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May 1, 2016 12:44 PM ET

Archived: Operation Moto Dog: A Sidecar Adventure – BOOK & FILM – The true story of a dog and woman motorcycling across America

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2016

Operation Moto Dog: A Sidecar Adventure – BOOK & FILM.



The true story of a dog and woman motorcycling across America. Of friendship & fear, failure & triumph. Of good people & wild places.

About this project

Operation Moto Dog (OMD)

This is for anyone who has ever dreamed of adventure.

For the people who want to make the impossible a reality. Who understand that the best lessons come in the moments spent teetering on the edge of failure.

For anyone who wants to live life with gusto and passion. Who understands that true adventure can happen anywhere; that it’s not a destination but a state of mind.

For the people who, like me, have struggled with fear and uncertainty, who have stared at obstacles and wondered how to overcome.

This is a story of adventure, fear, failure, tenacity and triumph.

It’s a story of discovery. Of hope, community and goodness. Of strangers turning to friends across North America. Of the adventures big and small that shape our lives. Of the life-altering challenges and triumphs we find when we embrace fear, throw out impossible and really go for it.

And with that in mind, I’m here. Asking you. To believe in this next stage of the adventure. To support this Kickstarter and make the Operation Moto Dog Book and Film come to life.

Thank you for being a part of the adventure. For understanding that the journey is indeed the destination.

You are my can-do community and for that I’m forever grateful.

xo, Mallory & Baylor the Dog

My Story

In April 2015 I’d never driven a motorcycle, had little experience camping, and was told by experts near and far that my plan was sure to fail.

In May 2015 I bought an old motorcycle and even older sidecar, got my motorcycle license, learned to weld, built a subframe and attached the sidecar to the motorcycle.

In June 2015 I loaded my best friend, Baylor the Dog, into the sidecar and hit the road for Alaska.

Now, more than 300 days later, we’ve ridden more than 20,000 miles, made it from Alaska to Florida and roundabouts in-between, spent more than 250 nights under the stars and learned that success is defined by trying, that people are genuinely good and that though it may not be easy, it will be worth it.

Every Obstacle Is an Opportunity

From standing stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Yukon to dealing with tire blowouts, heartbreak moments, fears, tears and solo travel stresses, in many ways this adventure has proven more difficult than I ever imagined.

But through each challenge I’ve learned, time and time again, that every obstacle is indeed an opportunity. To connect with people, to learn, to grow, to inch ever closer to becoming the person you envision.

Because the hard times make the good times that much sweeter. The good times make the hard times bearable. And all the times are the sum of life.

So let’s live it to the fullest and go on an adventure together. With your help this project will soar to new heights. Thank you.

And if nothing else, just remember:

Every Obstacle is an Opportunity
Choose Happy | Seek Adventure

Sound Bites

“Like Marley & Me meets Wild!”

“A lot of us take varying degrees of epic rides, but what sets you apart is your ability to craft those experiences into words.”

“Cheering you along. You are a remarkable lady and everyone you meet along the way will be in awe. Life changing, for you and for the people you meet.”

“You have the rare ability to convert the visual into words without losing anything.”

“Your story is just wonderful, don’t change anything!”

“I’ve enjoyed it from the moment I saw Baylor in the side car- how could anyone resist? Your style of writing is why I keep coming back…. You go girl!”

Rewards & Kickstarter Exclusives

THE OMD POSTCARD A limited-edition, Kickstarter-exclusive postcard featuring one of our favorite pictures – sent straight to your mailbox!

THE BLACK & WHITE BOOK More than 200 pages chronicling the best stories, moments and adventures traveling across North America on a motorcycle-sidecar with Baylor the Dog. Contains 10+ pages of our favorite pictures printed in black and white. Soft cover, printed in black and white.

THE 18-MONTH WALL CALENDAR Featuring a new Operation Moto Dog picture each month, this wall calendar will keep you entertained and organized. And with 18-months, you can enjoy the doggled adventure longer! Calendar starts on June 2016 and runs through December 2017.

THE LIMITED-EDITION BOOK Limited-Edition, Kickstarter-Exclusive Book featuring more than 200 pages chronicling the best of the Operation Moto Dog adventure. Contains 10+ pages of our favorite pictures printed in full color. Soft cover, full color images.

