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Apr 28, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike – The first electric bike you would actually want to be seen riding: Diavelo is a disruptive urban mobility startup and home to some of the coolest electric bikes and scooters on the market

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2016

Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike.

The first electric bike you would actually want to be seen riding.


Cars are lots of fun to drive, or so it appears in car commercials. Unfortunately, daily driving seldom includes zigzagging down deserted mountain roads. The reality we all know is that parking, traffic, and construction all conspire to make daily transportation an annoying hassle. For the majority of our short, daily trips, driving is far from exhilarating.

What if you could get around town without all those hassles, using your own stylish vehicle? What if daily transportation could be quick, fun and easy?

This is Zeitgeist — a sign of the times. We design futuristic personal mobility devices in the form of electric bikes. We want everyday transportation to be as exhilarating as swooping down alpine switchbacks. We want personal transportation that is liberating so we can go where we want, when we want.

Our debut product is launching globally here on Crowd Supply. The 2016 Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike is unlike anything else on the market. Its combination of speed, style, range, and performance is unmatched at any price point. It’s the first electric bike you would actually want to be seen riding.

Our Vision

With the Zeitgeist, we’ve been working in stealth mode for over two years with our own resources to create advanced mobility technology. Now we’re ready to harness the wisdom and power of the crowd to bring about a sea change in how we get around and get ahead.

We believe that by innovating on three levels–technology, performance, design–we can transform personal transportation. We can build transportation that keeps you physically active, emotionally engaged, and fully aware of your surroundings. We can transform the way you run errands, go places, or just cut loose and have fun.

Comparison Chart

Here’s how the Zeitgeist stacks up compared to its major competitors. No other e-bike offers the same combination of performance and capability.

  Stromer ST2 Specialized Turbo Faraday Porteur S GenZe Diavelo Zeitgeist X Diavelo Zeitgeist S
Price $6999 $5999 $3500 $1499 $3999* $2999*
Range 60-90 mi 25-55 mi 20-25 mi 20-45 mi 80-100** mi 50-75** mi
Frame Material Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy Carbon Fiber Alloy
Power Levels 3 3 3 3 9 9
Power 500 W 500 W 250 W 250 W 500 W 500 W
Assist Type Pedelec Pedelec Pedelec Throttle Pedelec Pedelec
Weight 65 lbs. 55 lbs. 42 lbs. 44 lbs. 44 lbs. 50.5 lbs.
*Crowd Supply Early Bird campaign price
**Range will vary with load, terrain, etc.

Our Products

Diavelo Zeitgest’s products offer a unique combination of form and function, marrying design sensibilities with high performance. No other e-bikes offer the combination of light weight, speed, range, and performance. Make no mistake- we are not just reinventing traditionally clunky electric bikes, we are creating an entirely new benchmark for urban mobility and personal transportation.

The Zeitgeist bike gets its minimalist, Scandinavian good looks from award-winning Danish bike designer Brian Hoehl. With sleek lines, finesse, and an ultra-high quality finish, Diavelo Zeitgeist bikes’ aesthetics are a reflection of their high performance and advanced technologies.

In fact, built from the ground-up on a modern supply chain, the 2016 Diavelo Zeitgeist performance and exhilarating user experience come from a unique combination of technology, as follows.

Zeitgeist X: Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame

One of the drawbacks of current electric bikes is their weight. The combination of a battery, motor, and traditional components makes for a heavy, clunky bike. When the battery is fully charged and assisting the bicyclist, this is less of a problem. But if the bike runs out of juice and the bicyclist needs to ride back home, pedaling a heavy clunker can be a chore – especially if one has to climb a significant grade. Even in electric mode, extra weight wastes power and detracts from performance. The Zeitgeist X avoids these issues with a kevlar reinforced, full carbon frame and fork. The carbon fiber construction makes the bike exceptionally light and strong. At 43.5 pounds, the Zeitgeist X is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market.

Zeitgeist S: Rugged 6061 Aluminum Frame

The Zeitgeist is also available with a hydro-formed 6061 aluminum frame and Suntour front suspension fork. While adding just a little more weight, this allows us to offer a sturdy, utilitarian version of the bike at a lower price point. Nimble and responsive, the Zeitgeist S is ready for the daily challenges of life in an urban environment.

Add-on accessories

True to our rainy Seattle roots, all Zeitgeist models include rack and fender eyelets so you can customize your bike to fit your commute and your climate. We also offer a Thule rack/basket/pannier package. See below for details.

