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Apr 24, 2016 1:13 PM ET

Archived: Riot Stage Youth Theatre – F. (Spring Awakening): ‘F.’ takes as it’s springboard the controversial 1891 classic that explores the ramifications of sexual oppression and a lack of sexual education at the turn of the century

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 24, 2016

F. (Spring Awakening)

By Riot Stage Youth Theatre

The story of the project

Riot Stage is at it again: this year we are making a brand new theatre performance called ‘F.’, in collaboration with a bunch of crazy-talented teenagers (see the below embarrassing photo.)

We are seeking your support to develop and then present the performance in November 2016. The money donated during this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by Creative Partnerships Australia, which means that your money will go even further in supporting youth arts in Australia! However, we will only receive the money if we reach our total goal of $4000.

‘F.’ takes as it’s springboard the controversial 1891 classic Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind that explores the ramifications of sexual oppression and a lack of sexual education at the turn of the century. In his play teenagers are forced to navigate coming of age on their own, as the adults that surround them are silent, ‘protecting’ their children from a subject assumed to be above their heads.

A century late and everything has changed. Riot Stage’s ‘F.’ will investigate growing up in the age of the internet: a landscape of tinder, sexting, 9-year old super-models, web-cams and home made porn videos that can launch a reality TV show empire. The project will ask young people how their understanding of sex and sexuality is shaped today, what issues they face and how technology informs their ‘awakening’. Riot Stage’s unique process of collaboration gives young people a voice within the work whilst ensuring the production is witty, honest, sharply contemporary and intertextual.

A lot of elements go into making theatre: set, costumes, music, lights, writing, directing, venue hire and of course the performances. We need your help to raise enough money to cover the costs of our lighting, music and set designers and to pay for materials for the set and costumes.

‘F.’ (Spring Awakening) is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH. Thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia’s MATCH program, every dollar you give to this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar provided we reach our campaign target of $4000.

Some of my other work

Riot Stage Youth Theatre has been creating professional quality shows with young people for the past 5 years. Previous works include Prometheus Days (2011), After 3 (2011), The Chorus (2013), Animal Farm (2013),  So Much Yes (2014), and Forever City (2015) .

Last year we created our first show in Melbourne: Forever City. For those of you who weren’t able to see it, here is a video showing some of our best bits.

You can stalk us more at www.riotstage.com and on Facebook.


There are countless challenges involved with every independent production, particularly those involving young or community performers. We work hard to combat the stigma that youth theatre is less legitimate than its adult equivalent. We battle this stigma by gathering committed young people and professional artists and getting them to collaborate. The end result is always a surprising and fresh combination of professional artistry and cutting-edge ideas that make for a truly innovative performance experience.  ‘F.’ is an important new work that will explore contemporary experiences of navigating sex and sexuality in our information saturated world that most adults will never have experienced
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Riot Stage Youth Theatre

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