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Apr 27, 2016 2:10 PM ET

Digi-Me is now revolutionizing the recruitment industry by converting the static text job ads to digital video job ads.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2016


Aurora, IL 60506, US
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Digi-Me is now revolutionizing the recruitment industry by converting the static text job ads to digital video job ads. we have developed the company into a major disruptor in a $450B global market for talent acquisition and employer branding.

Digi-Me operates in the staffing and recruiting, also termed talent acquisition, segment of the human resources technology market. There are many segments of the U.S. talent acquisition market. The market is growing in many segments including staffing firms, which are expected to achieve $125 billion in revenue in 2015. One of the largest growing segments in the talent acquisition market are the recruitment software providers, which will grow to $3 billion in 2015 with growth rates of 14.3% over the past 5 years. Market experts estimate that the U.S. represents approximately one-third of the world market and that the Global Talent Acquisition Market exceeds $400 billion (Market Line).

Digi-Me believes that all players in the talent acquisition market – whether employers or their software and service providers – will benefit from the use of video for employment advertising and employer branding. Because Digi-Me’s target customers and service providers are global themselves, and because its cloud-based technology platform is global and completely scalable as well, management believes Digi-Me is capable of addressing the global talent acquisition market. Management estimates its video services potentially constitute 10% of the talent acquisition market, of which an estimated 10% is actually reachable by Digi-Me, resulting in a global, addressable market opportunity of $4 billion.

To provide perspective, the development of internet-based employment services enabled employers to eliminate 92% of newsprint classified ads from 2000 -2009, as classified ad spending dropped from $8.5 billion to $750 million. The Company expects rapid adoption of video capabilities to complement internet text postings because of dominant trends in consumer preferences driven by technology: high penetration of smart mobile devices, video streaming, social media, and the dramatic increase in video consumption among all demographics.


Products / Services

Job Videos

14.4 million individuals use social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) to hunt for available positons. Even more impressive is the fact that 73% of businesses have successfully used social media to recruit employees, suggesting that the traditional methods of text-based recruitment ads are quickly becoming obsolete.

Incorporating professional career videos into your business’s recruitment strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. Digi-Me’s cloud-based content management system allows teams to automatically distribute recruitment campaigns across various websites and social media platforms, make real-time adjustments to existing video campaigns, and track progress using analytical data. Finally, the “share” function attached to each Digi-Me video allows any video to go viral across social media sites with just the click of a mouse.

Cultural Videos

Every company is defined by their culture; it exemplifies how a business interacts with its clients, vendors, and employees. Today’s internet culture has made online career videos significantly more appealing to job seekers when compared to text-only career descriptions. Job description videos allow businesses to communicate authentically and project their excitement to candidates, which research has shown to result in an average of 1,000 views per video. As such, using customized short-length career videos to express a business’s culture, goals, and benefits is a sure way to find qualified job candidates. Like our job videos, the Digi-Me cultural career videos can be added to various social media pages, allowing viewers to virally share amongst friends, family, and colleagues. Finally, the real-time metrics and analytical data attached to each video makes analyzing and adjusting a video’s content strategy effortless.



Roger Stanton

Roger StantonIn 2008, Roger launched Digi-Me as the first ever video-based recruitment and employment branding platform. Previously, Roger had his own company, Game Time Premiums, where he developed the Official Walter Payton Commemorative Football Program, among others. It was the most successful collection of merchandise ever to be sold through NFLshop.com. Prior to having his own firms, Stanton had careers with Reebok International where he served as National Sales & Promotion Manager and with Wilson Sporting Goods, where he was the National Promotion Manager for the Pro Golf Division. He was the thought leader for sales and marketing of Wilson golf products, driving the Wilson Staff brand to the #1 position in golf during 1977-1991. Stanton started his career with Procter & Gamble as a sales manager in the paper products division. He was involved with the successful launch of several number 1 P&G Brands, and won a national award for selling more ads on P&G Brands than any other district.

Jim Covert

Jim CovertJames began his career as a member of the United States Secret Service. Having graduated from the Secret Service Academy in 1970, Jim served Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter while assigned to the White House duty. Following his Secret Service career, Jim has become a highly successful business entrepreneur having purchased one hundred and seventy-three companies and after consolidation, selling five. Among the companies founded by Jim are SecurityLink now a part of ADT, Signature Security Group, the largest electronic security corporation in Australia and New Zealand, Cambridge Protection Industries also now a part of ADT and HSM (Honeywell Monitoring Services), the founding company of Stanley Works electronic security interest. Jim now works as the Non-Executive Co-Chairman of Protection One, the second largest electronic security corporation in the United States and the newest electronic security venture of his equity partners, GTCR of Chicago, Illinois.

Lindsay Stanton

Lindsay StantonLindsay Stanton is Chief Client Officer for Digi-Me and has facilitated relationships with 19 partners, including the largest recruitment advertising agencies, global recruitment process outsourcers, and staffing firms. These partnerships magnify the organization’s reach into the Global Fortune 1000, providing an effective and innovative solution to the largest global employers. She has been a speaker at SHRM as well as a featured leader in the recruitment space through ERE, HRO Today, and major media outlets, including Forbes.com, ABCNews.com, and CCTV. Lindsay has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Her past experience includes Economic Development for a large Chicago municipality, wherein she facilitated retail and commercial growth by working with the nation’s largest developers. She has sales and marketing experience working with Fortune 500 accounts on product launches and developing and executing large-scale national retail programs.

LLoyd Shefsky

LLoyd ShefskyLloyd Shefsky is a Clinical Professor of entrepreneurship and Founder & Co-director of the Center for Family Enterprises at the Kellogg School of Management. Lloyd has been a consultant, coach, mentor, and advisor to entrepreneurs and their companies, as well as to family businesses (public and private companies), on matters including: Financing, Governance, Succession, Incentive Compensation, Diversification, Continuity, Acquisition, and Liquidity Events Shefsky has received honors, including the 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his support of entrepreneurship from the Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young LLP, and Merrill Lynch, the 2002 Civil Rights Award from the Anti-Defamation League, and the 1992 Award of Excellence from the Sports Lawyer’s Association. Lloyd founded and is now Of Counsel to the Chicago Law Firm, Shefsky & Froelich. He received his JD from The Law School at the University of Chicago and is also a CPA.

Joe Fuller

Joe FullerJoe is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Digi-Me. Joe served as Chief Financial Officer of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, a division of Infogroup. Joe served as the Chief Operating Officer of Alterian plc. Joe was Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Business Operations and General Manager at Alterian Inc., the North American operations of Alterian plc. Joe was Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Administration for Open Port Technology, Inc. Joe raised more than $58 million and actively growing from a small fax software company to a leading provider of IP messaging solutions.

Joe is a CPA with M.B.A. in Finance, from DePaul University and a B.S. in from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Accounting. He now serves as a Director for the Aurora Civic Center Authority and is a Director – Emeritus for the Illinois Technology Association having previously served as it Treasurer as part of its Executive Board.

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President - Roger Stanton

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