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May 3, 2016 9:39 AM ET

Archived: Spectrum – The “Design-First” Application that enables anyone to create amazing software for any platform. (No coding required!)

iCrowdNewswire - May 3, 2016


by Ei Studios

The “Design-First” Application that enables anyone to create amazing software for any platform. (No coding required!)

About this project

What will you create?

What if you had no limits? What if we told you that you could create anything, and make your dreams a reality no matter what skills you may possess? Dreamers are becoming Doers, and now you can too! We’d like you to meet Spectrum.

Spectrum is the only application that enables its users to create amazing software without the need to code. Gone are the days of layout templates, pre-made designs and WordPress themes. Using Spectrum, users can create amazing online content exactly as they envision and it doesn’t stop there. Spectrum enables anyone to create:

  • Mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Ubuntu.
  • Desktop apps for Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Websites (with mobile support), blogs and more.

        (possible support for wearable apps).

Spectrum is designed for use by anyone and is simply intuitive. Creating a new design is as easy as creating visual objects (such as images, buttons, etc.), positioning them in your layout and editing the visual properties to suit your needs. We truly believe that anyone can create with Spectrum, because even the least creative of souls can do amazing things with the right tools.

Design done right.

Great design shouldn’t require a degree or mad skills and that’s why Spectrum provides users with the tools to create effortlessly. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Color for Thought: Find colors that compliment your style or evoke the feeling you’re looking to express. Choosing pallets or individual colors is as simple as searching our database for colors that add to your design (Note: Colors and color pallets are tagged with styles, feelings/emotions and themes they are associated with. When you search using our database, the feeling or style that you envision results in a color).
The inspiration for our font tool.
The inspiration for our font tool.
  • Font helper: Choose fonts that effectively communicate the idea you’re looking to express. No more searching the web for the perfect font. Simply give information about your content, and have many incredible choices presented to you.
  • Asset Management: Managing your visuals, fonts and colors has never been simpler. Import images in multiple resolutions and Spectrum templates to have them instantly organized for your project.
  • Design Database: Need a color pallet, some specific visuals or a free font? We’ve got you covered.
  • Responsive Design: Make your layout work no matter how big your screen is. Use Spectrum to create object templates for buttons, list-cells, slideshows, etc., and use them in your project. Choose between static or dynamic layouts based on the target platform you’re building for.

No Layout Templates, Themes, or Plugins required … ever. Thanks to our extension management system, Spectrum can be used to create customized Content Management Systems (for example, WordPress), blogs, dynamic websites, games and more.

Early version of layer view. Layers are colored based on z-axis position.
Early version of layer view. Layers are colored based on z-axis position.

How does it work?

Spectrum uses a custom code generation engine we call W1 to convert your visuals into pure web code (HTML, CSS, JS). The resulting code is then built into a mini web-browser (optimized web-view) with APIs and Libraries built by us. These libraries provide access to system functions such as notifications and prompts, as well as device information (battery life, network, time, etc.). These are things that would otherwise require native code.

Since Spectrum uses the same code for all platforms, your project can easily be converted to run on any device. As Spectrum gets closer to completion, we expect to have more and more support for native Android  code as well as Java-based desktop applications.

Not just for individuals.

Here at Ei Studios we use Dropbox, Slack and Google Drive to collaborate (and backup files). We’ve made it our mission to make Spectrum an app we would want to use ourselves, that’s why it fully supports Dropbox, Slack and Google Drive through our storage and collaboration integration. Additionally, our social media integration allows users to share snapshots of their project with anyone.

Quickly viewing a note.
Quickly viewing a note.

Never miss a beat.

Thanks to embedded databases, Spectrum saves your project automatically and allows you to switch between new and old versions of your project using our roll-back system. Additionally, no more waiting on your hard drive for saving files. Export your files as you need them; otherwise let us handle it. Spectrum saves 85% of all files in unforeseen crashes and shutdowns within seconds, so you’ll never have to start from scratch again.

Spectrum is truly designed to combat many of the issues users face everyday, and since Spectrum is primarily online-based, you can hop from your gaming rig, to your office, to your laptop at the coffee shop without ever needing to transfer files. (Free with the use of Google Drive or Dropbox).

From design to published app.

Spectrum is designed to take you from idea to published product. We’ve already mentioned how you can create apps with Spectrum, but what about publishing? For Desktop and Mobile apps, publishing to the app store of your choice is as simple as pressing publish. Spectrum even supports app signing. For Websites, Spectrum offers several user friendly solutions. Whether you want to publish to your own server, or to a paid service (DigitalOcean or GoDaddy for example), it couldn’t be simpler. Upon launch, Spectrum packages your website with all necessary components and launches your project on the remote server of your choosing.

Endless possibilities.

Surely by now you are very excited by what you can do with Spectrum, but what about the things Spectrum can’t do? We have a solution. Enhance is a Software Development Kit that gives users the ability and tools to extend Spectrum’s abilities through what we call “GAP Frameworks”.

  • a Genre is a (Currently CSS Based) visual stylekit.
  • an Annex is a build structure/blueprint for building on a specific platform.
  • a Parcel is package containing either a new instruction set for an Action Block or an Action Block and a Native-Code to Web-Script API.

A GAP Framework is a blueprint that plugs directly into the Spectrum design/generation/build system. This enables the creation of new visual objects, building for new platforms, and connection to new services that were previously unavailable in Spectrum.

Spectrum Marketplace.