Go Farther

The Diavelo Zeitgeist has unparalleled range for its weight-to-power ratio. It provides about 80-100 miles per charge, giving you the freedom to try small streets and lanes, explore your neighborhood, discover hidden gems and new routes, all without worrying about getting stranded. Low weight combined with advanced electronics provide the confidence you need to discover a new city or old stomping grounds without being tied to public transportation or expensive cabs.

Integrated & Interchangeable Battery

To date, in addition to being heavy, e-bike design has been awkward and clunky, with large batteries strapped to frame members or carriers. The Diavelo Zeitgeist uses an elegant, integrated 48V battery that mounts into a special receptacle built into the frame. The elegant design complements the advanced technology that goes into the battery.

In fact, the Zeitgeist’s battery uses high density Li-ion technology similar to the batteries found in Tesla automobiles. The battery will charge fully in about four hours using normal, household current. The battery pack is easily removable with an integrated lock that secures it to the frame.

Drivetrain & Brakes

For pedal power, the Zeitgeist uses Shimano’s reliable Deore XT 9-speed drivetrain for smooth, proven performance and seamless shifting. We’ve thoughtfully added a chain-guard to the front chainring to protect your pant cuff or the chainring from damage.

The electric drivetrain consists of a 500 watt rear motor coupled to an integrated torque sensor mounted at the cranks. The Zeitgeist is a true pedal-assist style e-bike (aka, a pedalec). The torque sensor can tell how hard you’re working and will pour smooth electric power into the cranks exactly when it’s needed. No throttle is needed. You control and monitor all this power from an integrated, removable control pod mounted into the stem and via a “Tiptronic” style Bluetooth wireless controller on the handlebar that lets you select the power level. This cockpit provides all the information you might need along the way: speed, charge level, power level, etc. It also provides a platform for future development such as integrated GPS, anti-theft, and other apps. And, since it is easy to remove and slip into your pocket, effectively disabling the electric drive, the control pod also works as an effective theft deterrent.

Ample, responsive stopping power is provided by Tektro’s Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes and levers. The bike rolls on Alex G6000 double-wall, 36-hole alloy 700c rims and Schwalbe’s proven road slicks with Greenguard for added puncture protection.


The Zeitgeist’s design complements its high-tech performance. Designer Brian Hoehl used an uncomplicated, monochromatic approach to create a bike with an understated, minimalist elegance. The battery integrates smoothly into the down-tube, providing a clean, simple profile. We believe the bike’s Scandinavian good looks project the combination of performance, technology, and simplicity at its heart.

Utility Pack

We are also offering a “Utility Pack” that turns your Zeitgeist into a sport utility vehicle. Thule front and rear racks, combined with rear panniers and a front basket let you use your Zeitgeist to carry moderate loads. Pack a picnic or your gym bag and arrive in style or set out on an urban foraging expedition and easily tote your treasures home.


The Zeitgeist is ready to enter production and will be available to Crowd Supply Early Bird backers by end of July 2016. Thereafter, all orders of the Zeitgeist bike will be filled within 90-120 days of the campaign’s conclusion. This is a world’s first for any bike campaign ever on a crowdfunding site.

Diavelo Zeitgeist bikes ship “mostly assembled”, which means you’ll need to install items such as pedals, front wheel, saddle, and handlebars. This can be easily done by anyone using basic tools like an allen wrench or screwdriver. Of course, any bike shop can also do this for you.

Warranty & Service


The Diavelo Zeitgeist bike is covered by a two-year, limited warranty on the frame, fork, battery, motor and other major components. We’ve published the details and fine print in an update.


In the coming months, we will be working to establish a network of service and support centers. In the meantime, any reputable bike shop should be able to provide service and support. We’ve engineered the Zeitgeist so that any trained mechanic will be able to service the bike using standard procedures. The Zeitgeist doesn’t need any service beyond the normal maintenance required for any standard bicycle. We will maintain stock of parts that are unique to the Zeitgeist in order to facilitate repair and warranty needs.


  Zeitgeist X Zeitgeist S
Frame Kevlar-lined carbon fiber Hydro-formed 6061 aluminum
Fork Carbon fiber Suntour alloy suspension fork
Battery Panasonic Li-ion 48V/8.7AH Panasonic Li-ion 48V/8.7AH
Motor Bafang 48V/500W Bafang 36V/500W
Pedal Drivetrain Shimano Deore XT 9 speed Shimano Deore XT 9 speed
Wheels Alex G6000 36 hole 700c rims, Schwalbe Energizer Plus tire Alex G6000 36 hole 700c rims, Schwalbe Energizer Plus tire
Brakes & Levers Tektro Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc Tektro Auriga E-Comp hydraulic disc

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Diavelo and Zeitgeist Collaboration

Diavelo is a disruptive urban mobility startup and home to some of the coolest electric bikes and scooters on the market.

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