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Apr 18, 2016 5:25 PM ET

Archived: ROTA : Latest High-End Fashion Sunglasses – $48

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 18, 2016


ROTA | Latest High-End Fashion Sunglasses at an Affordable Price Everyone can Afford to Wear.

High-End Sunglasses Everyone can Afford to Wear.


Our team sought to create ROTA from a longing passion to design high-end fashion sunglasses without the high-end retail sticker price that usually comes along with it. Like you, we were frustrated with paying hundreds of dollars for name brand sunglasses that looked nice but cost a whole days paycheck.
We have spent the past year working tirelessly with designers in the fashion industry to create a new, original, stylish, and high-end quality collection of sunglasses at a reasonable price everyone can afford to wear this summer.
With your support, we will be able to add fresh new designs to our collection, while still keeping our promise of keeping our prices fair and reasonable.

Our Promise.

We’ve finalized our designs, ordered the initial collections and have built a strong relationship with a leading industry manufacturer for eyewear. All that is left is your generous support.

Once our Indiegogo campaign finishes, our team will begin shipping the orders free to our awesome backers before Summer starts in June!

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we’ve sourced the highest quality materials we can find all at a price that is affordable for everyone.
Each of our glasses come with our signature packaging including a hardened case, microfiber, and custom box. Our glasses are made of a lightweight tough alloy steel blend with polarized UV400 lenses for maximum wearability and clarity.
IMPORTANT: After placing your order on Indiegogo, please fill out this brief survey so we can get your exact sunglasses choices. We have over 50 different collections and colors of unique glasses, so please fill this quick survey carefully after ordering   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S5YDBL7                -Thank You!  

We Need your Support!

In order to turn this dream of ours into a successful reality, we need your support. Not only does this mean pledging for one of our unique sunglasses, but sharing our story with your friends on social media.


If you could do something as simple as tweeting or sharing this page on facebook, we would greatly appreciate it!

Women’s Collections start at the beginning of the page, and Men’s Collections start are at the end of the the page. (Sorry Guys, but Ladies first;-)

ROTA Women.


  • ROTA Women no.1
  • (8 Color Variations: Black-Black, Silver-Metallic, Gold-Grey, Silver-Grey, Gold-Pink, Silver-Light Pink, Gold-Light Blue, Gold-Green)


  • ROTA Women no.2
  • 8 Color Variations: Black, Gold-Black, Black-Blue, Black-Blue-Silver Leopard-Silver-Black, Gold-Green, Gold-White-Grey, Silver-Grey)


  • ROTA Women no.3
  • 6 Color Variations: Gold-Pink, Gold-Grey, Silver-Grey, Gold-Black, Black-Black, Black-Orange)


  • ROTA Women no.4
  • 6 Color Variations: Black, Black-Purple, Black-Orange, Black-Blue Leopard-Brown, White-Blue)


  • ROTA Women no.5
  • 7 Color Variations: Gold-Black, Gold-Orange,  Gold-Green, Silver-Grey, Silver-Blue, Silver-Pink, Black-Blue)



  • ROTA Men no.1
  • 6 Colors Variaitions: Gold-Black, Gold-Grey, Gold-Brown, Gold-Orange, Gold-Multi, Silver-Blue)




  • ROTA Men no.2
  • 6 Color Variations: Gold-Black, Black-Black, Black-Orange, Black-Green, Black-Blue, Black-Grey)




  • ROTA Men no.3
  • 6 Color Variations: Gold-Black, Gold-Brown, Gold-Green, Gold-Grey, Gold-Blue, Gold-Light)




  • ROTA Men no.4
  • 6 Color Variations: Gold-Black, Gold-Grey, Gold-Brown, Gold-Orange, Gold-Light, Silver-Blue)




  • ROTA Men no.5
  • 7 Color Variations : Silver-Grey, Gold-Black, Gold-Brown, Gold-Blue, Gold-Light Blue, Gold-Pink, Gold-Light Orange)





Thank You for your Support,


Contact Information:

Michael Priyev

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