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Apr 19, 2016 10:48 AM ET

Archived: Crosskix, Inc: Invented and designed out of the need for a more functional and stylish Foam Composite shoe that can be used for anything in water, sports activities, and everyday lifestyle use

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2016

Crosskix, Inc.

Crosskix v2.0 and APX

Portland, OR


About Crosskix, Inc.


Based in Portland OR, our mission objective is to become a major brand in the athletic Foam Composite footwear category. Our main focus is bringing to market the most innovative athletic shoes fused with the most stylish design that is undeniably a must have for every age and gender! Just under 3 years old, we have secured distribution in 3 countries and expect to be in more than 6 by year’s end. We also expect to add 10 more retailers to our existing retail stores across the US by the end of 2016.

Check out our booth at the Surf Expo show in Orlando – Jan 2016.

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About the owner


Founder and CEO, Eric Saligumba, has been in the apparel industry since 1998. In early 2006, he saw an opportunity in foam composite footwear that was severly being neglected – a multi-functional athletic shoe. After years of designing, tweaking, redesigning, and retweaking some more, Eric and his team decided to finally launch aKickstarter Campaign in 2013. Since then, his leadership has taken Crosskix into half a dozen countries, over 20,000 pairs of the first version sold. Crosskix is eager to own the foam composite footwear space! His vision is innovative and unmatched by other competitors – thinking outside the box and pioneering designs very few have dared to explore in EVA shoes.

If you like what you see, just wait till you see what we have in development…don’t miss it! STAY TUNED!

Product Details:

We are following up our original designs (v1.0) with our NEW and IMPROVED v2.0 and APX styles. Both styles offer athletic functionality, comfort, and distinct Crosskix signature style. Crosskix are excellent for any water activies and sports including SUP (stand up paddle-boarding) OCR (obstacle coarse racing i.e. Tuff Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc), Kayaking, Dragon Boat Racing, and more. However, Crosskix also comfortable enough for everyday lifestyle use, running, and work outs. But above all…Crosskix are just undeniably COOL!

Purchase Order Breakdown

ProductRetail PriceOffer Percentage
$2.0 Atlantic$60.006 %
$2.0 Granite$60.006 %
$2.0 Forest Sun$60.006 %
$2.0 Faded Denim$60.006 %
$2.0 Knightrider$60.006 %
$2.0 Red Dawn$60.006 %
$2.0 Seatown$60.006 %
$2.0 Yellowjacket$60.006 %
$APX Grey Coral$60.006 %
$APX Greenline$60.006 %
$APX Blackwater$60.006 %
$APX Orangina$60.006 %
$APX Pacific Blue$60.006 %
$APX Charcoal Lime$60.006 %
$APX Rose Azure$60.006 %
$APX Patriot$60.006 %


Crosskix was invented and designed out of the need for a more functional and stylish Foam Composite shoe that can be used for anything in water, sports activities, and everyday lifestyle use.

Launched in Spring 2013 via Kickstarter , Crosskix filled the void in EVA shoes with a much more athletic, functional, and the most stylish “KIX” in its category!

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Since then, we successfully launched a second campaign in October 2016 introducing our NEW and IMPROVED v2.0 and APX. We’ve booked orders for our International Distributors including Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Spain. We are currently in discussions with other distributors in Switzerland and Canada.

We are currently in production for approximately 20,000 pairs and expect to receive our stock sometime in early May. Approximately 12,000 pairs have been pre-booked for international distributors. The remaining stock will be sold to our existing retailers in the US and Canada. We are also partnering with a digital marketing company to increase our online visibility and ultimately increase our online retail sales.

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Fund Distribution:

This offer will be comprised of the following Crosskix products:

  • 2.0 Atlantic

  • 2.0 Granite

  • 2.0 Forest Sun

  • 2.0 Faded Denim

  • 2.0 Knightrider

  • 2.0 Red Dawn

  • 2.0 Seatown

  • 2.0 Yellowjacket

  • APX Grey Coral

  • APX Greenline

  • APX Blackwater

  • APX Orangina

  • APX Pacific Blue

  • APX Charcoal Lime

  • APX Rose Azure

  • APX Patriot

Contact Information:

Eric Saligumba

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