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Apr 21, 2016 4:32 PM ET

ALLPUR Nutrition, Inc: A more healthful, caffeine free energy enhancement and muscle rejuvenation beverage to support a more healthy life style

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2016

ALLPUR Nutrition, Inc.

Henrico, VA 38354, US
Consumer Products

ALLPUR(tm) markets unique, patented, beverages to consumers who want either a nutritious, alternative to sugary CSD’s or a more healthful, caffeine free energy enhancement and muscle rejuvenation beverage to support a more healthy life style

ALLPUR(tm) will employ a novel business model to achieve maximum, profitability in bringing its innovative beverage categories to the marketplace. The company will partner with the supplier of its base nutrient who will also become the company’s product co-packer. The will greatly reduce the need for initial capital for bricks and to support mortar and high production overhead. Additionally, ALLPUR will partner with major Dairies for economic distribution of its refrigerated beverages to public and private schools, retail and food service. This arrangement is possible for even though the company’s product are delicious and fun to consume, they have been approved by the USDA for distribution to and consumption in school cafeterias by school aged children who today not only desire fun and enjoyment but also have embarked upon the pursuit of a healthier Life Style.
The strength of the ALLPUR business model that the Company has created cannot be overstated. The model brings proven expertise to each functional silo ( Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales and Marketing) while decreasing risk as the product is launched. It also allows the company to control its burn rate and employ its initial capital towards value-enhancing activities.


Products / Services

FIZZA(r) Sparkling Dairy Nutrient beverage and ReVite(tm) Caffeine Free Energy Enhancement & Muscle




Director Executive Officer
Mary Ann Clark, RN

Mary Ann is a Co-Founder and Director of ALLPUR(tm). She has been a Registered Nurse and Board Member of several previous firms in the Health and Wellness beverage Industry in the U.S. and in Canada.
She and her husband co-hold seven (7) patents for the formulation and processing of foods and beverages in the Health and Wellness space. Mary Ann brings to the company the experience of also having served as a school nurse and on the Board of several Youth Sports Organizations in various geographic regions of the U.S. Drawing upon her knowledge of Youth Nutrition, she will assure that the company’s products meet all requirements of the USDA’s Health and Wellness Program for the distribution of Foods and Beverages to be sold in Schools and organizations which sponsor Youth Sports Activities.

President Executive Officer
Antoinette W. Coles

Trina Coles has devoted the last ten(10) years of her career to Corporate Accounting and Business Fiscal Performance in the Banking Industry. Her years of experience have prepared her for the challenge of leading ALLPUR as it grows to become a major competitor in the health and wellness marketplace. Trina is indicative of the chosen history and direction of the company.
ALLPUR was founded by a very senior team form the pharmaceutical, clinical nursing and food and beverage marketing and sales areas of American Industry. Each member of this team has enjoyed a successful career in their specific field and function.
ALLPUR is a Woman Owned Business which will qualify it for significant slotting free placement in many of the larger grocery chains participating in the U.S. Retail Marketplace.
The Company’s management Team led by Trina has extensive experience in all aspects od marketing, sales and distribution of beverages for the health and wellness marketplace.

Executive Vice President Financial Officer
Patricia Coons

Patricia Coons is a cum laude graduate of St. Rose College. For the past ten (10) years she has held a top position in management in the Banking Industry. Patricia further epitomizes ALLPUR’s mission to enter the Health and Wellness marketplace as a Women Owned Business and bring to the Company’s bottom line the savings associated with reduced capital need for retail slotting as well as both State and Federal Tax Benefits available to a Minority or Women Owned Business.
Patricia further brings to the company a wealth of experience in fiscal management and budget control.

Vice President Marketing Officer
Robert O’Connell, MBA

Bob O’Connell will establish overall marketing Strategy and will direct the development of all marketing collaterals for ALLPUR(tm). Bob brings over twenty-five (25) years of experience in advertising agency management, brand management and promotion agency management to the company. He has served as Co-Chairman of the Academic Committee for the Promotional marketing Association of America and is a guest lecturer at the New York University School of Business in their Graduate Business management Program. His Brand management experience among others, includes Lever Brothers, Drake Bakeries, and Kraft general Foods.

Director Operating Officer
Anthony Coles

Tony will manage the co-packing relationship with KYDPI. As a result of over thirty (30) years’ experience with Alcoa (Reynolds Metals Co) and Westinghouse, Tony will implement and manage cost control, scheduling, maintaining product tracking as now required SOP under the new Federal Regulations controlling the production and distribution of food and beverage products. Tony will also inventory all ingredients and packaging used by the co-packer in the production of ReVite(TM) and FIZZA(R) beverages.

Milan Reid

Milan as Sales Director will work with the ALLPUR’s national sales broker, SourceOne Sales & Marketing to plan and implement the introduction of FIZZA(R) into schools, retail grocery outlets, food service and drug store chains. ReVite(TM) will be also introduced into hospitals, exercise clubs, sports teams, colleges and school sports departments.
Milan will also work with dairies for the sales & distribution of FIZZA(R) Plus to school cafeterias for distribution on the food line as a more flavorful form of 100% milk which is designed to increase consumption of milk by school aged children.
Milan has had over fifteen (15) years of experience in wholesale food & beverage sales as well as school beverage & direct consumer sales.
Milan will set up regional territorial managers to work with and give technical marketing &
promotional support to the sales forces of SourceOne and the various dairies with whom ALLPUR will set up working relationships.


Contact Information:

Director Executive OfficerrnMary Ann Clark, RNrnrnPresident Executive OfficerrnAntoinette W. ColesrnrnExecutive Vice President Financial OfficerrnPatricia CoonsrnrnVice President Marketing OfficerrnRobert O'Connell, MBArnrnDirector Operating OfficerrnAnthony ColesrnrnAdministrativernMilan Reid

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