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May 2, 2016 8:52 AM ET

Archived: SJR Environmental Consulting Services – Environmental consulting and engineering firm: For all the potential roadblocks big construction jobs run into, the worst of all are those which harm the environment

iCrowdNewswire - May 2, 2016

SJR Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental consulting and engineering firm

For all the potential roadblocks big construction jobs run into, the worst of all are those which harm the environment.

Get that job back on track and completed, and do you part for the Earth in the meantime.  Get on board with SJR Environmental Consulting!


There’s only one Earth – and we need to protect it.

The reality is that as everyday consumers, we’re doing a pretty solid job of protecting the environment in recent years.  The increasing availability of recycling, the decreased use of agricultural pesticides, and the advent of zero-emissions vehicles are just a few recent advances we’ve made in environmental conservation.  However, similar positive impact has yet to be realized on the business end.  Companies large and small, namely, those in construction, demolition, and development, face a number of environmental dilemmas and potential liabilities – and are struggling to uncover sound solutions.  Chemical construction materials and certain construction processes are the main culprits; leading to asbestos, solvents, petroleum, and other contaminating emissions.

While these unfortunate results are often difficult to avoid, their presence is putting a huge damper on many projects.  Proof of non-contamination is required by law in order to proceed with construction, demolition, and rehabilitation projects; and banks won’t put out loans without it.  In Colorado, these regulations are up to ten times more stringent.  With the US economy turning, construction and redevelopment are booming – and the industry is again becoming a significant economic contributor.  Almost 6 million nationwide jobs are at stake – it’s time for some sound environmental solutions that businesses can truly benefit from.


We’re here for businesses – and here for the Earth.

Introducing SJR Environmental Consulting (SJRE): an environmental consulting and engineering firm and one-stop shop for property owners and developers of all kinds seeking environmental compliance.  Our investigation, characterization, and compliance services solve environmental dilemmas while still adhering to local, state, and federal regulations.  

Nearly two centuries of combined project management experience helps us ensure our clients receive the industry standard in service and solutions.  We save you money, save you time, and get you back to building an environmentally-friendly project.  And, it doesn’t hurt that we’re located in Denver, Colorado – the #1 building market in the country.


Aside from offering fully-compliant solutions and expert levels of customer service, we’ve got a number of other things going for us.  SJRE is certified with multiple minority and disadvantaged small business certifications, including MBE, WBE, and DBE.

These marks don’t just give us a competitive advantage; they also open the doors for a huge uptick in business through our upcoming 8(a) Federal Certification.  This highly beneficial Federal classification helps smaller, younger, less-advantaged businesses like ours compete in the federal realm.  Under it, we will have first crack at a number of set-aside large scale jobs.

Our approaches are second-to-none, our prices are competitive, and our product is turnkey.  We’re a true one-stop shop, offering over 15 separate services to our valued enterprise customers.  Here are a few of the most popular:

Clients engage with us during the planning of upcoming projects and again during pre-construction.  Our simplified consulting process starts with a detailed site analysis and investigation, during which we identify any and all Industrial Hygiene dilemmas.  After pinpointing the contamination, we continue monitoring during and after the cleanup process and can provide ongoing engineering services throughout your entire project.


We’ve been in business since late 2011 – with a clearly-defined vision of helping our clients and improving the environment.  Since then, we’ve grown our staff size from 2 to 40, won many high-profile projects around the Denver area, and turned a profit.  We’ve also begun to compete with the top players in the industry.  There have been many milestones during our company’s short life; here are a handful of the most prominent:

Customers – and revenues – are rolling in.
Over 400 happy customers have enjoyed thousands of successfully-completed jobs, with many of them being repeats.  2015 revenues amounted to $2.4 million, and profitable.

Big jobs are in our portfolio.
Denver International Airport and Continuum Development Partners are two of the clients we’re serving in terms of large-profile projects.  Their multi-million dollar jobs a main contributors to our bottom line.

We’ve got lots of dance partners.
Large consulting and contracting partners include Tetra Tech, ERM, Saunders Construction, and many others.  The owner of Macbestos, a multimillion dollar abatement contracting firm, is also on board as a key large investor.

A key merger is pending.
Dorband and Associates, owned by Dr. Wayne Dorband, has been interested in merging with us.  The company represents a top current customer of ours and often brings in repeat business.

The public’s taking notice.
Our CEO and Founder was named 2012 Member of the Year for the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado and runner-up for the Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Woman in Business for Small Business Category.  SJRE itself was named Hispanic Contractors of Colorado’s 2013 Small Business of the Year.  The recognition has only continued since then.

These accomplishments are great; but now, it’s all about the future.  Don’t forget to request access to our Business Plan tab for more information on our future plans.


Our executive team of industry pioneers has collectively mitigated billions of dollars in potential risk for their clients.  After working for environmental consulting firms large and small, our Founder gathered up these experts and opened the doors for SJRE in 2011.  Let’s learn a little more about our team of environmental savants:

Elizabeth Bayer, CEO/President
Our founding visionary is an environmental specialist with over fourteen years’ of educational and working experience in both political and legal fields.  The first from her family to graduate from college, Elizabeth is a skilled marketer with international experience.  Her areas of expertise include regulation compliance, Industrial Hygiene, FEMA response, demolition oversight, environmental law, and benthic ecology.  As CEO/President, she’ll have full control of the marketing function with a focus on client retention, as well as guiding company vision.

Steve Tarasar, COO/District Manager (Denver)
Elizabeth’s right hand man is a seasoned environmental consultant and construction executive, with over three decades of experience.  Hazardous materials management, asbestos and lead projects, and environmental regulatory compliance are just a few of his many skills.  Steve’s our top-level operational boss at SJRE – managing projects and overseeing personnel and budget proposals.  He also manages the Denver office and assists the CEO with company strategies.

Tom Norman, District Manager (Fort Collins)
Tom is registered as a Professional Engineer (PE) in seven states, as well as being a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).  His experience spans over 35 years, bringing technical expertise for environmental compliance audits of various facilities.  Tom is top dog at our Fort Collins office, handling all client relations, marketing, and engineering management for all Northern Colorado and Wyoming projects.

Our Board of Advisors is skilled, experienced, and as passionate about the environment as we are.  They’re ready and willing to help when called upon.  The Board includes:
●     Dr. Wayne Dorband, Senior Environmental Business Advisor, serial entrepreneur, and potential merger partner;
●     Reid Allred, Attorney and Legal Advisor and commercial litigation expert;
●     Michelle Eberhard, Bookkeeper and Comptroller and key financial management expert.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Bayer, CEO/President

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