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Apr 29, 2016 1:27 PM ET

Equity crowdfunding checklist

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2016

To be successful at equity crowdfunding, you must follow some steps that will make a difference between success and failure. Be focused on your goals and aware of all the details.

You have to adopt the correct mindset (read our series on equity crowdfunding mindset here). And most important, you have to spread the word about your project all the time. As Crowdfunder.com recommends, use social media channels all the time, and build a good relationship with the press by issuing press releases (yours truly, iCrowdNewsWire, can do that for you).

We are going to use the list provided by Crowdfunder.com, as that’s a very comprehensive material on this topic. We are just going to further develop each topic and contextualize the guidelines that are fit for their specific platform.

Company website

Let’s start with the basics: If your company does not have a website, it does not exist online. You can create a social media profile or a Blogspot blog, but none of them will lend as much credibility as a good-looking, professionally crafted website.

You don’t need to invest large sums on this. You can install a WordPress blog and download a theme (we strongly recommend you go for a paid theme that supports a professional frontpage and configure it). Ask for help if you are not acquainted with the system. Install some SEO plugins, like All-in-One SEO, a sitemap plugin, configure it on Google webmasters, and start spreading the word about it.

Put a link to your crowdfunding campaign: It is recommended that you put a link to your equity crowdfunding campaign in a prominent position on your website, preferably on the homepage, taking as much space as you can get, if that is your primary goal.

Have a blog: Blogging is extremely important in today’s world. That is the tool that will establish as an authority in your niche, attract links that will make your site rank higher in search engines, and serve as a tool to convert leads.

The best content marketing you can do is simple and straightforward. Focus on becoming an important source of news for your niche, or build a solid knowledge base so your prospects and investors can use your site as a reference.


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