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Apr 21, 2016 2:10 PM ET

Archived: “The hunter” comic Movie: Maybe “Cazador” (Hunter) was one of the worst heroes in this world but how you arouse this beast-man’s interest when there is a demonic invasion in progress in Buenos Aires?

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2016


Its filming will take place on May and June of 2016, in order to launch its Premiere in December of the same year.
It shall be produced as an independent movie, so that we do not have to deal with producers wanting to change our character or his universe because they do not understand the codes of “Cazador” (Hunter).
Previous attempts of long or short films were thwarted for above reasons.
That is why we will try to finance this film through crowd funding and friends and fans’ support. Producer’s sponsoring will be accepted only under our conditions, shielding the Hunter’s essence.
The script and its creator’s supervision during pre-production stage, together with the vast experience within cinema underground and out of it of two directors used to start and end their films no matter what, make it possible for “Cazador” (Hunter) to be a reality.

Maybe “Cazador” (Hunter) was one of the worst heroes in this world. When everybody thought him dead, he maniacally reappears breaking it all.
There is a demoniac invasion in progress in Buenos Aires because Melkor, the rebel demon, chose this city to turn it in its own personal hell. Demon-zombies walk the earth and there is only chaos, and fire and death.
The only one able to stop the underworld mob is “Cazador” (Hunter), but how you arouse this beast-man interest, if his only desire is to drink, eat and fuck? As usual, the key is the bear.
There is a parade of politicians selling their soul to this new hell lord; all the trash TV celebrities; “Tío Pastafrola” (Uncle Pastafrola) always at the edge of death; “Dié”, president “Diegote”, genius and character; and the rats, forever rats.
This is a story of teats, smelly farts, Martian sons, and flooding blood.
If you like “Cazador” (Hunter), put up with the killing.

About Directors:

Marcelo Leguiza
A Director, editor, and cameraman for 18 years, founder member of the audiovisual production company “Mutazion”, considered one of the principal referents of Punk Cinema movement. Throughout his career he aroused interest of several media, as “Suplemento NO de Pagina 12, Rock and Pop” (Rock and Pop Suplement NO of Pagina 12), “Si” (Yes) from from newspaper “Clarin”, “Radar” (Radar) of the newspaper “Nación”, Vorterix (Vorterix), “Revista Nan” (Nan Magazine), THC (THC), Incaa TV (Incaa TV) and other independent media.
Director of 60 short films and six full-length films: “Mutazombie” (Mutazombie) (2008), “M. R. I.” (M.R.I.) (2010), “Mocosis” (2011), “Sonríe” (Smile) (2012),  “kv62” (kv62) (2013) and “Reencarna” (Reincarnate) (2015)
The Winner of several prizes as “El Sector” (The Sector), Madrid, España (2011); Prize EDA-BARS Best Edition 2013; “Revista Toma 5” (Magazine Toma 5) (2014) and Second prize in Minute Video of AXN International Signal.
In 2013 the American actors James Franco and Ellen Page bought the rights of his fourth full-length film “Sonríe” (Smile) (Snuff Inc.) through the distributor Shoreline Entertainment, Inc.
Nowadays he is pre-producing the film “Cazador” (Hunter) and his eighth full-length film “Los sin espacio” .
Georgina Zanardi
An Image and Sound Designer, graduated from the Buenos Aires University on 2006. On 2007 she founded “Mondo Lila Productions” with filming of short-film “Sopa” (Soup). Simultaneously with audiovisual productions, Georgina is dedicated to carrying out pictorial productions in the streets of Buenos Aires and other Latin American cities. On 2009 she filmed the short documental “Kriazombis” and in 2010 the fiction short-film “Amigo Imaginario” (Imaginary Friend). That same year she starts studying FX in El Sótano FX, doing makeup and replicas in several short-films. In 2011 she starts shooting Mondo Lila’s first full-length film: “Hijos de Puta por Elección” (Motherfuckers by Choice), which was completed on June of 2013. In that same year, she films the documental “Botánicos” (Botanical), about the predicament of cats abandoned in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden. In 2014 she premieres her second full-length film “El Onanista Perturbado” (The Troubled Masturbatory). Her last full-length film “El Puterío de los Horrores” (Whoring of Horrors) is presently in post-production stage. Georgina Zanardi is in her FX third level of her studies at El Sótano FX, besides working as Free Lance Editor and Contents Editor for TV Programs.

We are already working in our film:
During December we filmed a teaser and made some promotional photographs to publicize “Idéame” campaign.
With the support of a generation of technicians who grew up with comics and through years’ experience became professionals in their areas, Hunter’s film stopped being a promise to become a reality. Now we need your help to achieve our goal.

If you like the Hunter, put up with the killing.


Contact Information:

Cazador la pelicula

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