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May 5, 2016 2:18 PM ET

Equity crowdfunding checklist – part 3

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2016

This is part three of our equity crowdfunding checklist guide. Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Press relationship

Publish on verticals: You must not limit yourself to building your website, starting blogging, integrating to social media, publishing an equity crowdfunding page, and issuing press releases to general servers.

You have to do more. Publish it on iCrowdNewsWire (disclaimer: we are the author of this post), as we are specialized in equity crowdfunding channels. Search for all the blogs and news websites related to your niche and reach out to their owners to get your stories published. Do the same for social media channels in your niche.

Press is all about trading information and building relationships. Establish them as soon as possible to get your campaign featured to reach your target investors.

Social media

Focus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Those are the three channels that will generate more leads to your equity crowdfunding campaign. Integrate your blog with social media so your contacts get updates automatically.

Focus on growing your follower base first. Use demographics targeting to reach your potential investors, and don’t feed them too much content. After you have grown a sizable number of followers, then you can start engaging them by producing more content.

Try to make family, friends, and acquaintances your first followers. Then target some potentials whom you have already spoken to. Then go after potential investors out of your immediate network.

Offer perks, if possible

Many times, you can expect that your potential investors will also be your consumers. As such, if your platform allows it, it is good practice to offer them some perks along with the equity in your business.

For example, if your campaign aims to crowdfund a local restaurant, offer them special discount packages or VIP member cards, so they can eat there for lower prices. If you are searching for investors to finance your latest software, offer them a free version.

Perks will make returns on their investment much more attractive. What kind of investor wouldn’t want to have a free copy of a revolutionary, potentially disruptive software?


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