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Apr 21, 2016 3:28 PM ET

Archived: Tea West Chiller: A Vacation in Every Sip

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2016

Tea West Chiller

A Vacation in Every Sip


Tea West Chiller is the new alcoholic iced tea for your unique lifestyle. Whether you’re on vacation or just counting down the hours to the weekend, Tea West Chiller is a fresher, lighter drink that gives you the chance to unwind and imagine yourself at the beach.   

We understand how stressful your day can be, and we want to help you enjoy the time you have to unwind.


You’ve tried a lot of drinks, from beers to wines to everything in between, but what you really want is something lighter that also tastes better. You want a delicious adult beverage that’s the perfect optoin for those hot summer days.

The only problem? Most of these drink are too sweet to really enjoy or they barely have any alcohol in them. If you’d wanted juice, you would have grabbed a juice box.

No, you deserve better than this. You deserve a drink that helps you forget the stress in your life and lets you just relax.


We’re a natural tea with fruit flavored extracts and a white wine base. Our white wine base ensures a better flavor, a lighter feel, and no carbonation.

Like a great vacation, Tea West Chiller is a great way to relax and unwind, and you just can’t get enough of it!. Unlike most drinks, we’re more thana drink: we’re a lifestyle.

We embrace the mindset that you might find in Margaritaville. We’re for those people who want to enjoy a vacation wherever you are! Life is better with Tea West, so kick back, relax, and have a drink with us.


Just because we’re more than a drink doesn’t mean our drink isn’t important. Even beyond the community we’re creating, the drink has three things that really set us apart from the rest:

We’re not too sweet, like much of competition. With our lighter flavor, we consistently win head-to-head taste tests!

Our 16 oz. can comes in packs of 4, which make us the more attractive option to the usual 12 oz bottles. Perfect for any drinking environment, our cans help you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink.

With a 6.5% alcohol content, we have the higher alcohol content than our competition!


You’ve got a complex life, so we want to give you a drink for every situation. These drinks are based not only on your unique situations but the places in Florida that we love.

Key Largo Kiwi
Key Largo is one of the most action-packed places. It’s a place that you can party from sunset to sunrise. The Key Largo Kiwi is a drink that’s exciting and refreshing to make sure that you can keep up with all the action around you!

Big Pine Peach
Big Pine Key is the home of the tiniest deer in North America, so we’ve created a drink that’s as light as the deer. Big Pine Peach is a drink that that helps you to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Islamorada Raspberry
Islamorada is the sports fishing capital of the world.Islamorada Raspberry is a tropical drink that won’t wear you down when you’re at the top of your game.

Marathon Mint
An island destination point for families, Marathon is known for its jet skiing, fishing, and parasailing. Marathon Mint is the perfect drink to enjoy while with family or friends.


Eric Caron came up with the idea of Tea West Chiller when he mixed an iced tea with a peach schnapps and discovered a brand new drink. Though he unfortunately passed away before he could see Tea West Chiller popularized, we’ve made an incredible series of drinks that have already been met with success.

We’ve done multiple sample runs and had an overwhelming response to these tests. We’ve got all our flavors nailed down and now own proprietary rights to our name brands and specific formulas.

We have our first alcoholic beverage distributor that fulfills order to the largest liquor store chain in Florida. The chain is ready for a preliminary go-ahead beta run before launching throughout all 150 locations.

Dozens of local bars and restaurants are ready to sell Key West, and we are now in talks with a major local distributor, 2 cruise lines, and a theme park.

We want to launch two new product each year as well as work on an app that allows you to buy drinks for your friends. After we’ve expanded to serve Florida, we want to distribute nationally, and we would love for you to help with that.


With 20 years in the marketing industry, Buca has developed his own products and even become a vendor with the Home Shopping Network.

Solomon has 20 years in the online marketing arena and specializes in social media, affiliate marketing, and online call to action.

Pam and Buca has been partners and friends for coming up on 20 years and Pam’s background in finance makes her the perfect person to handle the numbers.

Richanda has 20 years of experience in office accounting, administration, and management as well as a BS in Elementary Education.

With over a decade of team development and training, Marie has a heavy focus on new territory development.

Contact Information:

Kevin Buca Caron - CEOrnSolomon MAC MCCLUSTER - PRESIDENT

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