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Apr 25, 2016 6:18 PM ET

Sister Zephs NGO – A school in Pakistan needs basic supplies: Zephaniah Free Education is an initiative started by a single woman to raise the status of women through Education and Empowerment

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2016


A school in Pakistan needs some basic supplies for their students

By Malee Kenworthy


Tell us about your project

Zephaniah Free Education is an initiative started by a single woman, Sister Zeph, who has been working her whole life in Punjab, Pakistan to raise the status of women through Education and Empowerment. She initiated this educational change when she was just 13 years old. Now, seventeen years later she has been able to buy a small building in installments. Sister Zeph with the help of a few local teachers and some friends abroad are teaching their students English, art, science, stitching, party makeup, hair dressing, bridle makeup, martial arts/ self defense, Adult basic education, awareness on health issues and computer skills, etc.

Right now the school is paid for and belongs to Sister Zephs NGO that she created, Zephaniah Free Education, but she does not have any school supplies, camera, security cameras, projector, chairs, bookshelves, or a printer. Malee Kenworthy, her good friend and coworker/volunteer, from America is creating this fundraiser for Zephaniah Free Education so they can have everything they need to help their community and the growing population of students that are going to the center.

Below is a documentary made by Channel NewsAsia about Sister Zeph “Rifat Arif” and her fight for education in her village



How are you planning on spending the money?

Right now the school needs these items:

1) A security camera system, I did some research and found a good one with night vision for about $300

2) A projector and a projector screen, $470: I found some for cheaper but the projector I found is specifically for presentations and I think that it is important that this school has some high quality supplies for their 200 students.

3) A printer, $200: The school needs a printer badly because Sister Zeph has been using the printer from her work to make prints when I teach classes over Skype and I honestly do not think that is fair to her or the children not to have access to a printer

4) A camera to document their work in the school and take pictures of the students; I found a power shot camera on Ebay for about $130 that is high quality

5) 24 folding chairs; I found a durable plastic folding chair online for about $20 and there needs to be about 24 because I will be requesting 4 six foot long tables- the 24 folding chairs are about $480– They need folding chairs and tables because a) their space is extremely limited and b) All of the students, teachers, and those that stitch have been sitting on the floor hunched over. In the long run this is not healthy and it isn’t fair in my opinion that they all 200+ have to either sit on the floor or stand while in school.

6) 4 foldable six foot long tables; to go with the chairs, about $160 total

7) 2 large bookshelves; another thing(s) that this school does not have but so desperately needs; books and bookshelves! A school with no books or bookshelves : ( $400

8) Beauty supplies(for their beauty center), school supplies (for the children), toys (for the children, many children over there do not have toys and I think that even building blocks would be really excellent for the little children that go there) $500

9) More lighting (?) I don’t know so I will round up the total to $3,000- the school has only ONE light! I can’t believe it but they study in darkness with one glaringly bright light shining on them

TOTAL: $3,000



And tell us about those perks…

The perks to this campaign is that the work that Sister Zeph, her teachers and I are doing affect the future generations of Pakistan and since our world is moving ever more so into globalization I think that it is vitally important that we focus more on education. Unfortunately Pakistan is #2 behind Nigeria as far as lack of education and many times when a child goes to school the education is very poor and they get beaten. Sister Zeph is changing all of that by creating an environment that nurtures the children and fosters learning, growth and awareness.



Who’s behind this campaign

The team behind this campaign is Sister Zeph and I, Malee Kenworthy. We have been working together, online, for a year now in March. I fully trust Sister Zeph and have complete faith in everything that she is doing and has done. Last year I met her on Facebook when I was following Malala Yousafzai. I helped her raise $5,000 to finish building her school and she did it! Her school did not have even a roof! Now, her school not only has a roof but another room on the second floor (where they built the roof) and she even built up walls on the roof as well as bought more doors. I am so proud of her and I will share pictures and you can find her school/ organizations page on Facebook at Zephaniah Free Education.



The video below shows how their building was before I helped raise money for the roof- but they still study on the floor like this


Contact Information:

Malee Kenworthy

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