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Apr 20, 2016 10:41 AM ET

Archived: CEE Hotel Management LLC: Renovation project of the historical Town Pavilion Hotel, Macon, Ga.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2016

CEE Management LLC

Macon, GA 31201, US
Real Estate

CEE Hotel Management LLC was formed in July 2001 by Cheryl Grant Louder, Edward Grant Jr. and Edward Grant Sr. to purchase the historical Town Pavilion Hotel. Built in 1960,.plans were to operate the property as is until the city’s economy improved.

This renovation project will begin November 2015 and should be finished by September 2016. Our plan calls for $1,101,000 in improvements with a three year stabilization cash flow of $473,000 per year.
Two million will be raised in order to complete the project and we are asking you to consider being an equity or debt partner. Our equity partner will receive twenty to thirty-three percent ownership of the project and our debt partners will receive twelve percent interest paid monthly for fifteen years.
Equity partners invest $300-500,000 cash to purchase equity (max 3 investors). Equity partner receives dividends annually and has input on the operations and finance of the project. Complete transparency through our accountant Howard, Moore and McDuffie CPA.
Debt Partners will invest $600-900,000 ($75,000 min) and receive a monthly interest and principle payments at twelve percent APR. (debt may be re-financed in the third year)
One hundred and fifty thousand will come from the Macon-Bibb Urban Development Authority’s revolving loan fund @ one point five percent interest for ten years.
Nine-hundred Fifty thousand will come from New Town Macon’s Bond fund to gap finance residential and retail in the urban core @ five percent for fifteen years.
Our plan was derived from information made available by the Macon Action Plan, a one year half million dollar study by interface group that lays out a compressive plan for the redevelopment of Macon’s urban core.
Detail information about the project can be found on our crowd funding site Equity Net. www.equitynet.com
For direct investment please contact Edward Grant @ 478-978-7021 or edgrant26@gmail.com. Equity funding deadline is November 15, 2015. Debt financing deadline is January 1, 2016.
Edward Grant and Cheryl Grant Louder, current 50% partners

Products / Services

Studio apartments Downtown Macon GA

92 studio apartments next door to the United States Federal Court House , near Helm College and Mercer University’s Medical Clinic. The property is located one block from the river.

Roof Top Bar & Bistro

The centerpiece of this property will be its unique amenities as well as our rooftop bar destined to be the city’s most popular destination site. Also open for the downtown lunch crowd and well into the evening, it will be the ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon shaded by an umbrella and fanned by a sky-high breeze.



Managing/Manager Operations
Cheryl Grant Louder

Cheryl G Louder has over forty years of hands on bar operation experience, twenty-five years Restaurant experience and fourteen years operating an extended stay residential complex.

President Business Development
Edward N Grant

Edward N Grant is a resident of Macon Ga. and brings twenty years of economic and business development experience to the project. The sister and brother team have worked together for over twenty-five years with Edward serving in many capacities to develop sustainable businesses and bring growth and development to Macon and Middle Georgia.

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Contact Information:

Managing/Manager Operations
Cheryl Grant Louder

President Business Development
Edward N Grant

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