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May 4, 2016 12:41 PM ET

Archived: Build the Zip Zap Circus Academy’s Costume Room

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2016

Build the Zip Zap Circus Academy’s Costume Room.

About This Project

Build the Zip Zap Circus
Academy’s Costume Room

Zip Zap builds the first Circus Academy in South Africa and you can finance the much needed costume room.

Zip Zap Circus School is a vibrant social circus based in Cape Town. Founded in 1992 by Brent van Rensburg and Laurence Estève, our circus school provides free circus and performing arts training for youth from different walks of life. Zip Zap has already helped thousands of kids to ‘dare to dream’ and turn those dreams a reality.

We are a diverse, loving family committed to teach invaluable life and social skills – trust, honesty, respect, responsibility, teamwork and discipline – while gaining physical and circus skills leading to job opportunities.

The success of Zip Zap is internationally recognised, with professional performances in more than 16 countries and many artistic and public awards won. But our true achievement lies in the positive effect in the children’s lives, and the opportunities to touch more are boundless.

Our current accommodation, the dome, has been functioning as a multipurpose facility for the past eight years but we can no longer accommodate all the activities associated with Zip Zap Circus School. What is needed now is a suitable building in order to house and advance the nine educational programs in our developing curriculum.

It is time to make Zip Zap’s legacy last and you can be part of it.

With love and circus magic,

The Zip Zap family


Milestone 1 (Tipping point 1) – R20 000

The first milestone will pay for the workstation – so we can sew new costumes and fix old ones on a large and smooth counter.

Milestone 2 – R40 000

Since we already have a huge stock of costumes therefore the second milestone will pay for the storage, racks and shelves.

Milestone 3 – R50 000

Since no room works without water & electricity the last milestone will pay for that and washing section.

Citizen Activation – Get involved!

2 minutes:

Share our crowdfunding campaign on your social media side:www.thundafund.com/zipzap

5 minutes:

• Check out our website

• Like us on Facebook

• Follow us on Twitter

• Check our Instagram

15 minutes:

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the Zip Zap Circus School by either:

• Sharing our Facebook page with them;

• Tweeting @zipzapcircus;

• E-mailing them a link to our campaign

30 minutes:

Write us a memory you have of an experience at one of our Zip Zap shows and email it to pia@zip-zap.co.za – we’d like to add some of these to Facebook (or go directly to Facebook and add a note to our timeline – pictures welcome too!)

A few hours:

Come by the Zip Zap dome in Cape Town any day from Monday to Saturday and check the daily classes, meet the teachers and chat to the team –then encourage your friends to donate.

A regular time commitment:

Contact us if you would like to help out as a volunteer either in our office, at our student’ residence or in the dome as a teacher. For more information, please visit: http://www.zip-zap.co.za/

Sign up to our newsletter for our latest updates:

If you would like to participate in an internship at Zip Zap Circus, please follow this link : http://bit.do/zipzap-internships

The Team

We are the Zip Zap family. Crazy and dedicated office monkeys working hand in hand with inspiring and lunatic educators and circus artists to reach one big goal: share circus magic to inspire children for life.

Contact Information:

Zip Zap Circus Academy

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