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May 5, 2016 1:05 PM ET

Archived: Anuva Automation / TiO: Uncommonly simple home automation in a fast growing market

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2016

Anuva Automation / TiO

Uncommonly simple home automation in a fast growing market



Just how simple is TiO? Look no further than it’s name — TiO stands for Turn It On. Easy enough for you?

Unlike other home automation products, TiO does not require any programming or new wiring making it easier to install and less time required.  TiO provides our customers with the opportunity to increase their revenue with improved margins.  

TiO puts you in control. Through a few simple drag and drop steps, you can teach TiO how to best match your moods and preferences. When your mood changes, the your entire home changes with you.

What does a TiO home look like? Read on!


  • Initial system cost $30-$100K
  • Continuous professional support needed 
  • Service calls required for minor changes 
  • Scalability can be difficult or costly 

  • Prices starting under $100 
  • Difficult to use – requires multiple apps and constant tweaking for systems to work together with limited support
  • Often does not work consistently


Who has the time, patience, or money to deal with any of that? There’s a simpler, and much more cost-effective solution. You already know the name: TiO. It’s as easy as turning it on. 


Do you want a smart home that’s simple yet feature rich?

How about one where no programming is required?

One that is affordable to anyone up front and will actually save money in the long run by not having to piece together parts later on?

Do you want to have more time enjoying your home, rather than constantly fiddling with it?

Would you like your home automation system to understand your moods and adapt to you?

And even with all that features, a complete system that won’t break the bank?

TiO is the only home automation system that enables you to completely customize to suite your lifestyle — with no technical experience needed!

TiO will control everything in your house from music, lighting, home security system, cameras, garage door, window treatments, home theater, and thermostat. We’re adding new features all the time, too!

You can control all of this from one wall-mounted tablet in your house or form the TiO app on your iOS and Android mobile devices. This is a robust home automation system with a single unified control interface.


  • Lower initial system cost – $4K
  • Base system rich in features and easily expandable 
  • No programming required 
  • No new wiring needed 
  • No costs for simple system changes 
  • Simple and easy to use; no technician required 

No Programming 

Simply drag and drop commands within the TiO app to set up commands that perfectly suit your lifestyle. Example settings include:

  • Goodbye: shut off all lights, music, lower heating/cooling, arms your security, and opens garage door.
  • Party: turn off lights in bedroom, turn them on in the kitchen, dim them in the living room, unlock front door, and turn Siruis XM, Rhapsody, or TuneIn.  You can even bluetooth your music from your phone or tablet
  • Movie: Dim lights in family room, turn on your favorite music station, and turn temperature down.

Easy to Expand

The TiO hub can sync up to 250 TiO branded devices or integrated products we connect with like Nest, Honeywell, Ademco, ADC, Liftmaster, etc. Expand in the future as you please, and it will be easily integrated and controlled by one central hub.

TiO truly is as simple as turning it on. No programming, no maintenance, completely unique to you.


We purchased the pre-existing patents (all 41 of them), digital streamer, light switch, and Android app in July 2014, and since then, have put in roughly $3 million in engineering development, marketing, and manufacturing support to take TiO to the level it is today, complete with load agnostic dimmers, an iOS app, and integration with a number of systems like Nest and just about every security, garage door, and camera system available. All told, we developed and launched 10 new products.

Perhaps most importantly, however, we completely re-architected the system software backbone to increase system reliability. We have also been granted one more patent with five more currently patent pending.

We also developed online training courses for our customers to offer an easy way to learn how to install TiO.  

With the development risks behind us, we are now completely focused on signing up dealers and distributors, and have just hired our first regional sales managers. We developed key channel partner relationships at the CEDIA (Custom Electronic and Design Installation Association) conference this past October.

We currently have 21 dealers and 3 distributor locations. We are currently in talks with ADI Global, the largest distributor in the world and a division of Honeywell, to distribute TiO in 19 locations on the east coast. This partnership would give us access to their immense customer base. We also have a partnership with the largest hotel operator in Orlando, FL for TiO to be installed in 37 hotel suites.

Our manufacturer is Anuva Manufacturing, a contract manufacturing company in Melbourne, FL providing a marketable made-in-the-USA solution.

TiO has been featured in a number of respected home lifestyle publications including CE Pro Resources, Residential Systems, Home Toys, and Technology Integrator. We have been further recognized in the industry with two awards for innovation.

Our plan for 2016: We’re boots on the ground with our regional sales reps, while also continuing to improve the TiO ecosystem. We will be integrating more home products including door locking and shade control systems.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for more details!


Vinu Patel, Chairman
Vinu founded Anuva in 2008. Since then, the company has grown to include multiple operating companies that span engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, distribution, and now, home automation.  

He previously held several senior level positions domestically and internationally at Data General Corporation and senior management level positions at I2 Technology, Sanmina Corporation, and Hadco Corporation. In 2000, he became COO at MC Assembly, growing sales and operating profit which ultimately led to an ESOP of the company.

Vinu holds a B.S. in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Baroda in India, and an M.S. in Electronic Technology from the RCA Institute of Technology.


Sanjay Patel, President and CEO
Sanjay is one of the Anuva founders and operational leaders. He has over 20 years experience in manufacturing and operations, management/consulting within the consumer-products sector, strategic planning, finance, and marketing within the life-sciences industry, and working for multinational companies such as United Therapeutics, GSK, Wyeth, and Johnson & Johnson.

Sanjay holds a B.S. from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Duke Fuqua School of Business.


Gary Hayes, CFO
Gary is a seasoned financial executive with over 40 years of experience across multiple industries. He has also held senior financial management roles with Ateb, KOZ.com, and Saga Software where he provided leadership in raising growth capital, managed multiple acquisitions, and implemented systems to improve efficiencies and reduce cost.  

Gary is also very active in the local community by being on the Board of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) as well as Nourish International. He also serves as a coach/mentor for the UNC Kenan Flagler’s Launching the Venture Program, as well as various entrepreneurial support organizations such as HQ Raleigh and the First Flight Venture Center.


Warren Lanza, Regional Sales Manager
Warren brings senior level sales experience with other leading manufacturers in CEDIA and InfoComm channels including Soundstream, Lutron, Creston and Savant. He also has experience in music and consumer electronic channels.

Warren worked as a manufacturer rep position which later led to starting his own rep firm. He holds a B.A. from the University of Central Florida.


David Webster, TiO Senior Software Engineer
David leads the development and implementation of success product launches in complex technologies and is a technical expert in the design and experimentation of both electrical and hardware and software for real-time and embedded systems. He has experience in leading software development for consumer, medical and defense products.  

David also has in-depth experience integrating a variety of wireless communications protocols into successful products. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.


John Anderson, Product Manager
John worked for system integration companies and accumulated a significant amount of experience as a home system designer and integrator. He was a major influence on the concept and final architecture of the entire TiO ecosystem, as well as the final design of the TiO user interface.

John has a strong ability to assimilate detailed technical information from multiple sources and translate that into a workable plan that has earned the respect of others. The youngest member of the TiO team, he brings a lot of experience nonetheless. He graduated high school at the age of fifteen and holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Contact Information:

Vinu Patel

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