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Apr 25, 2016 11:01 AM ET

Archived: XY Findables™ – Find it. Fund It. Own It.: Founded by serial entrepreneur Arie Trouw, XY Findables follows a single guiding principle: customers should never lose anything important again

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2016

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XY Findables™

Find it. Fund It. Own It.

Ength Degree, LLC

At XY Findables, we are creating a complete line of smart item finders that users can attach to their belongings to help them find what matters most. With proven success and a strong company foundation, we would like to invite you to join us as we define the Findables market. Reserve your shares today! #FindItFundItOwnIt

Founded by serial entrepreneur Arie Trouw, XY Findables follows a single guiding principle: customers should never lose anything important again. With over 50,000 users around the world, more than 100,000 units sold, we are defining the intersection between the nearables and wearables markets with our innovative and smart XY Finders.

Since 2014, we have found continued success in establishing the Findables market with our flagship product, XY Find It™. Now, we’re aiming to break the mold and provide our customers with a technologically diverse and complete line of Findables — and we want fans and users to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

XY’s mission is to build the “Findables” space.  This includes our popular Bluetooth Item Finder, but we are rapidly expanding to include GPS/3G and NFC technologies and various form factors. Our goal is to be the leader in the Findables space by defining it, producing the best quality products, and providing the best user and owner experiences.

In 2014, we experienced great success on Kickstarter. Our campaign pre-orders for the first generation of XY Finders surpassed $200,000, putting us in the top 1% of all Kickstarter projects. Following the campaign, we quickly accelerated our retail presence both online and in brick-and-mortar stores as well as established distributor and branding partnerships.

In 2015, we generated $1.5 million in sales revenue. With XY Finders on the shelves and websites of dozens of the world’s leading retailers, consumers have purchased more than 100,000 XY Finders.

At XY Findables, we produce XY Finders™, Bluetooth LE powered item finders, and the XY Find It mobile app. XY Finders are lightweight, easy to use, and small enough to attach to anything important to you. The XY Finder syncs with the XY Find It app on your smartphone or tablet to help you find what matters most. Sync as many XY Finders to your account as you like, so you can find anything.

The XY3, compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.0+, has a range of up to 150 ft and is our most sophisticated item finder yet, featuring:

Our Findables ecosystem is growing quickly, and before the end of 2016, we plan to introduce three new products to the XY line. This new expansion to the family of XY Finders includes the cellular-powered XYGPS, which is equipped with TrueGPS™ technology and allows users to pinpoint the location of their valuable property without having to be near their phone.  Also in development, the Bluetooth LE powered XYEDGE is a sleek, card shaped finder designed for items like wallets and luggage. XYNEAR is a future finder that will utilize QR (Quick Response Code) and NFC  (Near Field Communication) technology on multi-purpose stickers. This family of devices will include all of the unique features of the current finders with twice the battery life of its competitors.

In the past, technology has limited people’s ability to combine Bluetooth, GPS, QR, NFC, and similar technologies together on a single platform to create a unified portfolio of products. This forced the consumers to use individual products limited to specific applications that didn’t work together. We are finally reaching the intersection of these diverse technologies, and as integration advances, we will continue to expand the XY product line and define the growing Findables market.

Rather than being an exclusively beacon, GPS, sticker, or app company that uses different technologies and form-factors, we strive to build a complete Findables ecosystem, create product unity and define a market with overwhelming potential.

We see amazing potential in three burgeoning markets: wearables – technology you wear, nearables – “smart” technology that reacts to the environment, and Findables – technology that lets you monitor the whereabouts of things that matter to you. In 2015, the wearables market was over $15 billion, whereas the nearables market stood just above the $200 million mark. By 2019, CCS Insight estimates that the wearables market will explode, growing to over $25 billion, while the nearables market is expected to surpass $4 billion over the same period.

XY is offering you a unique opportunity to own a piece of the future of Findables, and users the chance to become owners of the company they helped create.

We have an experienced management team which strives to provide superior products through innovation across all levels of its business and has gone from startup to growth company in just over a year. In 2015, demand for XY Finders increased and the company generated $1.5 million in revenue.

With over 100,000 XY Finders in the hands of users around the world, the launch of XY3, and multiple additions to the Findables ecosystem in the works, we are determined to transform the Findables market through an aggressive retail expansion strategy that includes a diverse sales channel mix and numerous retail partnerships.

Equity crowdfunding, specifically Reg A+, is giving XY Findables the opportunity to pursue the owner/user model, which the company believes will be the model for all consumer-facing products in the near future. Kickstarter was the first step in giving consumers the opportunity to define the future of technology. Now, XY Findables is going above and beyond by expanding on that idea and inviting users to have an even stronger hand in defining the future of Findables. With past success in crowdfunding, a diverse sales channel mix, and a loyal consumer base eagerly awaiting the rollout of new products, XY Findables’ leadership team is already a big leap ahead of the competition. XY Findables is inviting their current consumer fan base to own a part of the company they helped create and believes it can dominate the Findables market as the company continues to grow.

Arie is a driven and accomplished serial entrepreneur with a rich visionary history and multiple exit events. He is a strong believer in the democratization of startup funding and creator of the integrated owner/user model.

Nick has a wide skill set, with over 5 years of software development experience and over 10 years experience in building, managing, and promoting live performance-based companies. He has a B.A. in Theatre from the Ohio State University, where his focus was on company building, live performance, and new work creation.

Derrick brings over 12 years of experience in software development including 5 years in mobile. His mobile experience for Android and iOS includes apps for fortune 500 companies. Derrick earned an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas and a B.S. from Arkansas Tech University.


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Arie Trouw
Nick Trouw

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