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Apr 28, 2016 10:09 AM ET

Archived: Naturalbox – Organic and Healthy Lifestyle: The first online subscription box with full-sized organic snacks, health and beauty products, delivered to people’s homes and offices

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2016

Naturalbox – Organic and Healthy Lifestyle.

Elevator pitch

Naturalbox is the first online subscription box with full-sized organic snacks, health and beauty products, delivered to people’s homes and offices. We have a successfully proven business model with a subscription service and a regular online store. Our company is profitable and ready to start the production of own branded organic protein with superfoods.

Investor proposal

Invest in a profitable growing startup with a social impact. We are in the stage of starting the production of own branded products and scale our business. As an investor, you could potentially expect an ROI of 400 to 500 % in 4-5 years. We are open for a future acquisition but our goal is to IPO.
  • A dedicated and qualified management team.
  • Leverage on four mega-trends: the shift to organic consumption, e-commerce, farm to table movement and meat to plant-based table. 
  • A proven and profitable business model.
  • Ready to roll-out our subscription and e-commerce in all Nordic countries.


The problem this product solves

Consumers across the world are moving from traditional food consumption and supermarkets to healthy rawfood, green local markets and wholefood stores. People want to eat natural food and prefer to choose products from organic farming grown without chemical fertilizers that can be hazardous for their health. We help people to satisfy their needs by making organic food and vegan alternatives easily accessible through our online service and delivery to their home. Our analysis of the organic market in Scandinavia has shown a gap of a niched company offering a community store with organic healthy products online.

How the product solves it

The idea of Naturalbox is to deliver carefully selected organic rawfood, superfood, snacks, and natural beauty products every month to people’s homes and offices across the world. We have tailor-made our subscription service in order to meet our customers’ satisfaction whether they are vegans or need a nut-free alternative. Our team of experts provides our fans and followers with unique inspiration, education and healthy recipes. Suitably, we provide our subscribers the opportunity to continue their shopping of eco-friendly products at our online store Ecoliving.se 


Product features

Naturalbox and Veganbox are the first global organic subscription services combining full-size snacks, health and beauty together with inspiration and recipes. 
What makes us unique is the combination of online subscription services together with our online store Ecoliving.se. At our regular e-commerce store, consumers can choose a variety of natural and organic products for daily use. We have also started the development of our own organic protein using a unique method of utilizing natural dietary fibers from fruits. Our subscription service is excellent to market our own brands and other products to later resell them on our online store. 

Product use cases

The products we choose for our subscribers can be used for various occasions, such as 100% natural snacks you can have on the way to the office or when coming back from a yoga class, organic wholefood that can be used for cooking dinner at home and organic skincare for daily rituals. We provide our customers with recipes and educational videos on YouTube and Periscope to inspire and share our knowledge. Our subscribers also have the possibility to make their favourite choices of organic food and skincare in the regular online store – Ecoliving.se for daily use.


Target Market

Currently our main market is Sweden. We target early adopters and health-conscious people who are interested in an active lifestyle. Our Team is in the process of preparing a full scale roll-out of our services in all Nordic countries in Q4 2017. The sales of organic and “KRAV-märkt” products in Sweden increased by 37,5 % in 2015.
It’s a unique development in Sweden. The organic consumer shift has finally made a breakthrough during 2015 and the growth is further accelerating. The market value of organic food in Sweden, excluding organic cosmetics and toiletries, is currently worth 21,5 billion SEK.

Competitive landscape

We have conducted a solid competitive analysis before our start and we continuously monitor the competitive landscape. The subscription service model is a “hot” investment case in Silicon Valley (USA). In Sweden, there are several subscription companies in our industry but they are focused only on snacks, food, beauty or non-organic products. None of these companies has focused on a whole-sale solution of snacks, health, food and beauty with a natural and organic niche. Similarly, there are several traditional e-commerce companies within our industry without the niche and combination of a subscription service like ours.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Naturalbox is the first subscription box in Sweden and globally that offers carefully selected organic full-size snacks, health and beauty together with recipes in combination of a regular online store.
We have been able to quickly execute on developing new vertical solutions such as vegan and nut-free alternatives. Our company benefits from first mover advantages and it gives us leverage to be pioneers in our area.
Our strength is that we are a team of experts in the organic and vegan field of rawfood, superfood and healthy lifestyle. We are front-runners in digital marketing using innovative and creative marketing strategies. 

Business Model

Company revenue streams

The advantage of our business model is the steady revenue stream from the online subscription service and from recurring customers on our online store. Furthermore, our company has secured exclusive rights of several brands in Scandinavia leading to higher margins than the industry average. Furthermore, we are able to monetize on our partners who are willing to use our services for marketing. We are able to elevate our margins and brand recognition by soon launching our own brand of unique organic protein and superfoods.

Product/service distribution

We operate our own warehouse facility where we process all the customer’s orders on a daily basis. We believe it’s the best way to keep control and make sure all the business operations are continuously running smoothly according to the strict storage regulations of organic food and beverages. By hand crafting all customer’s orders by ourselves, we can act quickly, keep an eye on the goods and provide the best customer service. We are keeping a systematic control and making sure the process is cost-efficient. Every day we ship orders across Sweden with DHL and worldwide with FedEx.


Previous milestones/traction

  •  A proven and profitable business model with track-record.
  • Turned profitable in our second year of business in 2014.
  • We have already been able to grow our business outside Sweden and have customers  from countries such as Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy and Germany.
  • Attained brand recognition and media coverage.
  • Developed our own organic protein with superfoods using dietary fibers from fruits, which  is ready for production and launch in September 2016. 

Next key objectives

“By executing our vision, we want to become a synonym of “Whole Foods” online in the Nordic countries.”
  • Ready for a roll-out of our subscription and e-commerce in the Nordic region.
  • Start the production of our own organic protein and superfoods.
  • Increase marketing activity and invest in search engine optimization to boost traffic.
  • Invest in brand recognition through a digital strategy where video will play a key role.
Our company is now profitable and ready to grow the business. We need to increase our team, invest into product development, upgrade our online platform and increase marketing. 

Previous Financing

The company is privately funded by the entrepreneurs without any external funding or
bank loans.


  • The business relies on long-term relationships with solid suppliers.
  • Our most important suppliers contribute to marketing investments and PR activities.
  • Thanks to our partnerships withinin the industry, we now have the possibility to produce our own products in certified organic facilities.
  • One important factor of our success is the relationship with our ambassadors who are media profiles and journalists who understand and share our values.
  • The most important is our partnership and relationship with our customers who recommend our services and products to friends and families.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

Nominated as the E-retailer of the Year in 2016 by Nordic E Commerce Summit.

Use of Funds

  • The capital raised will be used to prepare the company for further growth in Sweden and the roll-out in the Nordic countries.
  • Increase marketing activity of our digital strategy and brand recognition.
  • Invest in SEO and SEM to increase our traffic.
  • Production of our own developed organic protein with dietary fibers from fruits. 
As an investor, you could potentially expect an ROI of 400 to 500 % in 4-5 years. We are open for an acquisition but we aim for an IPO.
Contact: Alicja Chlebna, Founder and CEO. +46 (0)723074800


Contact Information:

Alicja Chlebna

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