Marketplace is the perfect place to share or sell your own visuals, color pallets, fonts, extensions (GAPs) and more.


Paragon is a mobile app for sharing ideas and designs within the Spectrum user community. Paragon can be used to ask/answer questions related to Spectrum and share/ test designs, but primarily functions as a way to remotely preview, prototype, and test designs created in Spectrum. Any Paragon user must have connected to the local network, be registered to a user account and have activated casting in Spectrum. Whenever Spectrum saves a project or launches a live view, the design is sent to Paragon and can be interacted with as if it was a normal mobile app.

Try Spectrum Now!

We understand the fears and perils of buying into software that unproven, especially where money is involved. We’d like you to try and early version of Spectrum. Starting June 1st a preview version of Spectrum will be available for Windows and Linux. Starting June 11th a preview will be available for Mac. All we ask is that you spread the word.

Get Spectrum here!

Where we are now.

Currently, Spectrum is about 60% complete. We have most of the major issues figured out, we still need to complete parts of W1 and most of the networking for Spectrum, but the core platform is complete. For all backers who pledge $25 or more, We will make several alpha and beta releases available to you leading up to the full release of Spectrum in July. We need your help to pay for the software, test devices and other expenses required to finish Spectrum!

The future (and Timeline) of Spectrum.

After we successfully launch Spectrum, our hope is to continue to grow the platform with extensions and toolkits, as well as test and adapt the application to the best it can be. We hope that in 1-2 years we will be able to launch Spectrum 2, but with so many more features and advancements. Our greatest goal for Spectrum is really to build a community of amazing users who not only contribute to Spectrum, but use it as a spring-board for their own ideas.

This is the current timeline (subject to changes):

Please note that this is a estimate of the time to complete each component of the Spectrum Platform. It may take more time due to the modest size of our development team. In the case that we accomplish any components earlier, we will notify all backers and push any following dates up.

Almost Open Source.

Ei Studios is a completely new startup, with Spectrum being our first product. We absolutely love the open source initiative, but we decided that we can’t make Spectrum open source just yet because we truly need funding to get off the ground. Our fears in making Spectrum open source mainly pertain to having our program hacked, exploited and pirated. Given that those abuses are largely a result of overpriced software, we chose to follow a different path than your average studio.

We’ve priced Spectrum as low as we possibly can in the hopes that anyone can afford it, while still making enough to support ourselves. Even though Spectrum is not open source, We plan to release as much of the our code as we can without exposing our company to any dangers. Additionally, we built the Enhance SDK for users in a complete open-source form.



Includes promo codes to download Paragon free of charge on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Eventually we plan to support additional platforms such as Ubuntu Phone. In which case would also be included.


Includes 3-device licenses for Spectrum and Lifetime Customer/Tech Support.

Marketplace VIP:

Includes free access to all extensions made by Extreme Interactive Ltd., Ei Studios, or any partners, both free and charged. Also includes 30% off all products and subscription services related to Ei Studios (currently planning several for Spectrum). Normally $4/Month or $40 annually.

Addition Licenses:

Additional Licenses are normally $7 USD with only one device per license. alternatively enterprise users may purchase a yearly license generator (unlimited enterprise licenses for a year). Please send an email to Seth@eistudios.net if interested.

All Spectrum licenses are tethered to device at install and require internet access to install. In the case that you would like to remove your license from a device to transfer to another device, go to eistudios.net/myaccount/licenses (currently under construction).


These are funding goals, in the case that we reach any of these, we will create the additions to the platform following the publishing of Spectrum.

  • $5500 – Platform support for Android Wear.
  • $6000 – Platform support for Apple Watch.
  • $6500 – Content management extension.
  • $7500 – Feature or extension inspired by one of our backers.

The People behind Spectrum.

My name is Seth Moeckel, I’ve been programming and developing software for about four years. My interest in Software Development started as a hobby and eventually grew into becoming a large part of my career. I am completely self-taught and I have been teaching a robotics club full of homeschoolers for about a year.

I was inspired to create Spectrum when I learned just how just how much of a gap there is between the user and the developer in the software world. I believe that something as powerful and influential as the web should be just as easy to create and publish on as it is to use. This gap between users and creators is stopping average people from creation. With the challenges new developers face, creativity and innovation are snuffed out with the many unknowns and complexities of creating for software with little or no experience. I believe that Spectrum can fill that gap.

My right-hand man, Sean Winningham, is responsible for the everything web-related at Ei Studios. He has over a year of experience working with a Web Design and Software Development company in New Jersey, and has built several websites.

This Campaign would not have been possible without the generous contributions of these amazing people: Josiah Sayers – Film and Camera, David Pate – Script support, Victoria Winningham/VRW Photography – B roll filming, Burke Abbott – Screenshots and the support of many friends and family members.

Thanks for your support!

Risks and challenges

One of the greatest challenges so far has been building Spectrum as the creative design tool it now is. As developers, our perspective on what is easy to use is so far different from that of a designer or artist. Due to our modest funding and team size at the moment, we don’t have to option of hiring outside people to help with design. Spectrum as a project has forced our team to fill in many roles outside of their job description and begin to take an outside perspective on what our users truly need. We’ve begun to see how users interact with software, and it’s really changed how we create.

The only other challenge we’ve had to face up to this point has been a lack of funding for our needs as a development team, and that is why we are kickstarting Spectrum!

Contact Information:

Ei Studios

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