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May 3, 2016 3:08 PM ET

Archived: LAWBITE: an online legal service providing ‘Simple Law for Small Companies’

iCrowdNewswire - May 3, 2016


LawBite is an online legal service providing ‘Simple Law for Small Companies’



LawBite keeps small companies safe and sound at a price they can afford. Through its Platform it provides plain English legal documents and its own suite of software tools for editing, sharing, e-signing and storage. Wrapped around its Platform it provides a virtual law firm so that SME’s can speedily get affordable, understandable advice. LawBite doesn’t carry expensive overhead or a Partnership structure, so it normally costs 50% or less than conventional law firms. However, LawBite is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, carries £3 million of indemnity insurance and only uses experienced solicitors and barristers. So the only short-cut customers take is in relation to price.


We provide a range of legal documents and advice covering the whole range of SME legal activity from investment, loans, employment, consulting, software, IP, licensing, distribution, through to dispute management;
Plain English legal documents either a la carte or for a £99 annual subscription;
A free initial legal consultation by phone or skype with a LawBite lawyer whose expertise matches your problem;
Fixed price legal advice at £130 per hour;
Subscription Legal advice at £350 per month for a year;
A Platform for editing, sharing, e-signing and storing documents (whether ours or uploads from elsewhere);
Dispute management services like negotiation, mediation and arbitration


Many small companies feel lawyers are too expensive, too slow and speak a language only lawyers understand. As a result over half of them don’t bother using legal advice. This costs Britain’s 5 million SME’s £100 billion per year (per the Legal Services Board). LawBite provides law the way that SME’s want it – fast, affordable, easy to understand. As a result it is now attracting customers fast – doubling its number of enquiries over the last 4 months. Fifty percent of the orders now come from repeat customers showing that once SME’s discover LawBite they are happy to keep using it. LawBite has assembled affiliate partners reaching 1.8 million SME’s to continue to develop product awareness.


We provide;
Documents as a one-off purchase (from £16-£64) or for an annual subscription of £99.
Ad hoc Legal advice at £130 per hour on a fixed price pre-quoted basis;
An annual subscription legal advice product at £350 per month (£4,200 per year);
Bundles of documents and advice for specific areas (eg an online trading pack of docs plus 3 hours of advice for £395);
One off products include ‘Legal Health Check’ ( a one day audit covering all of a company’s contracts, corporate documents, IP and liabilities (£995) and also ‘LawBite to You’ – a one-day or half day visit from one of our lawyers to the client (£995 for a full day)

57% of orders now come from repeat customers


1. Many law firms wish to enhance their presence in the SME space in order to bolster under pressure revenues. LawBite has a desirable online legal platform and capabilities which traditional law firms lack

2. The  Government’s Alternative Business Structure rules permit law firms to be owned and run by people other than lawyers (eg Tesco, Direct Line. This opens the pool of potential acquirers.

3. Professional Services Firm – Accounting and consultancy firms, eg, welcome vital access to SMEs.

4. Technology/Data service providers view LawBite’s offering as a valuable add-on (eg Thompson Reuters, Lexus Nexus). Thompson Reuters bought PLC for £250m 2 years ago)

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