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May 4, 2016 3:28 PM ET

Archived: Sonostics, Inc: HeartPartner – patented, micromechanical stimulation technology that activates the soleus muscles in each calf critical for returning blood and interstitial fluid from the lower extremities to the heart

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2016

Sonostics Inc.

Vestal, NY 13850, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

Sonostics, Inc holds exclusive rights to HeartPartnertm. This patented, micromechanical stimulation technology activates the soleus muscles in each calf critical for returning blood and interstitial fluid from the lower extremities to the heart.

Clinical research and market validation studies have established that over 20% of the adult population has secondary heart insufficiency symptoms severe enough to significantly impact quality of life and work performance. HeartPartner, represents a highly effective treatment for addressing this $24B U.S. market, with equally large, or larger, markets in Europe and Asia.
Clinical data demonstrates that intervention of HeartPartner can dramatically and immediately reverse the pooling of fluid in the lower limbs and increase cardiac output up to 30%. The current production version, a floor-based appliance, stimulates mechanoreceptors (Meissner’s Corpuscles) on the sole of the foot, which, through a postural reflex arc, initiates contraction of the soleus muscles while the user simply sits with his or her feet on the device. Those contractions strengthen the muscles, reduce fluid pooling and alleviate the associated symptoms. In development is a magnetic neuromodulation version which directly stimulates the plantar nerves, allowing us to offer a fully portable device, in the form of a shoe, boot, insole or flexible sheet whose cost of goods is estimated to be 90% less than the current shipping product.
The cardio-vascular system of the human relies on two pumps working in tandem. The cardiac muscle pumps blood out into the system, while the soleus muscles (deep postural muscles located in the calves of the leg) pump pooled blood and interstitial fluid back to the heart. Symptoms of fluid pooling due to insufficient secondary heart activity include swollen feet/ankles/legs, venous complications, restless legs, night-time leg cramps, and chronically cold hands and feet. Insufficient fluid return to the heart also results in decreased cardiac output and abnormal blood pressure. The inability to maintain normal blood pressure can result in dizziness, migraine headaches, disorientation, and poor sleep.

Products / Services

Heart Partner

The HeartPartnertm is a wellness device which assists in the retraining of the soleus muscles (deep postural muscles in the lower leg). HeartPartner provides a micromechanical stimulation which can activate the Meissner’s corpuscles on the frontal plantar surface of the foot, which activates a reflex arc causing the soleus muscles to contract. The device is a floor based appliance, and is activated by the user simply placing their forefeet on the device while the individual sits in their home or office. The HeartPartner does not run continuously, but rather is designed to cycle with the natural rhythm of the soleus muscle; the device allows the soleus muscles to fill with fluid for two minutes and then stimulates contraction for one minute, serving as a type of pacemaker for the secondary hearts. The device can be used with shoes, socks, or barefoot. A gentle vibration is felt by the user.



Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth McLeod, Ph.D

Dr. McLeod is internationally known for his work on muscle activity and its effect on skeletal adaptation, and the link between muscle activity of the lower extremities and cardiovascular function. Dr. McLeod is the principal developer of ultrasound fracture healing technology (SAFHS), VMG technology, as well as the secondary heart assessment and intervention technologies. Dr. McLeod is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Binghamton University, and the Director of the Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center at Binghamton University. Dr. McLeod received his BSEE degree from Kettering University and his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT in 1985, and has taught on the faculty at MIT, Tufts University and Stony Brook University. He is the holder of over 25 patents in the healthcare field and has been a founder in twelve new ventures since 1980; eight of which have been based on his technology, two of which have been acquired and three executed IPOs.

Vice President Operations
Chuck Schwerin

Mr. Schwerin previously directed the implementation of worldwide software copy protection and license management at Pitney Bowes MapInfo. He also coordinated the development, implementation and maintenance of MapInfo’s three core technologies, including MapInfo Professional, the flagship product representing $36 million annually worldwide. He holds three patents on geographic information technology. Prior to his employment at MapInfo, Mr. Schwerin founded Environmental Data Systems, a Saratoga Springs, NY software firm where he designed, marketed and maintained unique software products for the waste management and health care fields. Mr. Schwerin received his Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Clark University, and his Master’s in Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.

Vice President Marketing
Jeri Wolf

Mr. Wolfe has over fifteen years of sales experience in the Health Care Industry. His diversified has provided him with strong background knowledge three important healthcare sectors: Health Systems, Independent Pharmacies, and Regional Chains. Mr. Wolfe has extensive experience in developing strategic account development, proposal preparation, and collaborating with finance teams to create cost structure pricing. He has also developed, mentored and coached sales teams in the healthcare sector.

Director Research & Development
Teesta Jain, Ph.D

Dr.Jain undertook her postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School developing novel technologies to deliver synthetic peptides into cells. She has over 4 years of experience in business development, negotiation, and technology transfer, and has worked closely with healthcare technology start-ups including, cardiovascular, cancer, and medical device ventures.

Director Sales
Donna Hogan, FNP-BC, Ph.D.

Dr. Hogan has over 15 years of experience as a nurse practitioner working in both urban and rural areas of upstate New York and so extensive exposure to the complications arising from lower limb fluid pooling on both health and quality of life. She has worked with both public and private health settings serving both as a practicing NP and as a nurse educator. She has written and spoken extensively on hemodynamics and is an active member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Consulting Manufacturing/Production
Michael Terblanche

Mr. Terblanche is founder and CEO of Medimassager, Inc., a healthcare product manufacturer and distributor, with a focus on Therapeutic Massagers for Physical Medicine. All Medimassager devices are built to exacting standards and certified by the Food and Drug Administration. Medimassager serves as an OEM manufacturer for a large number of companies (for example, the LazyBoy Corporation) who incorporate vibration technologies into their products.



Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Kenneth McLeod, Ph.D

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