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Apr 21, 2016 5:34 PM ET

Archived: Dementia Jones – This story is an unveiling of Dementia during The Jones’ first family dinner in 8 years

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2016

Dementia Jones


About The Project

A note from the screenwriter…

Every family can relate to dysfunction and when we meet The Jones’, they are no exception. Madelynn, the matriarch, has managed to summon her family to her dinner table for the first time in 8 years, she has an announcement to make, that will take this dinner down a twisted road.


One night as I was laying in my bed in my room at my mother’s house when I was in high school, I heard a noise and looked up from my bed and there was a woman standing in my doorway. She was older, somewhat familiar but there was something different, this woman didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. As I lay there  for what felt like an eternity, we looked at each other  and I saw her search for an answer, something, anything, but nothing came. She turned around and went back into the bedroom she came out of. This woman was my Grandma, she was staying with us during the final stage of her Dementia. I could go on and on about this moment in my life that I don’t expect I’ll ever forget but I remember thinking, I HAVE to try my best to recreate the feeling and essence of this illness, I didn’t know why then, but now I do.

Fast forward several years later to present day and the short film we are creating. I realized that I have to share that moment with Grandma, it can’t be something that I throw in the back of my mind because it was scary and uncomfortable, it was after all still my Grandma. This is how Dementia Jones came to be.

This story is an unveiling of Dementia. We’re creating a film that allows people to acknowledge this illness, told through the dramatic and dynamic vision of a fantastic team of artists. I want people to see this film and relate, but only after they have been taken for the ride of their lives because simply I don’t think it can be told any other way.

When we meet The Jones’, Madelynn Jones, the matriarch, has managed to gather her family which includes; her eldest son Junior, her youngest son Sean, her ex-husband Terrence and the newest addition, Terrence’s current wife, Jessica around her table, for dinner. Although this is Jessica’s first dinner with The Jones’, for the rest of the family, this is the first time in 8 years they have been together, at dinner.

Naturally, sparks fly and debris from the past faulty foundations tumble through, however, nothing takes focus like Madelynn’s pending annoucement, the reason she brought them all together after all this time; Madelynn has recently been diagnosed with Alzhemier’s and is entering the first stage of Dementia.


Come on this journey with us. Share in the joy along the way and the victory to come. Help us bring this story and these characters to life. Love them, hate them, relate to them, please, allow us to intorduce you to, The Jones’.

-Justin James Farley



  • Current Team

    Allie Kunkler
    Moira Begale
    Justin James Farley
    Ashley Bailey Farley
    Joshua Albanese
    Director of Photography
    Zach Shiffrin
    Graphic Designer
    Wardell Clark
    Dave Yakir

    About This Team

    Ashley Bailey Farley, director of Dementia Jones, will be making her directoral debut with Dementia Jones. Since childhood Ashley has been working in different mediums in the entertainment industry including radio brodcast, theatre production, and film. Now she is ready to apply years of knowledge and passion into directing and producing Dementia Jones, teaming up for the first time with her husband, Justin James Farley, to bring his vision to fruition. Ashley is looking forward to seeing the viewer enraptured in this powerful domestic drama.


    Justin James Farley, writer and co-star of Dementia Jones, has spent most of his professional career as an actor. He has performed in a variety of different mediums which include theater, television, new media and film. A drama guy at heart, he is excited to bring Dementia Jones from the page-to-screen and take the viewer on a roller-coaster ride they will not soon forget. But most importantly, he strives to bring awareness about this illness and help anyone who can relate to this story know for a fact, they are not alone.


    Joshua Albanese, the Director of Photography for Dementia Jones, is excited to be a part of this awesome team. A professional videographer for years, Josh is no stranger to capturing the perfect shot. His love and specificity in capturing these moments on film is what will make Dementia Jones a visually stunning film to watch. Josh also serves as a producer for the film and is ready to capture and share this story.


    Wardell Clark, Producer and co-star of Dementia Jones, is excited to help tell this story and bring it to a wide variety of audiences. As an actor for most of his life Wardell has learned how compelling a well told story can be. Wardell has a vast knowledge of the theatre and has directed, written and stared in numerous produictions in Chicago. Bringing Dementia Jones to the screen is his next venture and he is thrilled to continue making progress on telling the story.


    Moira Begale, Producer of Dementia Jones, is thrilled to be a part of this team. Recently, she served as producer on the short film Cheap Plastic Mask and Charger which both reached their Seed and Spark goals and are currently in post-production. An actor and Managing Director of a Chicago based theatre company, Moira is a part of a variety of different mediums in the industry. As a producer for Dementia Jones, she is excited to help bring these characters to life and tell this story.


    Allie Kunkler, Producer of Dementia Jones, is excited to be producing with this team. Recently she directed Cheap Plastic Mask and is currently in post-production with the short film, which reached it’s Seed and Spark goal. An actor, director, prodcuer and professional make-up artist, Allie has a multifacited range within the industry, and as a producer for Dementia Jones, is ready to share this film and story with the world.



    Zach Shiffrin, the Graphic Designer for Dementia Jones, is thrilled to help bring this story to life. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Zach has been working professionally in the industry for quite some time helping to bring his clients’ vision into a reality. He is excited to help make Dementia Jones a reality on screen.

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Justin James Farley

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