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Apr 20, 2016 6:43 PM ET

Meditative Mandalas Colouring Book – kick back, relax and colour your stress away

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2016

Meditative Mandalas colouring book

By Jillian Chong

The story of the project

Hello, I’m Jillian! I’m a mostly self-taught artist who loves drawing, particularly normal everyday scenes and then further spice it up with intricate details. Most of my work comprises patterns, in black and white or in colour and may incorporate a particular object of interest.

I think art today is still a rather unexplored aspect of life, and something that is viewed as being very niche, expensive and ‘stuffy’. It is my hope that with this project, more people will view art as something that is down to earth and can be enjoyed by anyone, be it as an avenue to express yourself or just to brighten up a space.

A number of friends and family have supported me to convert my drawings into a book for them to colour, so I’ve compiled twenty five of my favourite mandala drawings that will help you to kick back, relax and colour your stress away. This book has a good mix of simple to complex patterns that will fit right into any home wall or office desk!

I have meticulously hand drawn each page in pencil and ink, then scanned and edited them personally.

Each page in the book is printed on a single side, on high quality paper. You can use any colouring tool of your choice, be it colour pencils, markers or even watercolours – go wild!

As an added precaution, I’ve also included a detachable blotter page right at the end of the book, which you can remove and use as a backing for each page you colour to prevent potential colour bleeding.

Each content page will also have a perforated line so you can easily detach the page for colouring or framing. Nothing better than seeing your own effort as art up on your wall!

As drawing is also equally relaxing, and has proven to improve concentration and hand-eye coordination, I’ve added in four pages of empty mandala frames that you can fill in with any design that you like – there are no mistakes, just turn it into a new pattern! Your drawing can also be detached and framed like each of the colouring pages.

If you pledge to purchase the book, you will receive it ahead of the rest of the retail market and at a discounted price off my intended retail price of SGD18. Thank you for taking the time to explore my project and I do hope you will come on this exciting journey with me!

How the funds will be used

This project will be fully funded via Pozible, and if any additional funds are able to be generated, they will go towards hopefully printing more books!

A bulk of the funds will of course go into printing the book, as well as shipping costs. There is also an amount that will need to be set aside for the fees for Pozible and payment merchants.

Any access of the amount will be used to fund other rewards and, if we hit stretch goals, even better rewards!

If the main goal of the project is not met at the end, there will be no money charged from any backers and hence no financial impact to you.

Some of my other work

I’ve previously done some sketching, mainly of animals, but my love is still line art.

i mostly do commissioned pieces of art in different sizes, which are both original one-of-a-kind pieces and general prints that I sell on my Etsy store.

If you’re interested to see more of my work, do visit me at the following:

Etsy shop:


My biggest obstacle at the moment is being able to reach a wide enough audience to achieve my project goal.

Apart from that, I have already completed most of the artwork, and have also identified a printer to produce my books. Barring any issues with printing, all should go smoothly once the project goal is met. All I need now is for your support to get my books printed!

Contact Information:

Jillian Chong

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