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May 1, 2016 4:28 PM ET

Archived: Gardening at the Gazebo in the “D”: sustain a pesticide-free, open to the community garden for years to come

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2016

Gardening at the Gazebo in the “D”

Raise funding to sustain a pesticide-free, open to the community garden for years to come and bring neighbors and families close together

the project

We are currently raising funds to maintain our gazebo and garden. Our garden is in need of additional  tools and rain barrels to collect rain water. Annually we try to host events to bring in donors and community to help us in preparation of the garden.

The garden is a place where families and people can come, work and meet other neighbors in the neighborhood. A community garden will teach people how to work and share together.

Our goal is to have both children and adults learn and taste what it means to have fresh vegetables and fruit.

Over the past 3 years we have solicit water from the community and businesses in the area. We do not have access to water other than rain water. We fill barrels, pop bottles and  buckets with water to water the garden and the berm.

Commuity residents are asked to bring their garden tools to the garden to help in the preparation.


the steps

We will continue to fundraise, by contacting  businesses and community to help volunteer and donate to the garden.  We will also leaflet the community, attend and present at  community meetings around our district. Our community will post on social media and our community and business contacts.

We are contacting various organizations, schools, churches and businesses  in the city and asking for volunteers to assist us in this endeavor.

Once we have the funds in hand we will continue to repair the gazebo, feed the volunteers, plant  and ask volunteers to assist in the upkeep of the garden.

Since we do not have access to water we will run soaker hoses undergrown that will be attached to our rain barrels where we collect rain water.

Currently the gazebo roof is leaking and we would like to repair the roof and run gutters to the rain barrels to collect the rain water.

There are quite a few schools in our area and we will contact the schools to invite students to come and paint the rain barrels, signage and makers for the garden.


why we’re doing it

In this area there are seniors who can not afford to move, young people who will need guidance in what it means to be a good neighbor, advocate for the environment and encouraging people to want to live in a safe environment where we all can live.

Our community does not have adequate resources for fresh vegetables. There are grocery stores but they are not in the immediate area.

This is also a way to bridge relationships from one city to another.  Our garden has brought communities and cities together by working in the garden.

Keep Detroit Growing is a wonderful example of working together to grow fresh produce in our area. We have dedicated a portion of the garden to our young people to clean, plant and harvest their produce. The children will be trained on how to plant and harvest their produce and sell the produce at our local Eastern Market.

We will continue to encourage students to become actively involved by haveing them paint the rain barrels and murals around the garden.

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