credibility for your business.

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