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Apr 27, 2016 12:24 PM ET

Archived: Equity crowdfunding advertising

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2016

Do not count solely on organic outreach. To be successful in crowdfunding, it is important to advertise your campaign in the right channels. Google adWords and Facebook are great to segment your campaign and reach your investors.

Know who your potential investors are. If you are trying real estate crowdfunding, you are looking for investors who want to put a lot of money in a safe box. If you are trying a startup crowdfunding, you have to find investors who want to multiply their capital two-fold, three-fold, even ten-fold.

If your business is local, you will have better chances of success within your community, specifically those members of it who are involved with your business. Startup entrepreneurs can sometimes target statewide or even nationwide investors, depending on their restrictions.

All of that is important to define your “buyer personas,” a term that comes from inbound marketing (you should do it). After you define them, it is easier to segment your campaign and find interested people. Your advertising dollars will go straight to the interested people, generating a much better ROI.

Facebook does not convert as well as Google (as the search engine captures users who are ready to take an action), but they do offer very interesting demographic segmentation possibilities. Take the time to study the communities more likely to invest in your business. Browse company and publications pages and find the right audience for your particular business. Then run your campaign targeting those people: followers of a specific publication, people of a specific age segment, males or females, location, and so on.

Google does have some options, not as extended as Facebook, but you are able to segment your public based on location. On Google, your study will take a little more time. You have to discover which keywords your potential investors use when searching. A hint is using a tool like SEMRush and mapping which keywords generate more visits to a specific publication (like a crowdfunding blog). Organize the data, build content to target it, and bid the appropriate keywords to find your public.

Last, do not forget: Launch a PR campaign. iCrowdNewsWire offers equity crowdfunding press release services so you can grab media attention and, of course, get investors.

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