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May 5, 2016 7:04 PM ET

Archived: Greece – Elpida shelter of Hope: Urgent need to clear food and huge vet bills from rescuing sick, injured and abandoned dogs

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2016

Elpida shelter of Hope vet and food bills .

Elpida shelter of Hope urgently need help to clear huge vet bills from rescuing sick,injured and abandoned dogs. We are their only hope X


Elpida shelter of Hope vet and food bills .


Elpida shelter of Hope is a dog rescue based in Livadia,Greece run by Stavroula ,with two workers and a volunteer admin team.We take in sick and abandoned dogs, some with very serious illnesses which require extensive veterinary care. Puppies are often left in awful condition outside the shelter, dogs are often poisoned on the streets and found by Stavroula and taken to the vets.


We then help these dogs recover and find them loving forever homes. To date we have successfully homed around 300 dogs who,without Elpida and their supporters would,no doubt, be dead.There are currently over 70 waiting for their turn at the shelter with others waiting to come in .

Unfortunately so many dogs means that we are now in huge debt to the attiko vet hospital in Athens, as well as the local vets, for food,meds,wages ,boarding and with no way of clearing the bills AND continuing to care for the dogs we have. It’s also vital we pay these outstanding amounts so that we can take in new dogs in desperate need of our help and we have dogs waiting for treatment that we currently cannot fund.

We are at complete crisis point and need some urgent help please to carry on saving these beautiful dogs. We are their only hope.

Dogs like Pluto…dumped on the road by the shelter, a pile of bones so close to death. Now living a happy life with his forever family. Xx 


Thankyou xx

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