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Apr 26, 2016 6:43 PM ET

Archived: A ROWING 8 FOR AIGUEBELETTE – ON THE WAY TOWARDS THE 2016 FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP: We won the 2015 French Championships for the under 14 category in a boat that is 36 years old

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 26, 2016


ACLA launch an appeal for donations to help to finance an rowing 8 for its young rowers in the French Championship. Hop onboard with us !


We are a group of young teenagers (15 and 16 years old) from “Le Club d’Aviron du Lac d’Aiguebelette” (ACLA) at Lake Aiguebelette in the Savoy, France

We have been training together at our club several times a week for the last 3 years.

In 2015,  we won the French Championships for our category in a boat with 8 rowers and a coxswain.

We achieved this result through our own determination and teamwork and thanks to the tireless efforts of our trainers, Fred, Paulo and Alex, and thanks to everyone who has supported us since the beginning.

The French Championship was an incredible adventure, but most of all, it was all the more extraordinary given that we won in a boat that is 36 years old !!!

Our club is based in a very rural area on the banks of the Lake Aiguebelette, a lake world renowned for rowing.  The small villages that surround the lake contribute up to their means to the running costs of the club to help it survive, but they do not have the means to help more.

We wish to continue to be high achievers in competitions, but we can only really do this if we have a boat, which is suited for our age and for a high standard of rowing.  Last year’s championship, for the under 14 category, was won in a boat for eight scullers (each rower having 2 oars).  This year’s competition for under 16s will be in a boat for eight rowers sweeping (each rower has one oar).

Yet our club does not own this kind of boat and the more senior members of our club (French Champions in 2013) had to train and compete in boats borrowed from other clubs.  This is always difficult, as these other clubs, quiet rightly, also want to use their own boats for themselves.

A new boat will cost 32 392€, but it would enable us to continue to compete with the same standard of equipment that is also available to our competitors.

Like the boat that we using today, a new boat would be shared with other members in our club and, of course, will be properly maintained in order to last as long as its predecessor. It is the ‘eight’, which all rowers strive to compete in – the most powerful and fastest of all boat classes.

From the efforts of our group, club and supporters and with help from contributions from the likes of you, the general public, we believe that we will have what it takes to achieve all our goals.

This new campaign is looking to earn the 10 000 € that we currently lack to finance the acquisition of a new boat – the majority of the funds will be obtained by the Club through a bank loan.

If you share the same values as us :  team spirit, motivation, perseverance, respect for all as well as your equipment …



What are the funds for?

A new boat equipped with carrying aluminum without state-of-the-art shovels and delivered to the club costs 32 392€ TTC.

The club will borrow 22 392€ complementary in this campaign of crowdfunding.


About the project owner

The rowing club, created in 1987, is situated at Lake Aiguebelette in the Savoy Pre-Alps.  Lake Aiguebelette is a natural lake that offers ideal conditions for rowing and for this, it is world renowned.

The Club has 170 members, aged between 12 and 90 years old, of which half are young competitors in their teens. Each year the Club welcomes new members (20 or so, young and not so young, people) who come to learn to row. It arranges sufficient skills for the frame of the members.

The Club is above all recognized as a place that brings together the local community.

It offers rowing to all standards, indoor and outdoor training for all ages, always overseen by an experienced trainer.  The Club is open 6 days a week and every day during school holidays.

For the last 11 years, the Club has remained amongst the best clubs in France for women’s rowing.

The Club’s mission, mainly provided through volunteers, is :

  • to promote rowing in our local area and region,
  • to support the Club’s rowers to the highest levels,
  • to provide rowing opportunities to schools and also a pastime for adults,
  • to provide a regulated, sporting and environmentally sustainable activity.

The Club is certified by France’s education administration for providing rowing training services to a neighbouring school.  The Club is also the focal point for a start rowing campaign for young people, covering schools throughout the Savoy Pre-Alps region.

The Savoy Pre-Alps region is 55% agricultural land, 38% forest, 4% lakes and water and just 2% urbanised.  This region has 36 communities (of 150 to 2000 inhabitants), which are classed “economically supported Rural Zones”.  Only local administrations contribute financially to the running of the Club along with a few local partners.  This local support is, unfortunately, not enough to allow us to renew the Club’s boats as necessary.  In order to continue to compete at a high level, we want to supply our young rowers with the more the modern equipment that is provided by other more wealthy clubs.

Due to lack of finance available, we have decided to launch this appeal in order to help pay for the acquisition for a new boat – an 8.  The majority of finance, though, will be obtained through a bank loan.

Contact Information:


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