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Apr 28, 2016 4:06 PM ET

Archived: dodock: Dock for your Apple device, Pebble Watch and USB-C device

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2016


Dock for your Apple device, Pebble Watch and USB-C device.


Universal USB charger for Smartphone, iOS, apple watch,even Pepple Watch!



About this project


Digital devices become breath of life nowadays, mobile phone, ipad, smart watch, any of them needs charging. Having to charge multiple devices frequently, wires coiled and cluttered everywhere on the night stand get us easily annoyed.

So we build dodock. Our designers use minimalist stream lines to interpret the essence of beauty. Giving double pleasure of vision and user experience inside and outside, dodock delivers “sense and simplicity” in every bit we make and do.

Custom-made charging ear for Apple watch. LED warm light and exchangeable charging stations, going with apple connector and USB-C connector.

Charging stations – to charge various devices: IOS and Android. Support 4 devices simultaneous charging based on user demand.

Exchangeable charging stations – going with ios connector and USB-C connector.

Bottom DIY winding structure:

The bottom charging structure use original device cables to be winded inside, magnetic snap-on cap to hide the cables and exchangeable connectors to support apple and usb-c; 2 usb changing ports to support any device charging without affecting normal use.

Apple watch charging port – portable Apple watch “charging station”, snap-on cap.

portable Apple watch “charging station”, snap-on cap

Therefore, we specially developed the a magnetic charging port for  Pebble Watch user

USB ports enable device normal use during charging; charge two devices at a time.

“wake up” – light is the best alarm for biological clock wake-up light – 3 LED scene lights, 3 levels of brightness 3 levels of brightness,

3 indicators in colors

Red: lighting mode

Green: reading mode

Blue: sleeping mode

In particular, We’ve added Space Gray option basis on backer requirements

Stretched goals

The powerful 3W dual speaker drivers create rich, deep bass sound from the pocket-sized speaker.

Dodock Timeline

Risks and challenges

We have built a few functional prototypes and extensively tested all of its key technologies. We have established relationships with experienced contract manufacturers and the product is explicitly ready for manufacture.


We are confident about keeping to our shipping schedule. However, if there are unintended delays during the manufacturing process we will always be transparent and inform our backers, then plan an appropriate course of action.


Contact Information:


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