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Apr 22, 2016 6:05 PM ET

Archived: Pre-Order ‘Game for Anything’ 3rd print run – the story of my first 12 years of bush-living – and the sequel ‘Rhino Walking Safari,’ an upbeat, humorous and sometimes sad account of life in the world-renowned​ Kruger National Park

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2016

Pre-Order ‘Game for Anything’ and ‘Rhino Walking Safari’

My first book, ‘Game for Anything’ was self-published in 2013. The first 2 print runs of 500 and then 1000 have sold out and it’s time to go for a 3rd. At the same time, the sequel ‘Rhino Walking Safari,’ an upbeat, humorous and sometimes sad account of life in the world-renowned​ Kruger National Park, is ready for its first print run. Please help me to make it happen!
About This Project

Get Me Publishing … Please!

In January 2013 I self-published Game for Anything, the story of my first 12 years of bush-living with the assistance of Osborne Porter Literary Services. Everyone said “Self publishing is dangerous, you can lose a lot of money. Just print 50 or so books.” I didn’t want to, and was confident that I could sell my book. I sold out of the 1st print run of 500 and then the 2nd print run of 1000. It’s time to print again.

The sequel to this book, Rhino Walking Safari, is now ready for publishing too. I know there’s a market for it – people keep emailing me to find out when it’s going to be published. I would like to have it printed early this year. The story begins with our return to the Kruger National Park and Rhino Walking Safaris in 2003 and covers some of the thrilling, terrifying, sad, difficult and funny moments my family experienced while establishing a new lodge in the world-renowned Kruger National Park.

Why Crowd Funding if the 1st book sold so well?

I funded my 1st book myself, but as a novice, had my 1st run digitally printed instead of lithographically – thus doing away with any profits. I spent the profits from the 2nd print run on honing my skills and having a portion of my 2nd book edited by an American editor, editor to a number of best-selling authors. His opinion is that the book is well written. He even went so far as to say that it is better written than some of the best sellers he has edited. This gives me hope! He also taught me an enormous amount, I’m even more confident than ever that I have a good project on my hands. I could of course borrow the money from a bank, but with a son at university and other financial commitments I’m not keen on getting into debt, so would prefer to pre-sell in order to fund the publishing.

Who Am I?

I am a 47 year old wife, mother and game lodge manager. I started off studying Public Relations and had great corporate ambitions. Things changed drastically when, on a whim, I took a job cooking under primitive conditions at a Safari Lodge in Botswana at the age of 21. I have NEVER looked back. I am now married with one son. Together we have fought fires, survived floods, been chased by elephants and hippos, been sniffed by a leopard, made friends, buried friends and met people from all over the world – some funny, some clever, some deep and some, well…just downright ‘special.’

More about the project

It is my intention to publish Rhino Walking Safari early in this year, at the same time as the 3rd print run of Game for Anything – with its new souped up cover. I have a contact who will assist me in distributing my books specifically to my niche market, helping me to reach an even wider audience. I’ve also been approached by shops wanting to stock the books.

My milestones

I need a total of R80 000 to do everything I want, exactly as I want to. R32 000 will pay for the publication of 1000 copies of Game for Anything, and another R32 000 will pay for the publication of 1000 copies of Rhino Walking Safari. An additional R16 000 will go a long way toward paying for the cover design,local and international editing and formatting of Rhino Walking Safari.

My tipping point is R30 000, this together with the balance of my publishing account will allow me to get Rhino Walking Safari published, and put me in a position where these sales could pay for the 3rd print run of Game for Anything if I should not reach my ideal goal.

The Team

I have lived and worked in the Kruger National Park since 1992. My passions are wildlife, cooking and the English language, and I’ve been lucky to be able to use all three in my work and play. Making the move from town to the bush was incredible, and life has never been dull since, whether we’re digging for water, running from hippos, evacuating guests during floods or fighting fire. Everyone asks about life in the bush – the most exciting/scary/funny experience I’ve ever had. My books provide all this plus some insight into the highlights and low lights of bush living. I’ve enjoyed writing them almost as much as I’ve enjoyed living them!

Contact Information:

Nikki Meyer

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