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Apr 21, 2016 1:13 PM ET

Archived: SolQuanta Texas Inc – Business Services through Roll-up Acquisitions

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2016

SolQuanta Texas Inc.

Dallas, TX 75203, US
Business Products & Services

Growth is totally dependent upon sales. Organic sales strategies do not work. We get customers through roll-up acquisitions. We have signed acquisition paperwork in hand giving us $1.1M in sales and over 300 clients.

We combine face 2 face (F2F) direct sales, with technology and overseas labor to collapse the cost of they or their current outside support teams by 40%.

Our roll-up acquisitions processing enables us through:

1) Rapid identification of suitable targets for acquisition
2) Acquisition of targets using a mix of cash, owner holdbacks, shares in SolQuanta
3) Rapid integration of the target and its products into existing operations
4) “Scooping up” of the targets customers into our sales management system
5) Cross selling of the all our products to the targets customers
6) Development of new products to meet new and existing customer needs 

To be making money out of the gate. We have already tested our services to our own organic customer base. We have already completed over 150 projects and have done over 5000 man hours of work. This beta testing has enabled us to be prepared for our roll-up acquisition phase and start loading customer in high volume into our system.

Products / Services

Business Services through Roll-up Acquisitions

a. Financial services (accounting, financial management, bookkeeping)
b. Printing and Office supplies and services
c. IT, computer and technology
d. Business management and development services
e. Other services as they are added to the SolQuanta portfolio



Chief Executive Officer
Chris Ducret
Chief Financial Officer
Yasu Miyazawa
Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
Chris Ducret

Chief Financial Officer
Yasu Miyazawa

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