THE BONUS SURPRISE PACK Do you love gear and surprises? Then this package is perfect for you! As a gear reviewer and writer, I’ve discovered and tested some of the best products out there – doggy gear to camping to motorcycling and everything in between – and I want to share it with you! You’ll get oodles of gear from some of my favorite brands – all customized to your preferences and interests. I’ll send you an email to find out what type of gear your most interested in and then -BAM! – lovingly chosen, favorites will be sent straight to your doorstep.

THE BOOKCLUB Six copies of the book, email Q&A exchanges with me, and an in-person visit from me and Baylor the Dog! Maybe you and your bookclub want to know more about traveling as a solo female, about motorcycle adventure, about life with a doggy sidekick. Or perhaps you want the nitty gritty of life on the road, of love, heartbreak and turning obstacles into opportunities. We’ll work together to tailor this experience to suit you and your club!

OMD LIVE Bring the Operation Moto Dog story to your community! Whether a corporate event, a school assembly or a faith-based organization, we’re excited to connect with your community! Having presented regularly to groups of more than 500 attendees, I know what it takes to create a compelling speech and presentation. I’ll work with you to tailor an event that informs, inspires and entertains.

Stretch Goals

More funding means more awesome, inspiring projects will be brought to life. Thank you for being a part of the Operation Moto Dog mission; I am so grateful for you!

Here’s what we’ll unlock with more funding:

This level of support will allow me to funnel more time into the creation of travelogue stories, while still being able to fill the tank and buy Baylor a cookie. And this means you’ll get at least three stories from the road each week! PLUS you’ll get bonus content in the book!

$15,000 – OMD SHORT FILM
Bring the Operation Moto Dog short film to life! Live action motorcycle dog footage with a heartwarming storyline and uplifting soundtrack. With your support this 5-8 minute short film will also be entered into the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. PLUS you’ll get a FREE download of the film!

With this level of funding we’ll be able to inspire the next generation of adventurers! This illustrated children’s book will encourage children to let go of fear and go on an adventure – all told through the fun tale of a motorcycling dog! PLUS you’ll get a FREE download of the book!

From submarine entrepreneurs to motorcycle legends to everyday heroes and everything in between, I’ve met some amazing people on the road. Bring the Adventure Seeker Podcast to life and I’ll bring you interviews that inspire, educate and entertain. PLUS you’ll get FREE access to the downloadable podcast episodes.

$25,000 – OMD LIVE TOUR
We want to meet you! This level of funding will make it possible to visit more communities across the continent.

$35,000+ – OMD GIVES BACK
If we reach this level of funding, we can bring the live OMD presentations and video to worthy groups across North America – youth organizations, churches, schools, retirement communities and more. With your help, we’ll be able to connect with more people and spread joy to the best of our ability.

Shipping, Timeline & Details

**ALL SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED IN EVERY PACKAGE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!** Please take this in account when you look at the prices. It was easier to do things this way, but it also means, in the spirit of art-in-the-mail-democracy, that those of you living in New York might be paying a little bit more to cover the shipping to the people in, say, Tibet.

TIMELINE Postcards and Calendars will ship out June 2016. The OMD adventure will continue from now until at least December 2016 – complete with live-time updates, travelogue stories, video and images! During the first part of 2017 the book will be finalized, edited and printed. Both B&W and Limited Edition Books will ship Spring 2017.

OTHER DETAILS If you have any questions please email me at mallory@mallorypaige.com. For more information about the adventure visit the Operation Moto Dog website. Video footage collected in collaboration with Corner of the Cave Media. Song: Darkmatter by Andrew Bird.


To all the readers, riders, fans, travelers, supporters & strangers-turned-friends that email, stop for a chat, smile, wave, offer kindnesses and send words of encouragement, I cannot thank you enough for you generosity and support. You have truly changed my life and inspired me in every way; I only hope that I may do the same for others.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mallory and Baylor the Dog


Risks and challenges

I’m confident this book will be printed, but there are a few risks and challenges to note:

1. Possible delays from the printer – unlikely, but it could happen.

2. Shipping delays – in the realm of possible, but not probable.

3. Technical glitches – there is always a risk of technical glitches when creating on the computer, but my prior experience creating book projects greatly minimizes this risk.

Bottom line, I do not anticipate major problems. And don’t forget, I’m the girl that was told by everyone this entire adventure was impossible – as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. I have the will. One way or another this book will be printed and delivered to your doorstep.

Contact Information:

Mallory Danger Paige

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