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Apr 25, 2016 12:50 PM ET

Archived: Lily & Leo Organic Cotton Clothes for Kids: Healthy Clothes for Healthy Kids – Safe & Non-Toxic Beautiful Clothes for Children from 5 years old to Teens

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2016

Lily & Leo Organic Kids Clothes

by   Sonja Bar-Am



Lily & Leo Organic Cotton Clothes for Kids

Let’s develop a collection of Organic Cotton Clothes for our Australian kids together!

We have searched and searched but only very few designers are creating Safe & Non-Toxic plus Beautiful Clothes for Children from the Ages of 5 years through to Teens. Now Sonja from Shift to Nature Eco Etailer will team up with specielist eco clothing designers to design and produce beautiful and desirable clothes for Children that will be made from Organic Cotton, Bamboo and other Safe and Non-Toxic Eco fabrics for our Aussie kids.

Healthy Clothes for Healthy Kids


Lily & Leo – the very beginning of a great Journey:

The name for this collection is Lily & Leo !! This initial Collection will be comfy leggings, shirts, skirts and shorts for active and contemporary growing kids. We aim to produce ethically in India where we already have experience. The Shift Label design team have experience in designing and producing ethical clothes. Beginning to manufacture a full range of clothes is expensive due to a falling Australian Dollar, the samples and the initail runs that require upfront payment of $12,000 It is possible to produce these ethical clothes with your Help – and you will love to be part of it – you can shape a collection that is more than just your investment.

The Journey:


Being Part Of the Lily & Leo Kids Club:

Your investment into raising funds for manufacturing the Lily & Leo range gives you membership to our Lily & Leo Club. You and Your kids can:

  • Suggest Designs and Prints
  • Have garments named after your Children or Grandchildren: Like the Hugo striped jumper or the Katie Twirl Skirt!
  • Exclusive Photo shoots with your Children or Grandchildren Modeling the collection for the Website and Promotion.
  • Recieve Sample Collection to test and give feedback.
  • Help take designs the next level into Organic Cotton bedlinen or other items for a healthy family.
  • All donors recieve Lifetime Discount of 10% on LILY & LEO Website PLUS exclusives and samples

This is Journey is Fun & Friendly in the design, ethics and collaborations – After all it takes a community to raise a child! These are clothes that kids will feel comfy in and parents will love.image

Rewards are Super Cool:

Several Levels of Rewards and Vouchers exclusive to Shift to Nature Website – Luxury Eco Activewear, Fashion and Lifestyle products sourced from the most ethical designers around the world. Top Tier: Your Kids or Grandkids could be the faces of Lily & Leo

  • A $2500 Pledge and recieve a full photoshoot for the kids in your life to become the models for Lily & Leo Eco Kids.
  • A day of fun & style with photographer, stylist and the clothes
  • Plus a $200 Gift Voucher to use on Shift to Nature. Plus in collaboration on the Lily & Leo Label: One item of clothing named after the Children.
  • Email with Sonja about thoughts and inspiration for the Collection with credited photos going on Insta and other Social Media.
  • Plus keep the clothes they model. All named as collaborator and credits on website and story. Thanks on Collaborators Page on Lily & Leo Website. AVAILABLE IN ADELAIDE ONLY – Unless your willing to travel here?
  • Membership to the Lily & Leo Kids Club including special Website bonus for Kids

Second Tier: Collaborate on the Label for $800

  • Name rights on items of clothing, such as after your Kids: for example The Katie Twirl Skirt or Hugo’s Stripe.
  • Named as a Collaborator on website and story.
  • Email with Sonja about thoughts and inspiration for the Collection with credited photos going on Insta and other Social Media.
  • Full collection delivered to your door.
  • $100 gift voucher on Shift to Nature website.
  • Thanks on Collaborators Page on Lily & Leo Website.
  • Membership to the Lily & Leo Kids Club including special Website bonus for Kids

Third Tiers: Pledges of $20-$250 gives you Club Membership, Vouchers and Free Stuff!

  • Named as collaborators on website and promotional material. Items of the Lily & Leo first run collection. Plus Lucky Dip free stuff, like Mineral cosmetics or Shift Label organic cotton leggings Lucky! Thanks on Collaborators Page on Lily & Leo Website.
  • $100 Pledges Lucky Dip free stuff like Mineral cosmetics and Shift Label organic cotton leggings Lucky! Items of Lily & Leo Organic Kids Clothes of your Choice from the first Run. Thanks on Collaborators Page on Lily & Leo Website.
  • $20 Pledges Items of Lily & Leo Organic Kids Clothes of your Choice from the first Run. Thanks on Collaborators Page on Lily & Leo Website.


The Contributions will be Specific to the Design, Manufacturing & Delivery of Initial Collection

Designing and Manufacturing garments requires an large initial outlay. Organic Cotton, Bamboo and other Eco fabrics are still expensive to make because they are not mainstream. Neither Shift to Nature nor Alas the Label have sufficient cash-flow to fund this worthwhile project – while still keeping up with our own businesses. So we are reaching out to you: Here is the estimated breakdown:

  • Initial Design and Pattern Specification of full collection for Girls & Boys from Ages 5 through to 15 = $4000 payable to the Designers
  • Sampling for Production and Project Management by Kelly & Betony: est $1000
  • First production manufacturing of collection in minimum quantities: est $12,000 (very conservative) of 1500 units

We at Shift to Nature will fund the associated costs of developing a seperate website for Lily & Leo – with all costs of photographing, marketing and sales of the collection online and to boutiques.


Our Experience:

Shift to Nature on www.shifttonature.com.au has been running full steam for just two years and has a wide following for its products that are carefully curated according to their eco credientials and ethics. We have began the Shift Label of Women’s Organic Cotton clothes and have experience bringing the first items to retail on the website, made ethically in India and designed in London. The design team have years of experience creating and manufacturing organic cotton clothing in India. Shift to Nature Website :image


Sharing & Creating:

We Love to Hear From You!

Do you love clothes for kids: you can get involved by suggesting designs and patterns! What items do your kids wear the most? Have you been able to find safe clothes for them to wear – especially as they get older. Are you fed-up with the cheap throw away clothes? Share your stories with us… We love to continue the Ethical conversation… Check Out our new Facebook page for updates:https://www.facebook.com/Lily-Leo-Eco-Kids  Feel Welcome to Contact Me with any thoughts & questions! sonja@shifttonature.com.au Thank You so much for Coming Along on the Lily & Leo Journey! Warmest, Sonja from Shift to Nature. 


Contact Information:

Sonja Bar-Am

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