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Apr 25, 2016 6:07 PM ET

Equity crowdfunding press releases

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2016

Notice: if you reached this page looking for equity crowdfunding press releases, browse iCrowdNewsWire homepage.

Press coverage and media relationships are key elements in your crowdfunding campaign. Social media is good to engage your followers, but press mentions will do wonders for building creditability in your project.

Not only that, but companies like iCrowdNewsWire also syndicate your press release to social media influencers, so you will also be covering that kind of media in a very efficient way, boosting your exposure to your public.

When doing a press release for equity crowdfunding, try to find PR companies that have journalists covering your niche. iCrowdNewsWire focuses on business publications that are relevant to the equity crowdfunding community.

Here are some key tips to make your press release successful among journalists:

  • Journalists depend on information to build their stories. Original research, papers, and data that you can gather, all count to a journalist if they are original. They want to write about you
  • Write citations: Phrase citations save the journalist’s time, as they already have a speech ready to post on their sites and helps to build credibility as well, by revealing who the key people behind that press release are. Use them as much as possible
  • Do not suggest a story: Remember, you have to give them information. You are not assigning news to them. Your task is raising awareness about your company or story so they write about it as and when they see fit
  • Add images: We live in a multimedia world. A news story that has one or more related pictures grabs more attention in the sites and in social media.  Some journalists do not even bother to open a news release if they do not contain images
  • Write an attractive and concise headline: Journalists often get hundreds of press releases per day. They have to choose a few of them to read, and pick only a handful of items to base their stories on. Make sure your headline attracts the journalist’s attention
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