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Apr 27, 2016 7:46 AM ET

Archived: A Climate to Thrive’s (ACTT) goal is energy independence for Mount Desert Island, Maine by 2030.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2016

A Climate to Thrive

A Climate to Thrive’s goal is energy independence by 2030. Read more at www.aclimatetothrive.org.

ACTT logo

the project

A Climate to Thrive’s (ACTT) goal is energy independence for Mount Desert Island, Maine by 2030. ACTT was started by MDI citizens concerned about climate change and eager to engage in solutions. We envision MDI as a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability. This vision is strongly based in the belief that moving towards energy independence will improve the quality of our communities, economies, environment and health. Working towards decentralized, alternative and local energy solutions will reduce pollution, create new businesses, generate year-round jobs that pay a living wage, and generally bring the community together around the shared goal of preserving our environment. 

the steps

The core of A Climate to Thrive’s work happens through the six committees, organized around the following focus areas: alternative energy, building efficiency, food systems, policy, transportation and zero waste. Along with collecting data to identify areas of greatest potential impact, the committees are developing first steps towards energy independence. These projects include: Solarize MDI (including bulk purchases of solar installations for homeowners and businesses, solar on municipal buildings and solar cooperatives), establishing a ride share program, building and supporting a greenhouse at the local elementary school, establishing a winter farmer’s market, improving waste management on MDI, improving access to locally produced food, establishing an electric vehical lease program, and more. 

ACTT seeks collaboration with other island organizations and groups working towards similar goals. We look to be a networking agent between the wealth of resources and knowledge that already exists on MDI. 

Organization of this work requires the leadership of focused staff. ACTT has created temporary positions to support the organization’s first steps, and seeks funding to make those positions permanent.

why we’re doing it

Arguably the most significant issue of our time, climate change is linked to food and economic insecurity, vector-borne diseases, and waste of precious natural resources. 

We seek to give hope to residents who feel powerless in confronting a problem as big as climate change.  Through a systematic series of sensible action steps, we will show that each of us can make a difference, and that, working together, we can change the world.


ACTT is designed to protect some of the most important things we love about our island home: its clean air and water, its coastline and fisheries, the natural splendor of its forests, meadows and wildlife. All these are threatened by our strange and increasingly severe weather.


Investing in clean energy means investing in our own communities and taking charge of our own future. Instead of subsidizing big oil, we invest in schools that use less energy, growing food on local farms, and solar on our roofs – creating local jobs, stronger communities, and a more stable climate.

Contact Information:

A Climate to Thrive

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