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Apr 19, 2016 2:04 PM ET

Archived: Hyperr – Polling is now personal! Create & vote on timed polls with your friends

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2016


Polling is now personal! Create & vote on timed polls with your friends



Use Hyperr to get advice, plan out your day, or just to entertain friends. After all, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

We’re on a mission to organize the clutter of today’s social media communication. And we’ve created the personal social polling app that does it. Hyperr is the fun, fast, and easy way for friends to make decisions together.

Check out why Hyperr is the best answer to the question of the future of social polling.


Raise your hand if this story sounds familiar: you’re in a group chat with your friends, trying to decide where you want to go out on Friday night. Suddenly, Jake and David break off into a side conversation about something else entirely, Ashley answers with a barrage of random emojis, and Sarah doesn’t respond until Saturday morning.

These stories all end the same way: with everybody standing around and scratching their heads wondering what exactly it was they were trying to decide on in the first place. With Hyperr, we’re taking away all the distractions so you and your friends can make decisions quickly, easily and collectively.

When you break it down to the basics, today’s social media platforms all essentially offer the same thing: an outlet where people can show their friends and followers what they’re doing and where they’re doing it right then and there.

Racking up a million likes and followers with your cat’s latest antics is great and all, but what’s even better is actually involving your friends in facing all of life’s many decisions — no matter how big or small — and in a fun and collaborative way.

People go to Instagram for social proof, Snapchat for constant communication, and Group Chat for fear of missing out. But when it comes to decision making, social media and chat platforms just haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Hyperr is a better way to get clear answers. We’re stepping in to become the central hub for social polling by harnessing the importance of keeping the question-answer process simple, personal, and, above all — fun.


Whether you’re the inquisitive type, the hopelessly indecisive, or just in need of a second opinion in your decision-making process, you can now rejoice! Hyperr is putting all the answers right in the palm of your hand, giving you the confidence that you’re always making the right decision. And it all starts with a “Hype”.

Here’s how it works:

Create your answer choices through text, pictures, or both (Daredevil or Breaking Bad?)

Select who you want to vote (individual friends, groups of friends, or friends who aren’t even on the app yet)

Set a time-limit your friends have to vote on the answer.

Get an answer from your friends — who are notified that you sent them a Hype — and who vote on the choices you set

Hyperr isn’t just incredibly easy to use — it’s also a powerful social tool.

Instant Gratification
Because we of the Digital Age are so used to having our iPhones with us at all times, we need answers NOW! Hyperr provides those answers.

Participation & Inclusion
Hyperr is about including your friends in your life decisions, no matter how small, while other platforms are about showcasing your life to followers. While other social platforms focus on you liking my picture or status, Hyperr is about participating together. It’s not about “me,” it’s about “we.”

Social Proof
When you get an answer through Hyperr, you can move forward with confidence that you have the support of your social group.


The beauty of Hyperr is that your friends don’t even have to have the app for you to use all of its main features. Our platform model works on leveraging current users to take people from other virtual locations back to Hyperr where they are converted to Hyperr users.

We’re tapping into several key viral criteria to allow people all over the world to discover Hyperr through its useful and entertaining features.

Contact Hype
A Hype that you send to a contact who doesn’t have the app yet. This allows users to get votes on their hypes even if none of their friends have downloaded the app yet.

Open Hype
A Hype that you can post to any social media platform, email, or text, letting anyone vote on the web version of that Hype. You don’t have to have friends, fans, or followers on Hyperr to get potentially millions of votes.

Embedded Hype
Hyperr can also function as a polling engine for any site or app. Users send out a Hype that shows up on the app and any website that the platform is integrated into. Anyone who goes to the website can vote on the Hype and see the results.

Centralized Location for Polls
People don’t have time to website-hop to vote on different polls. Hyperr puts all the polls in one place. Everything from news and sports to your friends questions will be centralized. Competitors suffer from too many other types of content and too many other features.


Although Hyperr is still in the early stages of development, we’ve built up a lot of traction in just a short amount of time, and we’re currently hard at work building on that momentum. Here’s a rundown of our recent achievements:

We already have a free version of Hyperr in the App Store. This version has had 200-300 builds with a range of iterations of the first prototype. We listen to what our customers have to say and develop Hyperr with this constant feedback to offer a product people actually want to use.

We own 100% of our IP. All of the content on Hyperr is licensed, and we are currently in the process of trademarking our app icon and logo typeface.

We are in active discussions with a potential high-profile partner to engage customers via Hyperr to gather relevant demographics and natural customer behavior data.

We have completed the first in a series of 4 marketing videos, which had over 13,000 organic YouTube views in just 3 days and was viewed in 136 countries and territories around the world.

The number one priority for Hyperr going forward is to ramp up our user acquisition efforts with a widespread ad campaign and ambassador system to build a broad community of Hyperr users. We’re using ads, videos and analytics to run on social networks, blogs, and other apps to find out how we can best improve our product. Our strong connections to social influencers on campuses nationwide will help us get others to engage in and spread the app. We also intend to channel our multiple PR and media firm connections for further our brand recognition.  

For more information about how you can play an active role of the success of Hyperr, make sure to request access to the Business Plan section of our profile.


Jake Rosenberg & David Derval | Co-Founders and Co-CEOs |  Jake and David met in 2008 when Jake was David’s Biology tutor. Four years later, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Jake met up with David and they both started working on Pick the Pic, a photo competition app where friends challenge each other. They found that their beta users were using the photo competition game as more of a social polling app, so they pivoted from Pick the Pick to Tropheed, and eventually into Hyperr — a more collaborative and inclusive social networking platform. This is fundamentally important to what Jake and David believe in. Social media and Social networking has the power to connect people and bring them together, and that is what Hyperr does! Together, Jake and David tag-team a number of responsibilities as co-founders of Hyperr, including project management, design, recruiting, legal work, accounting, partnerships, feature creation, bug testing, feedback cycles, marketing content creation, and marketing strategy.

Christian Smith | Senior Developer |

Randy Hsiao | Senior Developer |

Bryan Holland | UI/UX Designer |

Marshall Ross | UI/UX Designer |

Nick Voloshyn | Web Developer |

Contact Information:

Christian Smith | Senior Developer

Randy Hsiao | Senior Developer

Bryan Holland | UI/UX Designer

Marshall Ross | UI/UX Designer

Nick Voloshyn | Web Developer

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