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Apr 25, 2016 6:50 PM ET

Archived: FESTIVAL A PORTA #2 – A Porta Festival operates as a meeting facilitator, an aggregator of synergies, an event for everyone

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2016



A Porta Festival operates as a meeting facilitator, an aggregator of synergies, an event for everyone. From 1 to 5 June 2016 all the streets lead to the city center!

 A PORTA had its first edition in October 2014. Over the five days of the festival, more than 1500 people have passed through our festival, our concert-dinners where booked out, workshops were completely full, and  our main public spaces (Rua Direita, Praça Rodrigues Lobo  and Parque do Avião) were full of people and life.

 A PORTA is an invitation to attend a meeting of multiple presences. From fine arts to short movies, from concerts to street art, from workshops to gastronomy, it is an encounter with the other, a meeting with the public, a meeting for and with the city of Leiria.

 A PORTA is also a way to consolidate the fundamental role that each one of us has in creating contexts for cultural and social development of our city. We feel an ongoing responsibility to regenerate cultural environments, to be present, to continue to want more and better for Leiria and to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

 A PORTA aims to:

Involve the public with the cultural and artistic life;  open  new and old spaces, combine resources, expand access to information and methodologies of and with others; create moments of dialogue and encounter, generate movement in close idea with the relation of individual, communal and cultural development; emphasize on “forgotten” areas in the center of Leiria in order to renew the life of these areas; increase the city’s visibility by establishing customs, traditions and other initiatives that can general cultural and social value.

Given the gratuity of most of the activities, your support is crucial so that A Porta FestivalFestival happens in the best and fairest way for everyone involved. Our sincere and profound gratitude for supporting and share this campaign!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everything and everyone for A PORTA FESTIVAL – 1 – 5 June 2016!     

 Photos by Ricardo Graça e Rafael Silva.

Video by Rui Girão, Rafael Silva e Arlindo Cid.

 Music by MAU – Children playing adults


The organization of A PORTA festival is done by Meia Dúzia e Meia de Gatos Pingados.

Meia Dúzia e Meia de Gatos Pingados – Informal group of citizens of Leiria from many different artistic and professional areas that have the moto of  ” Let’s Make it Happen.  

Gui Garrido, Paula Lagoa, Miguel Xavier,  Joana Areia and Ana João Santos, are the Meia dúzia e Meia de Gatos Pingados working on this edition of A PORTA Festival 2016 .



In this second edition of the A PORTA Festival, we want to give more and better conditions for the artists involved, the festival team, and obviously the public to enjoy all of our programme. For this to happen is of utmost importance for your support and help. Your support will be used directly in the festival logistics: purchase and rental of materials for artists, travels, accommodation, food and logistics / production of the event. Last year all the artists participated voluntarily and generously at the festival, and we want to do everything so that this year the artists are paid for their work. Without them it would not be possible to make such and event last year and their work carries an undeniable value that deserve to be compensated.
The amount that we ask in this campaign corresponds only to a “slice” of the total budget. We remain actively seeking support and sponsorship, both institutional / governmental level, as well as private entities. So the aim of this crowdfunding is to gather 2500€ until May 10th 2016 to cover a part of the payment to the artists that will come to the Festival.

Total budget (forecast)

Artistic fees: 4000€
Travel, Lodging and Food: 1500€
Purchase/hire materials: 1000€
Production / Organization: 2000€






Contact Information:

Festival a Porta

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