Corvus Technologies Corp - The Tracker System 'sees through walls' with RF technology. Our system is highly remunerative, proprietary, and lifesaving. - iCrowdNewswire

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Apr 19, 2016 12:31 PM ET

Corvus Technologies Corp – The Tracker System ‘sees through walls’ with RF technology. Our system is highly remunerative, proprietary, and lifesaving.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2016

Corvus Technologies Corp

Gilbert, AZ 85234, US

We feature the Tracker System which ‘sees through walls’ with RF technology. Our system is highly remunerative, proprietary, and lifesaving. We specialize in first responder safety-of-life situations such as finding fire-fighters in a burning building.

Our tracking and monitoring system uses radio beams which travel through walls, tracking—with high accuracy—first responders while indoors. The portable system uses one or more antennas on the exterior perimeter of a building, which send safe penetrating beams that are 1.6B times stronger than GPS and 250K times stronger than typical cell phone waves. The exact 3D locations of first responders are monitored on the commander’s screen. The system can also provide the person’s biometrics and oxygen tank level.

Corvus Technologies offers an attractive package, from an investor’s point of view. Cortek is in a pre-revenue situation, and as such is positioned for considerable growth in profits in the near future. As of this writing, Cortek brings to the table:

• A unique self-contained, critically needed Tracking Solution.
• A working demonstration Prototype System.
• A waiting Market (and a fast track schedule to get there).
• Potential for worldwide expansion
• C-Corporation with an S1 public filing (in process) OTC-Market Place.
• Patents Issued & Pending.
• A dedicated team.
• Capability of being first to market.
• Attractive cost model.
• Partnerships and Teaming Alliances to insure total mission success and continued market and application expansion.

Our architecture is dedicated to saving lives. We have the solution to find people in harm’s way, behind thick walls and in places where the infrastructure is no longer stable.

Our business plan is sound. We have terrific advisors, a highly skilled team, and protected technology.

There is no real near term competitive solution, except for ours. We can be 1st to market. The market is vast with a critical need.

We look forward to working with you.
Thank you

Products / Services

Cortek Tracker

NOTE: Please see video intro and business plan for detail.

Radio frequency (RF) technology is used to track people through building walls, floors and ceilings without relying on preexisting infrastructure, GPS, or wireless connectvity. The system’s unique proprietary concepts are protected legally, electronically, and physically.

The system’s design meets FCC requirements and uses modified versions of integrated circuit components and protocol that, until recently, were not even available. It is technology that is closed-loop, meaning that it receives feedback.

The Cortek Tracker uses several components in a system to provide the critical tracking services.

1. User Nodes:
– Business card sized RF ‘Tags’ placed on each User.
2. Beacons:
– Modules placed outside Theater of Operations (e.g. building).
3. Command & Control Center:
– Tasks & interrogates nodes, and computes tracking and ranging information.
– Brains of the System.



President Executive Officer
Glen Var Rosenbaum

Glen Var RosenbaumGlen Var Rosenbaum founded and ran his own profitable corporation, Corvus Radio Co., manufacturing specialized radios in the early 2000s. He has worked for other startup companies as technical lead in product development, including WavePhore Inc., which went public, and Enviro Foam Technologies, as well as vice president at Covid Technologies. Glen Var has worked in the AeroSpace industry (at Motorola, General Dynamics, and Orbital Sciences) primarily on satellite communications but was recently assigned to take on rocket science responsibilities. Working on various projects such as the space shuttle, the national seismic system, and GPS, Mr. Rosenbaum has consistently performed well as a project leader, manager, and engineer. Glen Var holds 6 patents, a DoD Secret Level Clearance, and publications.

Executive Vice President Executive Officer
Jae Heiner

Jae HeinerJae Heiner has experience with several startups, including Global Key, where as a principal director he helped grow a customer base of commercial businesses, municipalities, and the DoD. Jae has worked in the AeroSpace Industry (including at General Dynamics and Orbital Sciences) on GPS and other intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Most of this experience has been as a director, program manager, project lead, lead systems engineer, or team lead. Mr. Heiner has been brought in to lead several tiger teams (that is, special troubleshooting teams sent in to fix critical issues); with these Jae has had significant success (for instance, he lead a team that restored satellite operations of in-orbit GeoEye). He has been entrusted with annual budgets of between $10M to $80M. He has directed the highly successful development, launch, and operation of major, technology-cutting, classified satellite programs.

Director Financial Officer
Esme Weathers

Esme WeathersEsme Weathers has experience in accounting, tax preparation, office management, and SEC filings. Esme has a bachelor of science in accounting with a minor in organizational behavior. Ms. Weathers is fluent in multiple languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. She foresees the potential for wildfire growth in a company with a proprietary, lifesaving and injury-reducing equipment that may become industry standard safety equipment. Others on our team of a dozen have patents and have worked at successful startups such as Lincoln Laser and Broad Reach Engineering.

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Contact Information:

President Executive Officer
Glen Var Rosenbaum

Executive Vice President Executive Officer
Jae Heiner

Director Financial Officer
Esme Weathers

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