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Apr 24, 2016 3:26 PM ET

Archived: My Man Cake Pan: A novelty baking pan you can use to bake, decorate, and eat all the man cakes you desire

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 24, 2016

My Man Cake Pan

by Improperly Proper



My Man Cake Pan: A novelty pan with infinite possibilities

About this project

Like cake? Like men? Us too! We combined them to make man cakes! Cakes in the shape of men’s chests. Yummy.

To share the fun, we designed My Man Cake Pan, a novelty baking pan you can use to bake, decorate, and eat all the man cakes you desire. Every My Man Cake Pan comes with endless hunky possibilities. No matter what kind of man gets your mouth watering, you can bake him in cake.

Body Type: Like your man soft and cuddly, hard and ripped, or slim and trim? Use My Man Cake Pan to make him happen!

Chest Hair: Tom Selleck, Justin Timberlake, or something in between? Run your fork through as much or as little chest hair as you like.

Skin Tone or Get-Up: Naughty or nice? It’s your call. You can dress your man cake up or strip him way down.

Taste: Chocolate, vanilla or red velvet? Whatever flavor you want to sink your teeth into, man cake is eager to please.

Take a look at some of the delicious man cakes we’ve baked already:

Warning: The product is not an actual man or cake. We are creating My Man Cake Pan, your personal, novelty baking pan and man cake factory. My Man Cake Pan allows you to bake, decorate, and savor as many man cakes as you’d like.

When was the first man (cake) created?

Some friends and I were celebrating my friend Megan’s birthday. Megan has baked a lot of penis cakes for bachelorette parties and kindly offered to let me use her penis pan to bake her a birthday cake. Not wanting to bake her a penis cake, I decided to bake her something funnier. And, since we both like broad shouldered, hairy chested men, created the first “Broad Shouldered Hairy Chested Man Cake.”

This is the first man cake I baked. We’ve come a long way!

Baked with love and lust to celebrate Megan's Birthday in Scottsdale, AZ.
Baked with love and lust to celebrate Megan’s Birthday in Scottsdale, AZ.

Some people don’t share my love of running their fingers through luscious, forest-like chest hair. So, I baked a few more versatile man cakes: a little less hair, a clothed cowboy, and a silver fox. They all tasted as delicious as they looked.

What progress have we made so far?

An industrial designer designed a tasty, mouthwatering pan in the shape of a man’s chest. We meticulously looked at hundreds of men’s chests to select the right one. We sent the hunky pan design to manufactures for quotes on mass producing My Man Cake Pans.

We baked a ton of man cakes. I’m now on a diet, and have an Instagram account to show off all of our man cake porn: @mymancakepan. Go ahead, lick your phone screen.

What will we be using your dough for?

Your contributions will be used to create an injection tool, which allows us to mass produce My Man Cake Pans. We’ll also use your funds to produce, package, and ship your pan to you!

Risks and challenges

An industrial designer has designed My Man Cake Pan. Manufactures have priced mass producing the pan for us. We will create 10 samples to perfect the product before we move onto mass production. While this may slow down the process a little bit, we want to ensure that you get the most desirable My Man Cake Pan we can offer you!

Contact Information:

Improperly Proper

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