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Apr 22, 2016 8:31 AM ET

Archived: The Freeze – Whole Body Cryotherapy

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2016

The Freeze

Whole Body Cryotherapy


The FREEZE™ is bringing the life-changing health benefits of whole body cryotherapy to the everyday consumer. Celebrities and professional athletes have been harnessing the power of whole body cryotherapy, known to Europe and Asia for decades, to help injuries, feel incredible, and even look younger. The FREEZE’s goal is to make this holistic, non-invasive therapy available to the American public, starting in San Francisco.

Everyday more and more information is coming to light that demonstrate how innovative, alternative therapies can positively impact both the mind and the body.

In 2015, wellness spas generated $16.3 billion in revenue, with treatments ranging from infrared saunas to salt pools. Whole body cryotherapy is the next revolutionary health and wellness practice to hit America with a slew of business leaders and notable entrepreneurs adding it into their routines including Bill Gates and Tony Robbins.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an innovative, holistic, non-invasive therapy that uses the body’s own natural attributes to heal and repair itself.

No drugs, no invasive or painful treatments.

Whole body cryotherapy is the brief exposure to extremely low temperatures in order to stimulate the body’s natural survival processes. As body temperature is lowered, the body rushes blood to its core. That burst of activity in the circulatory system rushes nutrients, endorphins and oxygen to the blood, supercharging it and

  • When the body temperature is lowered, the body rushes blood to the core in an effort to stay warm.
  • That burst of circulatory activity supercharges the blood with nutrients, endorphins and oxygen.
  • The “supercharged” blood helps the body repair tissue faster, reduces inflammation and creates a strong sense of euphoria and well-being. It’s a full-body, systemic feeling and it’s kind of amazing.

In the US, the therapy has been mostly enjoyed by celebrities and professional athletes for faster recovery from daily aches and pains to more severe injuries. The FREEZE is going to change that, making the amazing health benefits of the therapy available to everyone in San Francisco- and soon, across the country. ​

Current Alternatives to Cryotherapy

The only comparable activity of widespread appeal in the US is ice baths, a drastically inferior method of warming blood in the body’s core, which is then sent to peripheral tissue in an attempt to aid recovery.

It’s a commonly used treatment for athletes, but there’s no getting around the fact that ice baths are painful and time-consuming.

For non-athletes, prescription medication or surgery is often the only option. For anyone suffering from chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, dermatitis psoriasis, chronic fatigue or even everyday aches, cryotherapy is the superior alternative.

It’s faster, it’s more effective, and it feels great.


The treatment initially was created over 37 years ago in Japan because of its ability to reduce severe symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The therapy is an ideal treatment for any disease related to internal inflammation, including:

As its use spread, other benefits began to emerge, like reduced recovery time and injury prevention (which is why it’s so popular with professional sporting teams and athletes).

Celebrities soon discovered the amazing anti-aging benefits:

Studies have even suggested positive effects upon depression and anxiety disorders, possibly due to the flood of endorphins that treatment elicits.

So let’s sum up: pain relief, injury prevention, faster healing, increased metabolism, anti-aging… and it’s non-invasive, painless and holistic.  No wonder whole body cryotherapy is being called the next great wellness addition.


The FREEZE will offer a single core service focused exclusively on offering Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions to the public.

Available in three options:

Single-session appointments

Multiple-session packages

Monthly memberships


Our state-of-the-art cryogenic chambers are powered by nitrogen, which cools the air in the chamber to a cool -190°F. As the air is dry versus wet, the experience is virtually pain-free.

Sessions are very quick—with a max of three minutes long—making it a perfect way to recharge on a lunch break or pre/post work—and the benefits begin the moment you exit the chamber. As your body temperature quickly rises back to normal levels within seconds after treatment, you’ll feel the energy boost, and slew of endorphins rush through your body.

Pain relief has never been this fast or felt this good.

The benefits are astounding and plentiful, and the convenience just can’t be beat. It’s one therapy, instead of dozens, with a multitude of benefits for the entire body and mind.


The nearly 1,800 square foot facility we’ve identified is perfectly situated to capture maximum foot traffic, and this section of San Francisco knows how to take care of themselves, utilizing day spas at nearly twice the national average.

Inc said that “cryotherapy is taking over America.” The FREEZE is going to prove them right. Want to hear more about our plans? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to learn about our launch plans!


Tony Garnicki, CEO & Co-Founder
Tony is a lifelong entrepreneur, passionate about creating businesses that ease and improve people’s lives. He brings 10 years of expertise in growing market leading startups through strategic partnerships and business development. Previously, Tony was the co-founder @eReceipts.com, a platform where consumers can organize, track, and manage their receipts, an advisor to Tool Locker, the first tool rental network, where businesses and individuals can easily list, discover and rent tools and Real Mighty, an online real estate investment marketplace connecting investors and innovative real estate operators.

Leah Hardy, CMO & Co-Founder
Leah is an ex-national figure skating champion as well as an expert in marketing and brand-building. She stumbled upon whole body cryotherapy when trying to manage an old injury and became hooked. Her experience developing award-winning and sales-driving campaigns for best-in-class brands including De Beers, E! Networks, and Target will be leveraged by the Company to grow this exciting new brand. Leah is also deeply knowledgeable and experienced regarding the cryotherapy industry and its market potential after being Director of Marketing for the first company to bring the technology to the United States.

Contact Information:

Tony Garnicki, CEO & Co-FounderrnLeah Hardy, CMO & Co-Founder

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