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Apr 19, 2016 7:27 AM ET

Archived: TWIRL. No more tangled earphone cables! Design storage device for your own earphones. No more tangled cables, ensures they are always ready to use.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2016

TWIRL. No more tangled earphone cables!

by Victor van den Hoogen


Design storage device for your own earphones. No more tangled cables, ensures they are always ready to use.


About this project

Smart looking solution to keep your earphone cables untangled.

Would you like to use your earphones – but hardly ever do – because it just takes too long to get the cables untangled? Now here is something for you: TWIRL.

Using your earphones

when making a call or listening to music is: 

  • SAFER: keeping your hands free and on your steering wheel.
  • HEALTHIER: you are no longer holding an electronic device pressed against your head when making a call. 
  • MORE EFFICIENT: you can continue doing things with your hands free (typing, reading, ironing or whatever). You stay ready4action.

We need enough contributors to fund TWIRL, so we can order the molds and start injecting them, to produce the first batch. Please contribute to our campaign by ordering one or more rewards from the list. 


Each TWIRL consists of 3 parts:

  • the button on top (the one you have to turn around) is also an axe on the inside. 
  • the upper half (right beneath the button)
  • the lower half (the part that touches the surface) 


  • wide: 40 mm = 1,6 inch
  • long: 39 mm = 1,5 inch
  • high: 23 mm = 0,9 inch

Twirl can hold cables with a diameter between 1,5 and 2,5 mm or between 0,06 and 0,1 inch. Typical size of the iPod and iPhone cables. 

A Twirl weighs about 6 grams or 0,2 ounce.

TWIRL will be made of plastics. To be precise:
The button/axe will be made of POM (Poly Oxy Methyleen).
The upper and lower half of PC (Poly Carbonate).

We want to produce each part in white, smokey grey (transparent) and black. This way you can combine those colors into your personal preference TWIRL.

If you would like another color, let us know. If there are enough people that want the same specific color, we will produce it.

User manual video



Risks and challenges

We’ve been working on the TWIRL for 2 years, optimizing the design to the attractive and functional prototypes (3D-printed) we have now. We have tested those prototypes for 6 months and are very pleased with the results.
The molds are ready to be produced as soon as the campaign reaches its goal. The production of the molds, will take about 3 months and then we can produce the first TWIRLs series for shipping the TWIRL’s as rewards to you.

Contact Information:

Victor van den Hoogen

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